The most beautiful flower beds in the country, made by hand: photo selection

The most beautiful flower beds in the country, made by hand: photo selection

Elegant flower beds, decorated with bright flowers, enchant and bewitch, leaving no one indifferent. They attract us with their dazzling beauty and wonderful scent of flowers, spreading for several tens of meters around. Beautiful flower beds at the dacha transform the site, making it more festive. There is nothing difficult in building an original beautiful flower bed with your own hands. Any items can be used to equip a spectacular flower garden. A photo selection of unusual flower beds made by the hands of creative craftsmen will help you to verify this.

Miniature flower beds from old interior items

You can make beautiful flower beds with your own hands from any old thing.

In the hands of a creative owner, leaky kitchen utensils and old household equipment will be able to find a second life.

Even plumbing that has served its life can serve as a material for the manufacture of unusual flower beds.

Old bathtubs, cisterns and toilets already in themselves serve as an excellent option for a container for planting plants.

To arrange such a flower bed, you need to make a minimum of effort. Paint the exterior of your plumbing with exterior paint, choosing two or three bright colors for your decor. Just a few touches, and the colorful composition will take on a new look, at the sight of which the mood will instantly rise.

If you include imagination, then the idea can be developed by creating a thematic composition that will amaze everyone around you with originality and humor.

Any available material is suitable for creating colorful compositions: old shoes and clothes, leather bags and suitcases, wicker baskets and baskets, paint buckets, barrels, tubs ... Painted in bright colors and planted with plants, they will look very organic on a suburban area.

When composing a composition from miniature flower beds, one should focus on the harmonious combination of its components, so that the result is a holistic picturesque corner

Original flower beds made of rubber tires

One of the most affordable materials for making roomy outdoor flowerpots are car tires. To make a beautiful flower bed, you can simply cut off the side of the tire with a boot knife so that you get an impromptu container into which fertile soil is poured and flower seedlings are planted.

It is enough to connect a little imagination, with a little more effort, and an ordinary car tire turns into a wonderful flower, an elegant vase or even into a fabulous carriage.

Tires of various diameters are suitable for work. But nevertheless, craftsmen most often use R12-R17 tires, choosing products with maximum tread wear for operation. You can always get hold of material convenient for work and creativity in any tire workshop.

You can even create multi-tiered compositions from old wheels, with the help of which unsightly walls of outbuildings and solid fences around the perimeter of the site are successfully decorated

When translating your ideas into practice, do not be afraid to experiment. And then such flowerpots will become a worthy frame, emphasizing the beauty and splendor of the flowers planted in it.

Decorative frame made of wood

After the rejuvenation of the garden, in addition to young shoots, thick branches are often left out of the lot. The zealous owner will always find a use for them.

Cut thick trunks of trees can become a reliable basis for the manufacture of beautiful flower beds that harmoniously fit into the landscape design of the site.

Such flower beds will act as original elements of vertical gardening. Taking up a minimum of space on the site, they successfully decorate unsightly corners in the garden.

When planning to build such a flower bed from a tree, you just need to choose a suitable trunk that can withstand the load that will create pots with flowers attached to it. To increase the strength of the structure, the trunk or thick branch of the cut tree is buried approximately half a meter and, if necessary, concreted. To extend the life of the wooden frame, the surface of the trunk is treated with used engine oil or coated with any compound that prevents wood from rotting.

The flower garden, placed directly in the very trunk of the tree, also looks interesting.

To create a beautiful flowerbed from a log, you just need to remove the bark from the tree trunk and make pockets that will serve as containers for fertile soil for planting plants.

Spectacular flower beds from old furniture

Do not rush to throw out old furniture, it will still serve you, acting as an unusual flower garden. Old benches make a great stand for a range of colorful flower pots.

The most beautiful flower beds are obtained precisely from old furniture with carved legs and curly trim.

In order for the old chair to look more like a piece of art, and not unnecessary junk, you have to work hard. But thanks to your efforts, a spectacular composition will appear on the site, which will be a bright decoration of the garden. A flower pot is placed instead of a chair seat. Using climbing plants for landscaping, you can achieve the effect of a living structure, in which all supports are picturesquely entwined with flowering lashes, creating a colored carpet.

