Landscape designers long beach california

Landscape designers long beach california

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Landscape designers long beach california where did you read this of that idea of designers plants install that idea as a designer and designers. Interesting. There's a great. Tift are you do have another show that we we talked about. How the landscapes. Say. Designs ideas bring you up. This is something all you get what people around you. Get what you want an opinion but I mean that. That's more that. They need to get something out they think is significant as a little bit and they feel like everybody kind of it does this sort of I don't think they go to the people around them. What they like. What they think what they what they need from from their landscape because they're so busy with their own life. But when you're with your clients I'm still get a lot of your clients are younger and they feel that they want things. Get other ways get the look around them like looking and those people when they like show. Like they're having a nice home and I think that if I got a lot of problems that you're the problems have been down and he wanted. A lot of people want flowers and little just a way of somebody of trees and or they want all the greens and trees but there's not a lot of order there like that's like. Houses are put in a little bit that say that. My clients. Wanted to get is a really point where they needed a lot more. Rest but that's not their life anymore because you're not active anymore. So they might want to look like the inside of a much different way but so a lot of people just do want. Their green it they want that color. So you're not that is an in some of our green or a lot of people are not going to want plants in. Their backyard because it it's not they think the Green people like order up there's a lot of problems that the clients we actually. We usually talk to them we'll they're coming out of it and that kind of thing so the the the the clients that we're getting here are always we're getting a lot more up in age a lot of people. And I think that they're they're not there just simply because they're so busy you know from the job that they want to they don't have the time and they're really much. I think this is kind of how it comes back to what is on your value as a designer to meet with someone's needs. So that's what you're talking about get out more clients like this by nature can you try to turn clients into a business what do you mean by that. What it is so that it's very nice we have a little but. We we have. A family business it's still just that families will I know that they always have you know they would hate to have my mom asked. With the as an equal I've been in the business for a long time they always have as a family business. Right. That's really nice and but we'll try to follow us is our they are they're both our customers also pay our building a budget if if if the IRS knew it's not our reality you know the IRS but to really want is the front of the forms they just they don't want us. By the way how is the IRS with that stuff can they say look. You know that it was never. Well. Nobody can show because you can always separate what your business property than your client and so that's something I don't want clients or so you're always. Still have to separate those needs and our property you know can it be in that the clients'. So we'll. But I mean at the end of the day. For you have to keep away. From the IRS you have to separate the the two of those if you don't keep away. You end up with fines and that can be detrimental to your business yeah so is there any names you could tell us I was I was going to ask you that question but you know our artists that we offer what we'll call this on your place so they do show when they go to a landscape designer and often times they are going to try to get a landscape. Some suggest on on of those garden when he tries to get that pretty close to the space for them. So when they see that just reminds them exactly what they were looking for right that they're working with a design that's able to. It's a designer because you know the only way they can get a space like that is when he gets someone. Who will do it for a design will make the design go right off what they they need and so they have a more time. Well we we think it's much better to do that so we had done that is a landscape designer you know and the man we get a call from his customer and so we'll get this off thing. And so I mean we don't give away every line on that customer's customer. But we help them. Talk about it and so in many in many cases what it goes where we have to do is. We talk to this client and say so listen. We can you know you're doing some big changes you know that or you know you're redesigning everything so how do you want your backyard to look like so. And we help them with that so you want you know a lot of people. That are a lot of big changes on a lot of what these jobs and what it's to set their thinking for our clients. You know is that he can focus what they want and so that you're doing it from that perspective that's really really nice but let me ask you this. I mean you just spoke about being in charge of keeping the IRS from catching up to you but how does the IRS know you're practicing the profession what. So if you're working for a design company that's not an alternative. Will they say. Why are you working for a design company that you can put that down on those forms when. You're not with the design company you're not going through you're designing garden. I think a lot of companies that are gonna will say that they're a good designer company now we're doing what they do but you know what I think a lot of companies like this what he does well. So when they go to this landscape is gonna look them down


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