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Urban Escapes LLC is a full service landscape company that offers design, install and maintenance services. We specialize in landscape re-design to modernize or revamp current landscapes that no longer meets the needs or wants of the homeowner. We can also design and install new landscapes for your new build home. Urban Escapes specializes in re-imagining existing landscapes. We find nothing more satisfying than modernizing, upgrading, reinvigorating and breathing new life into landscapes that no longer satisfy the home owner.

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Rock mulch home depot

Bring your backyard ideas with you and pick out some decorative landscape rock from the rock yard at victory greens. We stock a large amount of aggregate, river rock, flagstone, landscape gravel and boulders to ensure that our inventory will meet our client needs. Whether you are a residential homeowner seeking to enhance the beauty and value of your property, or a landscape contractor, you can rest assured that we have both the high quality landscape supplies you will need, and a knowledgeable staff to ensure a professional result to your project.

The light tan and gray colors bring out the bright colors of your landscape. This smaller river rock is a great alternative for mulch. This crushed gravel is a great inexpensive alternative to concrete driveways. Drain rock is large gravel sometimes called a goose egg stone due to its smooth, round shape. These decorative rocks are easily recognized for their smooth and rounded shape paired with a natural color palette featuring shades of white, tan, beige and gray.

This rock is commonly used in water features and French drains. Cobblestone is the largest of our decorative rocks. This light colored rock is commonly used in water features and as an edging stone around flower bed or tree rings. A growing trend for the Cobblestone is its use in dry river beds.

Crushed Pea Gravel is small gravel that gets its name for its size but, crushed. This gravel is commonly used for pathways, ornate gardens, and small parking areas.

The crushed pea gravel is a light gray color. Boise River pea gravel is a popular product for playgrounds and adding fine details to dry river beds. This round pea gravel gets its name from its size and its round shape makes it a great product to walk on due its shock absorbing nature.

This gravel is a light gray color. Its round smooth texture and the beautiful blue and tan colors make it a fun product to add to almost any pathway or area that you plan on being barefoot. Snake River pebble is a local river rock that comes in a beautiful variety of colors in blue and tans. The pebble is our medium size of the Snake River products and has been used in many different landscape projects.

Anywhere from pathways, flowerbeds, and water features. The Snake River pebble is the decorative rock that keeps giving with all the unique rock types you can find in this product. Snake River rock is a local river rock that comes in a beautiful variety of colors in blues and tans. This river rock goes great as decorative rock in flower beds, water features, and dry river beds.

The varieties of colors in the Snake River rock make it an easy decorative rock to work with. Brown Decorative rock is a beautiful rock with many shades of tan.

This landscape rock is most commonly used in flower beds and rock gardens. It is a great alternative to wood bark and it won't fade so, you won't be replenishing this rock very often. Mini Black and Tan is a native, dark black rock with tan highlights that add a beautiful combination of colors to any landscape.

The mini black and tan is most commonly used for decorative pathways and driveways due to its ability to compact very nicely. The mini black and tan is the smallest of the black and tan product line. Medium black and tan is a native, dark black rock with tan highlights that add a beautiful combination of colors to any landscape.

It is a very dense rock that outlasts most landscape rocks and is a great alternative to wood barks. The medium black and tan is a little bit easier to walk on than the large but still a little bit more texture than the mini. Large Black and Tan is a native, dark black rock with tan highlights that add a beautiful combination of colors to any landscape.

The large black and tan is the largest of the black and tan product line. Rose and Black Basalt is a unique new landscape rock that brings a gorgeous combination of different shades of pink and black. Whether you are adding this decorative rock bark to your flower beds, xeriscape, or rock garden, the rose and black will bring a whole different color palette to your landscape. This decorative rock blend has light to dark shades of rose and black colors.

Use it to add some color or contrast to your landscaping. This blend of smaller rocks and fines blended together is often used to build pathways because it compacts nicely. As a ground cover rock its dark rich soil-like appearance make it popular for use in tree wells around landscape trees. As a ground cover rock its red appearance makes it popular for use in tree wells around landscape trees.

Our chili pepper lava is a lightweight nugget size volcanic rock. This red colored decorative rock with a few gray charcoal colored nuggets blended in is a great landscape rock. The porous nature of this ground cover stone helps it absorb moisture when wet and releases as a form of humidity when it dries making it beneficial to surrounding plant material. Our black lava decorative rock is a lightweight nugget size charcoal colored rock.

This volcanic ground cover rock is porous and absorbs and holds moisture when damp. It acts as a form of humidity for plant materials nearby that benefit from the emitted vapor.

This is also a popular rock that is safe to use in the bottoms of fire pits. Our brown and black lava is a lightweight nugget size volcanic rock. This light colored decorative rock with a brown and charcoal colored nuggets blended in is a great landscape rock. Medium Blue Pearl is definitely a unique decorative rock. With the growing trend of landscape themes, the blue pearl is a great choice for adding some color to your landscape that would be difficult to do in other forms.

Besides as a flower bed rock, the blue pearl has been used in water features to mimic water flow. Large Blue Pearl is definitely a unique decorative rock.

This colorful green and gold rock will make a unique look for flower beds, around trees, or decorative areas in your landscaping. Mini Southwest blend is a sparkly pink landscape rock that adds a nice southwest look to a landscape. This product can go great in pathways, flowerbeds, or xeriscaping.

Our southwest blend crushed rock has a mix of rose, pink, and orange colors. Add a little southwest look to your landscaping with this decorative rock. The Rainbow Pebble is the smallest of the Rainbow products.