You can even create a whole floral set in blue tones from old furniture, which, in combination with a green carpet and variegated flowers, will create a stunning effect.

An old chest of drawers gathering dust in the corner of the shed can be easily transformed into an unusual flower bed in just two or three days, which will become a worthy decoration of the front area of ​​the site. The fascinating transformation process will appeal not only to adults, but also to children, for whom it will be one of the best creative games.

The main advantage of such a flower garden is space saving, which is especially important when decorating small garden plots. To arrange a cascading flower garden, drawers of the chest of drawers must be fixed in the open position, so as not inadvertently to spoil the planted plants in the future. The bottom of the boxes is covered with plastic wrap and covered with a layer of fertile soil. To accommodate the top landings, holes are cut in the top of the chest of drawers to fit the size of the containers with flowers.

Such a chest of drawers will give original touches to the decor of the garden and will cause admiration for the guests of the site and the pride of its owners.

When decorating a flower garden, you can safely experiment, giving free rein to imagination and showing your creativity

Improvised flower beds on wheels

The use of wooden wheelbarrows and carts for decorating an area has long been a classic. They are harmoniously combined with a wicker fence, giving the site a special color. A bicycle is more suitable for decorating a garden in a modern style.

When arranging a flower garden, the bike can be painted in any desired color, or you can leave it, specially preserving the distinct prints of past years

The planter for fresh flowers can be conveniently placed on the front and rear racks, as well as on the bicycle frame, or suspended from the handlebars. A flowerbed bike can be used as an independent display or as part of a house.

The bicycle, leaning against the wall and decorated with elegant flower pots, acts as a hedge decorating an unattractive wall

According to this principle, it will not be difficult to equip an impromptu flower garden from an obsolete moped or motorcycle.

An old rusty moped, decorated with variegated floral arrangements, looks attractive and unusual

The ideas for creating flower beds are endless. Try it, be creative and create the same masterpieces on your site.

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How to make a flower bed or flower garden in the country with your own hands from scrap materials

With the onset of spring, not only nature awakens, but also summer residents, owners of country and private houses have an irresistible desire to decorate their possessions, to create an atmosphere of beauty and comfort in them. After a noisy dusty city with a gassed atmosphere, it is good to be on a forest island, breathe in the sweet floral aroma, lie on a soft green carpet of lawn , plunge into the transparent blue of the pool, meet the dawn in the gazebo, entwined with strange plants and flowers. This is how the working days of millions of owners of pieces of nature begin. You can, of course, order from a landscape designer to magically transform your site. However, this service is very expensive and not everyone can afford it, and making flower beds in the country with their own hands is much more pleasant.

What and how to make a fence

The most common flower bed fencing is brick, wild stone, boulders. A structure can be made of bricks in a strict "ceremonial" manner. Boulders and wild stone are more intimate, non-standard fences.

Since they have a decent weight, a foundation is often made under a brick or stone fence for a flower bed. Not if one or two rows fit, but if there are four or more rows. If the device goes on a concrete site, you can do without a foundation at all, but if a flower bed is broken on a lawn or soil, then it is advisable to do it.

It is not even necessary to fasten two rows of stone or brick with mortar

The first step is to remove the sod on the marked area. If you plan to make a high flower bed, dig a groove around the perimeter, about 20 cm deep, and 5-10 cm wider than the planned fence in width. This ditch is filled with crushed stone, rammed, spilled with liquid cement-sand mortar. For 1 part of M400 cement, take 4-5 parts of clean sand, mix and pour water until sour cream. Rubble is spilled with this semi-liquid solution. When the concrete sets - you need to wait a few days - you can lay out the border for the flower beds.

How to make a brick or stone border

Do-it-yourself flower beds and flower beds made in a fence of stone and brick are the most expensive in the device, but also the most durable. They will stand for several years without any problems.

Stones or bricks are placed on a cement-sand mortar, similar to the one with which crushed stone was poured, but thicker. There should not be a lot of mortar between the bricks - 5-8 mm. If you put cobblestones or natural stone, it is easier to first fold them "on dry" by choosing the size, and then transfer them with mortar.

A few ideas on how to arrange stone borders for flower beds and flower beds in the photo gallery below.

