Horticultural marketing and printing address

Horticultural marketing and printing address

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Horticultural marketing and printing address your business's objectives through promotional strategies. Your clients and customers benefit from your promotions because they save money, enjoy better food and find your establishment convenient. You can increase sales and build your brand by employing the right horticultural marketing and printing strategies.

Print your message through newspapers, magazines, catalogues and brochures. Plan an event and advertise in magazines. Posters, flyers, yard signs, business cards and banners will create awareness and build a loyal following. Generate interest in your business with wholesale printed horticultural products.

Make a statement with an alternative logo. Craft a design that is distinctive and is in line with your brand. The more graphic design choices you offer, the more flexibility you have in marketing.

Highlight your image through trade shows and conventions. Let your customers or potential clients see who you are. Put your company's name in front of them when they are present at a show. Ensure your products are represented by knowledgeable staff.

Horticultural marketing and printing promotes your company and encourages clients to return. And when your audience finds your company special or helpful, they will want to do business with you. Print your message with durable materials. Customise your design with high-quality printing.

Custom logo designing.

Local history.



Local interest.

Printed horticultural products.

Promotional products.

Printed value.

Print to be saved.

Shop our gallery to view our printed horticultural products and find the option that best fits your horticultural promotion.

Print a wide variety of horticultural products, including:




Hanging Signs

Herb pots

Horse troughs


Product displays

Restroom signs

Tractor and farm equipment displays


Vinyl banners

Appealing to a specific demographic has many advantages for your horticultural business. Your client base can be further focused by choosing to promote horticultural products to target groups. Your marketing efforts will be more effective, your brand will be recognised and you can reach more of your market.

View our printed horticultural products and find the option that best fits your horticultural promotion.

You'll be sure to find your special event:

Christmas Craft Shows


Farm Show

Fruit Festivals



Iron Men Festival


Potato Festivals

Quince Festivals

River Festivals

Solar Festivals

Spring Festivals

Vegetable Fairs

Winning your industry awards will reflect positively on your business. Celebrate the important moments in your horticultural business. Let your clients know your accomplishments by making a statement with a printed logo. The right promotional items make great awards and commemorate special occasions.

Have us design a custom logo for your event. Order trophies and custom awards to honour and celebrate your achievements. Leave an impact on your clients when they receive these custom products.

See what our clients have to say.

Mauricio Martinez of Expansys Estates has been supplying a variety of our printing services to his customers for the past 10 years.

He is an integral part of Expansys Estates and we appreciate his consistent commitment to our success and his understanding of our business.

Both Mauricio and our sales team go out of their way to ensure our customers are treated as family and we look forward to continuing our long-term relationship with Expansys Estates.

Rene Zanotti,Liaison Manager

Victoria Plants have been dealing with Hausen since 2015. It has been a pleasure to work with Mark and his team. I have enjoyed working with such a skilled and knowledgeable group of people. We have been impressed with the quality of products and customer service.

Manda Mack,Purchasing Manager

I have worked with Mark on various forms of horticultural print for the past 10 years and am always delighted with the results.

Greg Wilson,Director

J&,M has been involved in the design and installation of the print process for vegetable displays for over 10 years.

We have never had a problem with quality nor reliability with J&,M and they have always delivered on time.

Marina Froyd,Director

My horticultural business, Fruitbow Nurseries, has been working with J&,M Prints for over 20 years. The staff at J&,M are always very helpful and friendly and the high quality of the printing and customer service is exceptional.

Jon Case,Owner

We have worked with J&,M for many years and continue to be satisfied with their level of service, quality of products and competitive prices. They always go the extra mile to ensure our needs are met.

Dave Russell,Sales Manager

We have been working with Creso printing over 10 years.

They have always been quick to respond to our needs and produce quality products at competitive prices.

Ross Westlake,General Manager

My farm business, Colbo Plastics, has been working with Creso since 2003. They have been a reliable and consistent source of high-quality products.

I always know that they will deliver on time and on budget.

Arran Cowan,Sales Manager

Our business has worked with Craftex as a supplier for 15 years.

Craftex are very professional and have always provided excellent customer service and quality.

Sarah Comer,Sales Manager

We have been working with Edisto for the past 5 years.

Edisto produce quality products and are always on time and on budget.

I have been able to expand my business using Edisto's products and have come to rely on their level of expertise.

Jeanine Lawson,Director

Beech Tree Kiosk has been working with Edisto since 2012.

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