Indoor air quality plants study

Indoor air quality plants study

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Indoor air quality plants study

Indoor air quality plants study is a technique used to study the quality of indoor air. By growing plants in environments different from the air outside, this technique demonstrates the effects of pollutants on the plant.


This technique is based on the assumption that plants grow in the environment in which they live and thus react to the air quality in their immediate environment.

Indoor air quality has been studied with several indoor plants, such as potted plants, orchids, ferns, and others. The main reason is that plants are easily accessible and are available all the year. With this technique, one can learn a lot about air quality and the effects of some pollutants that are generated from other activities such as cooking, furniture, electronics, etc.


This technique is considered an environmentally safe, cost-efficient, and easy technique.

It is a technique that has a direct impact on people's health. Thus, not only can people learn about their own health, but they can also provide information to others. They can also learn what to avoid, what to do, and what to do in order to improve air quality.

This technique can give the people an incentive to keep indoor environments clean. It can give the people the idea that cleaning their environment may reduce health risks and help in reducing their overall expenses. The cost for buying plants is less compared to the cost for buying air purification systems or air purifying devices.


Due to the lack of information, this technique has had problems with gathering data.

There are limitations in the knowledge of air quality and the effects that indoor air quality plants have on them. This technique only focuses on one particular topic and provides only a very general idea of the quality of indoor air.

Plants are often sold in nurseries. However, sometimes, it is hard to know the air quality of a particular product and how it is made.

There is a tendency to have a misconception about the benefits of plants. Some people believe that if plants are available indoors, they will absorb bad air. However, this is not always the case. Some indoor plants absorb pollutants through their leaves and stems, but not through their roots.

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