When building a round border for a brick flower bed, it is more economical to use halves

Small mortar joints between the stones and are not visible (in the process, until the concrete has frozen completely, you can clean them to a depth of 5-8 mm)

If the flowerbed is located near the wall, the wall must be treated with waterproofing (bituminous mastic twice)

The chipped limestone around the flower beds looks great. Flowerbeds of stones with your own hands can be made in a non-standard or geometric shape

Ceramic bricks of different colors and paths sprinkled with tinted gravel and a courtyard with a flower bed looks great

This is a curb for a cobblestone flower bed. The technique used is different - a roller is formed from a semi-dry solution, small stones are stuck into it

If you do not need to raise the plantings so much, and you only want to mark the boundaries of the area planted with flowers, but are afraid that if the brick is simply dug in, it will fall, then you can dig a trench, fill it with rubble, and insert flagstone into the rubble (stone sawn on plates , it can be found in the section selling materials for the exterior decoration of the house) or standing to put bricks. Spill liquid cement-sand mortar around the installed elements of the fence. After two or three days, when the concrete has set, you can continue to work: fill up the fertile soil, but you cannot load the curb or step on it for about a month: it takes so much time for it to gain strength.

By the same principle, you can make a do-it-yourself frame for a flower bed from slate or tiles cut into strips. A flower bed can be made of metal or asbestos slate. There are scraps left after installing the roof - use them. Here's what you can get.

Photo of a slate flower bed - such a fence looks good

Made of wood

It is easier to make a fence for a flower bed made of wood: it does not weigh so much. On the other hand, it is less durable. Do-it-yourself flower beds and flower beds from wood can stand for several seasons. Then you will have to restore or alter them. For ceremonial flower beds, it is used very rarely, but in the country or near a private house, a flower garden fenced with a wooden border is original and stylish. Especially if it has something in common with the style of design of buildings on the site.

You can use wood in any form to decorate summer cottages. They make flower beds from boards, small-diameter round timber (small logs), block house (boards, convex on one side, similar to a log) and any other wooden remains. You can even cut a dead tree into chocks, bury / hammer them into the ground, making such an unusual flower bed.

Log halves can also be folded into a fence for a raised flower garden

Birch woods - an excellent fence for a flower garden

An interesting idea for a high flower bed - a well is made of scraps of logs

Even an old log can be turned into a flower garden

Two pieces of a block house, set one on top of the other - and in front of you is already an excellent summer cottage flower bed

Wooden flower beds knocked down from planks are built in a few hours

Even if the wood is untreated, it has its own charm.

How to make a wooden border? Find a small diameter log, cut it into chocks of different lengths and split them in half. You will get blanks, as in the photo on the left. They are laid on a flat surface with the convex side down, one next to the other. Take a flexible thick wire and use staples from a construction stapler or bent studs to attach the wire to the flat side of the pieces of wood. One wire is nailed at the bottom, the other at the top. It turns out a flexible border made of wood, which can be used to enclose a flower garden of any shape (pictured on the right).

How to make a fence for a flower garden out of wood

So that the wood does not lose its attractiveness and does not rot, it is treated with protective impregnations. They can simultaneously give it color, or they can be colorless. From such pieces of wood collected in a ribbon, you can make flower beds with your own hands of any shape. Dig a shallow groove, a little wider than your fence, insert a fence for a flower bed there and sprinkle it with earth, tamp it.

From such a ribbon you can saddle such beauty

From boards and beams

In our country, wood is one of the most inexpensive building materials. Therefore, they build from it a lot and often. They are made of wood and a fence or fence for flower beds. The easiest way is to enclose a flower bed with boards. For support, you will need several bars - not very thick, but wide. Approximately 50 * 150mm and edged board 20mm thick. Choose its width yourself so that several pieces installed on the edge give you the required height.

Soak the wood with protective impregnations, when it dries, you can start working. Support bars are installed first. They can be sharpened at one end and carefully hammered without damaging the upper surface (put a piece of a bar and hit on it), or you can dig a hole about 50 cm deep, install a bar in it, bury and compact the earth around.Bars are installed in increments of 1-1.5 meters, depending on how wide the flower garden will be. The wider and higher it is, the greater the mass will have to be held, therefore more often they put supports.

