Valley landscape services

Valley landscape services

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Valley landscape services help turn Birmingham into a 'cultural and educational tourist mecca'

The Birmingham Museums Trust is a dedicated partner in the Valley project. Its collections will help anchor cultural visits in the Valley, drawing in people from across the UK and beyond. The Trust will also oversee the educational programs that will be delivered by the National and University museums, and other partners, in the days and weeks around the exhibition.

Valley: five years of redevelopment

The first part of the the capital’s largest regeneration scheme for more than 50 years has officially opened to the public today. The new 10,800 square metres of space – the largest arts and culture precinct in Europe – includes five new museum and gallery spaces on top of a complex of existing venues.

Valley: a new economic heart for Birmingham

Valley is Birmingham’s economic heart and will help the city prosper over the coming years, attracting significant investment, major international trade fairs and thousands of jobs. It’s being delivered through a £140m City Deal, in which Birmingham City Council is the primary partner and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport is the ‘lead non-departmental government organisation’. The project will deliver ‘new, improved museum and gallery spaces, mixed-use developments, extended exhibition and education facilities, commercial ventures, and community spaces’.

A project of unprecedented scale

Valley is the most ambitious regeneration project ever undertaken by Birmingham City Council. It involves not only the construction of the new buildings, but also, crucially, the transformation of the surrounding landscape. The first parts of the Valley were completed between October 2011 and February 2012. Two years later, the mid-point of the scheme was complete, and with the full reconstruction finished, the new exhibition space officially opened to the public in February 2017.

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The Birmingham Museums Trust - A cultural partner in the Valley

Valley showcases the creativity and expertise of museums and galleries across the UK. It is home to five new museum and gallery spaces – the National Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, the National Sea Life Centre, the National Children’s Museum, the National Transport Museum and the National Glass Centre – as well as a complex of existing venues.

Valley creates a unique cultural environment in Birmingham

Valley is a thriving cultural destination, a cultural destination that puts Birmingham on the map. It’s a cultural hub, a ‘destination hub’ in Birmingham, as well as a cultural destination in its own right. It’s a tourist destination as well as a destination of choice for residents in the city.

There are five new museum and gallery spaces on the scheme. The National Glass Centre, for example, has never before been available to the public, and it has the potential to attract tens of thousands of visitors a year. The other four spaces – the National Museum for Northern Ireland, the Walker Art Gallery, the Royal Observatory and the Birmingham Museums Trust – have never before been together in one place, and are already major tourist attractions. There are also a number of other attractions and performance spaces within the Valley, making it the ‘cultural and educational hub of Birmingham’.

Landscape design and build partner

As well as the new museum and gallery spaces, the Valley project was underpinned by a landscape design and build contract for an innovative and bespoke design for Birmingham city centre.

The three-phase £50m landscape design and build works is being delivered by AMBL, the landscape architect and urban design practice. It will connect the five new museums and galleries, as well as key other buildings and venues, with public areas, and link together a series of public spaces and amenities across the site. These spaces will include active and passive spaces, social and community facilities, and businesses and offices.

The Valley is a destination

Valley is a destination that fits into a wider context, with the significant growth in tourism, leisure and tourism over recent years. Birmingham city centre has become a ‘major cultural and educational tourist mecca’, as Dame Colette Bowe, Chair of the Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership put it.

The Valley is an integral part of that and is set to contribute to the increased economic prosperity of the city, as the recent success of Birmingham’s first Pop-up Central Market demonstrates.

Visitor numbers to the Valley project have already hit the five-figure mark for a project of this size, and the Trust is certain the numbers will rise over the coming years. It expects Valley to contribute approximately £35 million to the city economy annually.

The University of Birmingham and National Children’s Museum go back together to celebrate 60 years of joint working

The partnership between the University of Birmingham and the National Children’s Museum – the University of Birmingham’s Children’s Museum – celebrated their 60th anniversary this week.

A formal ceremony was held in the Hall of Memory in the MCR, hosted by the Director of the University of Birmingham Museums and Galleries and the Head of the National Children’s Museum, and took place on Thursday 26 January.

Shared Heritage

The Museum’s partnership with the University dates back to the museum’s creation in 1965. It celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2015 and, over the course of the year, has included a series of major exhibitions and publications about its partnerships with the University of Birmingham and City Council.

In April 2017, the Museum and its partners began work on a major project to build a new Children’s Museum to the east of the Hall of Memory. This involves a high-profile partnership with the University and is significant for several reasons.

First, the Museum and the University of Birmingham are key partners in the project. The work began in August 2017 with a two-year, £3 million Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) grant to develop the Museum’s learning centre, which opened on 5 December 2017.

This work focuses on the exhibition spaces, exhibition design and exhibition content. It is designed to help develop the Museum

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