Above ground irrigation system

Above ground irrigation system

What's this

The above ground system differs from the underground system because there is no excavation here to arrange and make the pipe invisible as it is safely left in sight. For many it is an unpleasant unaesthetic factor and therefore it is always preferred to prefer an underground system, for others it is not a problem and therefore it is decided to install this system. The irrigation lance connected to the hose can have a manual opening. The water for irrigation can be taken directly from the well to have a certainly reduced consumption. A garden requires constant watering, for this reason it is always preferable to include a well in the design phase of the garden. Above ground irrigation can also be achieved with the installation of external sprinklers. The external sprinkler allows you to fix the system in a precise point and therefore also correctly orient the amount of water actually needed for the plant.

Surface sprinklers

They are called surface sprinklers because they emerge from the surface and there are different types on the market. The most used are turbine, percussion and rotating arms. What distinguishes them is the water jet, which can also be by sectors. The market always presents novelties and some models allow you to memorize the area that has already been irrigated, thus avoiding it being wet, providing the plant with an excess of water. For those who are undecided about the type of surface sprinkler that is most suitable for their garden, or better suited to their plants, before buying it you can always ask the retailer for advice.


The above ground irrigation method is the most used for watering small areas, the system is very simple: a hose connected to a tap brings the water to the area to be irrigated, the lance is the accessory that allows to 'throw' the water up to the plants. The above ground sprinklers they could create stagnation of water and this would not benefit the plant, so it is necessary to move them where this situation occurs. The pipe, as already pointed out several times, passes outside, so if the lawn needs to be mowed, the irrigation system must be removed. A system used above all in agriculture is the swing sprinkler, compared to those previously described, it has a greater water range thus covering a very large surface. It is a convenient and practical system in agriculture especially for those who have very large fields to water. The oscillating sprinkler somewhat reproduces the effect of rain and its movement avoids always concentrating watering in the same point. Water is a very important asset so it is necessary not to waste it, above ground irrigation must be directed only towards the areas that actually need it.


The above-ground irrigation system is a more chosen system in agriculture, because in this case the exposed piping certainly does not create a problem, which instead happens for the garden. For a garden it is always advisable to choose an underground system because it is very practical, comfortable, efficient and above all invisible. To avoid removing all the hoses for mowing the grass, it is always preferable not to choose the above-ground system. It is able to guarantee excellent results in the agricultural sector but for the garden, if there are plants that want poor watering, care must be taken that the water does not stagnate.

Where to buy

The above ground system certainly has fewer installation difficulties than the underground system and above all requires less time to fix it. It can be purchased at garden or DIY stores. Useful advice can be obtained from the dealer who will also be able to advise the fixing distance of the sprinklers above ground. However, since this is a sector that presents various opportunities, it is important to know the characteristics of each type of sprinkler in order to choose the one that best matches the needs of your garden. You can also find above ground irrigation systems on the internet, they can be purchased and will be delivered directly to your home.


An above ground irrigation system certainly has a rather affordable cost, although its poor aesthetics must always be considered. The cost varies according to the choice of sprinklers and the number that is needed to cover the entire surface of the garden.

Above ground irrigation system: irrigation system: above ground irrigation system

The above ground system, the best, is the one available to those who have a fairly large garden, which perhaps needs good irrigation, diligent but not too high otherwise everything would be dispersed very easily and then no longer able to control. the whole. This plant has not too high prices and for this reason it can be purchased by almost everyone. They can be purchased in purely specialized shops, perhaps with the advice of the shopkeeper himself, if he understands it, which helps to make the best choice for the right above ground sprinkler. Or you can buy it much more comfortably from home, displaying different cards with specific images that help you make the best choice for the product best suited to the customer's needs.

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