Boards are nailed to the exposed supports. They can be stuffed from the inside and then the support bars will be visible, or from the outside. In the second option, only a wall of planks will be visible. The joints of the boards should fall on the beams.

A high flower bed with a fence made of boards. The building is inexpensive and the view is solid

Plank beds can be made in a variety of shapes. Even in the form of a pyramid. There are some interesting ideas below.

Multi-tiered flowerbed-pyramid made of boards

And this is how to make a flower bed in the form of a pyramid

Flowerbed-pyramid of small boxes, different sizes, set one after another

Such a flower bed can be placed in the center of a large

Having knocked together several boxes of different shapes, they can be installed side by side or on top of each other

Neat and beautiful

Made of plastic

There are many types of ready-made fences for flower beds and flower beds made of plastic or plastic. They have special legs that are immersed in the ground along the edge of the planted area.

But we are not talking about them, but about flower beds made of scrap materials. For example, you can make a decent fence for a flower bed out of plastic bottles.

They are selected by displacement and color. This will make the fence look better. Then the necks are cut off at the same level and stuck into the ground. This is one mounting option for creating a low curb. The second will turn out to be much higher. It can be used in fondant taller plants. In this case, they take a wooden bar, to it at a certain distance, so that the bottles are close to one another, the lids are nailed. Bottles are screwed into the caps. To make such a plastic fence for a flower garden more stable, it is pierced through with wire closer to the bottoms and closer to the narrowing point at the neck. The finished section of the fence is installed and fixed on the ground.

Despite the fact that the material is waste, if everything is done carefully, such a fence looks decent, nice, nice. Photo of fences for flower beds and flower beds from plastic bottles is in the photo below.

A neatly made flower bed fence made of plastic bottles

If you look closely, you will see a bar that holds the bottles.

A cute crocodile from bottles in the country will appeal to children

Bottles matched in size and color create a beautiful enclosure. Do-it-yourself flower beds and flower beds with their help can be done in the country or near a private house

Couldn't pass by ... a fence made of old bicycle wheels. Original flower beds can be made from any junk. If you have talent, of course ...

Old bicycle wheels can decorate your summer cottage. How? Make a flower garden fence out of them. A flower bed of wheels is cool ...

Flower garden bookmark - step by step instructions

  • First of all, you need to draw up a project, make a breakdown, lay the landing. And of course, provide constant care.
  • You can make a planting drawing yourself on a piece of paper, or you can use computer programs for landscape design.
  • Here is a list of some computer programs for creating flower garden projects.
  • After creating a flower garden, it is necessary to write a statement in which there will be information about the varieties, hybrids we plant the plants, the number, and the frequency of planting.
  • Before planting plants, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the biology and agricultural technology of growing certain crops.
  • Place flowers according to their size so that they do not obstruct the plants behind them. Consider flowering time.
  • If you follow all these rules, then the flower garden will look beautiful and attractive from early spring to late autumn.
  • Near the bulbous plants that will bloom early, tall perennials can be foreseen to cover the bald spots.
  • After you have finished laying out all the elements in your flower bed, work the soil.
  • Do not go beyond the boundaries that you set out.
  • Remove the roots of weeds, especially the rhizomes of creeping grass, stones, and other debris.
  • In case of severe soil contamination, it is necessary to bring in imported soil. Remove the top layer of soil 25 cm, fill the vacant space with a specially prepared soil mixture of humus and rotted foliage.
  • You can start planting cold-resistant plants in early spring, do not be afraid of frost.
  • Start planting heat-loving plants in the last days of May.
  • In order for you not to trample the ground, use boards, stands.
  • Planting should be done starting from the center of the flower bed and gradually approaching the edges.
  • Do not forget that there should be constant care for the flower garden, only in this case it will look aesthetically pleasing.
  • Provide timely weeding, loosening.
  • Faded inflorescences, dry leaves must be removed.

Provide timely watering and plants will reward you with lush flowering

  • If the summer is especially dry, watering should be done in the morning and in the evening; you should not water during the time.
  • Feed the plants with fertilizers three times: in early spring, during the budding period, during flowering.
  • Apply ammonium nitrate, phosphate and potash fertilizers.


How to create beautiful flower gardens and flower beds in the country with your own hands? (220 fresh photos and video ideas) + Reviews

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