This rock is roughly the size of grapes and it's perfect for filling in the small cracks in a water feature or dry river bed. This decorative can also be used in pathways or areas that will get barefoot traffic due to its soft tumbled texture.

The Rainbow Rock is a beautiful rock that is used in many different water features due to its combination of colors. Other landscape themes this decorative rock has been used for are fairy gardens, koi ponds, and mosaic features. When it comes to river rocks, the Rainbow decorative rock is one of the most beautiful there is.

The Rainbow Cobblestone literally has every color in the rainbow. Besides using it for water features, this rock can be used to make cute little flower bed edge stones or tree rings. White Quartz is known for its striking pure white color. In the sun, this decorative rock sparkles like a bed of diamonds. If you're searching for a clean decorative, look no further. This rock is one that can't be imitated. This product has been used in rock gardens, mosaics, and flower beds. Landscape Rock Boise Bring your backyard ideas with you and pick out some decorative landscape rock from the rock yard at victory greens.

Call us todayDrain Rock. Crushed Pea Gravel. Boise River Pea Gravel. Snake River Pea Gravel. Snake River Pebble.

Snake River Rock. Brown Decorative Rock. Mini Black and Tan. Medium Black and Tan. Large Black and Tan. Large Rose and Black Basalt. Medium Rose and Black Basalt. Chili Pepper Lava. Black Lava. Red Lava. Brown and Black Lava Rock. Medium Blue Pearl. Large Blue Pearl. Oro Verde Rock. Mini Southwest Blend. Southwest Blend Nuggets. Rainbow Pebble.

Western Idaho's Premier Masonry and Landscape Supplier

Western Fence and Landscape Supply offers white decorative rocks, garden pebbles, pea stone gravel, and river rock for sale. Whatever your do-it-yourself DIY landscaping ideas, we are your trusted rock, paving material, crushed stone, and retaining wall supplier. Call us at for more information about price, and our landscape rock delivery services. Types of Decorative Rock There are many different shapes and sizes of landscaping rocks, sand, and gravel, each used for a different look and purpose. Hardscape materials, such as concrete, rocks, bricks, and stone, are important when considering the absorption of water.

Serving the areas of Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Nampa, Caldwell, Parma, Notus, Providing products for landscaping, excavation, driveways, road surface.

ISHS Stricker & Rock Creek Landscape Services

This sandblasting sand is extra fine with grit. See the range of Building Aggregates in Sheffield. Browse our catalog for products used in the golf course construction Full Circle Aggregates is a Southeast-based aggregates producer in Graniteville, SC. We will be accepting orders for deliveries and will have options for limited pick up items. White sand is a useful landscaping material, and is the most often used type of sand to fill sandboxes and play boxes. We can deliver our wide range of products at great prices, Aggregates such as; gravel, decorative aggregates , building aggregates , topsoil , recycled aggregates and sand. Quikrete 50 lb. Most of our materials are available for pickup and local delivery.


Lawn Care. Full Yard Cleanups. Learn More. We have over 30 years combined experience in lawn care with a hard working crew who is easy to understand and can accommodate any needs you have, often exceeding expectations. We would love the chance to be your friendly, reliable, and affordable lawn care experts, taking the hassle of yard work away so you can have more time to enjoy with family and friends.

We can make up to bags per hour.


We offer advice on turf installation, laying pavers, and anything else you need to complete your dream project. We deliver! We stock a large selection of landscape and hardscape products and accessories for our customers located in Idaho. We provide everything you need for your next xeriscaping or permanent landscape project: including boulders, pavers, artificial grass, mulch, top soil, landscape rock, railroad ties, and much, much more. We serve the entire Treasure Valley with superior service and expertise. Visit us in Caldwell, Idaho to view our extensive selection of product or call to ask advice from our expert team and order remotely.


Rock mulch home depot. Veneer or thin cut stone is ideal for building stacked rock walls, edging for landscape beds, and especially for veneer walls. Decorative landscape rock is an excellent choice for most Southwestern landscapes. Extensive selection of material. Our delivery fees are designed to give you quality products at an economical price. UV protected black paint finish and heat resistant lens provide long life. Ask Us A Question. Just beginning our eleventh year in business, we look forward to serving you.

We stock materials for: walkways, paths, lawn borders, edging, water features, retaining walls, and more! Call us today!

Unleashing the possibility of people, products, and technology to create large block retaining wall solutions you can trust for a lifetime. At Redi-Rock, we are more than just a block company. Our values and culture push us to lead the way, never give up and make time to care. We strive to help you solve your earth retention problems with a powerful network of people, a proven family of products, and a wealth of resources.

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It borders the state of Montana to the east and northeast, Wyoming to the east, Nevada and Utah to the south, and Washington and Oregon to the west. To the north, it shares a small portion of the Canadian border with the province of British Columbia. With a population of approximately 1. The state's capital and largest city is Boise.

Premier Aggregates was founded in as a transportation and logistics company serving the heavy industrial market. Since then, our focus has evolved to include the natural resource sector, specifically rock, sand and gravel production and supply.

We work with our customers to create beautiful, unique and functional designs. We are a full-service landscape design-build, personal gardening and lawn care company. We will keep our word and deliver quality at a fair price. We pride ourselves on providing the best customer experience thought the entire landscaping process. Quality We stand behind our experienced team and our ability to craft high quality landscapes. Our design team has the experience and creativity to make your landscape exceed your expectations. Reliability FarWest has been a Treasure Valley landscape design-build company for over 45 years.

You've never been a fan of yardwork, and it shows. You can get our landscaping services to enhance the value and appeal of your property. Rely on us to get the job done right the first time.


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