Do-it-yourself garden scarecrow: 3 master classes + photo selection of the best options

Do-it-yourself garden scarecrow: 3 master classes + photo selection of the best options

Throughout the summer period, the harvest of berries ripens at the dachas - cherries, strawberries, currants, raspberries, and hardworking summer residents cook compotes, jams and preserves from them. But not only they love to feast on sweet and juicy berries: cunning birds fly in flocks in search of dessert and leave behind only naked cuttings and garbage. It is quite difficult to cope with thieves, so gardeners are thinking about how to make a garden scarecrow with their own hands - it will at least partially protect the crop.

Scarecrow Summer resident from improvised means

A little free time and a little imagination - and a heap of old things turns into a mysterious lady, the real mistress of the infield.

Most often, a stuffed animal is given a human appearance, believing that this will scare the birds.

For creativity, you need very little:

  • two handles from shovels of different lengths;
  • large nail, hammer;
  • old clothes;
  • two buttons;
  • a bag full of straw.

We connect the cuttings crosswise, hammering in a nail, and we get the basis for the formation of a scarecrow.

Shovel cuttings, bars, poles, sticks, narrow slats are suitable for the cross.

Making the head: stuffing a plastic bag with straw. We pull children's tights or a pillowcase on top of it - we get a head. For believability, we sew eyes - two large buttons, nose - a piece of cloth, lips - a terry shred. We fix the head at the upper end of the long handle.

Then we put on an old dress (skirt) and a jacket on the transverse handle - and in front of us is a quite pretty lady. Of course, a stylish woman lacks accessories - she looks much more interesting in a Panama hat and a romantic scarf.

The similarity with a person is manifested both in the design of the face and in the choice of clothes.

The scarecrow must also be beautiful - do not forget about the accessories

Cute Scarecrow to guard the garden

You can involve households in the creative process - and literally the next day the brave fellow Scarecrow will disperse all the crows in the garden. He is a bit like the hero of the Land of Oz Baum, but our children are more familiar with the Scarecrow from Volkov's books - stupid, but very kind.

The daring smiling Scarecrow is a real decoration of any garden

So, the order of work. First of all, we make out the head. To make the contour of the face even, put a basin or a large dish on a piece of thick light-colored cloth (burlap), circle it. Cut out two identical circles for the head. One of them is the face. With a simple pencil, we mark the places where the eyes, nose, mouth will be.

On light-colored tissue, eyes, mouth and nose are more noticeable.

We embroider the mouth with stitches using thick woolen thread. We cut out the eyes from a dark fabric and sew, not forgetting to shape the eyelashes. We make the ears and nose to match the complexion - this will be more natural. Sew two circles, fill with padding polyester, sew hair (several thick woolen threads) - the head is ready.

For the eyes, you can use pieces of fabric, felt, buttons, corks

A necessary touch is a hat made from a bag.

The hat not only gives completeness to the appearance, but also gives out the character traits of our hero

We cut out and sew hands. Cut out the collar, decorate it with bells. We make a shirt, pants and a fashionable shoulder bag from burlap.

Patches - traditional elements on the clothes of the garden scarecrow

We trim the crosspiece of two bars with padding polyester, attach the head, arms, outfit. The scarecrow is ready to disperse berry thieves with a smile around the clock, although can such a kind garden scarecrow disperse someone?

The colors of the shirt, pants, hats can be changed to brighter

Scarecrow from plastic bottles

How to make a garden scarecrow so that it rustles, shines and scares away everyone who encroaches on the strawberry beds? It's very simple - with the help of plastic bottles. There are a lot of options for combining plastic containers of various sizes, we will consider one of them.

We will need:

  • plastic bottles of different colors and sizes;
  • elastic band for fixing;
  • bottle caps;
  • wire;
  • awl, knife, scissors, stapler.

Using plastic bottles of different colors, you can make completely different stuffed animals.

We calculate the number of large containers for assembling legs and arms, for example, 2 pieces for each leg, 1 for each foot. In the bottoms and lids we poke holes through which we stretch the elastic. The end of the elastic will be tied to the torso.

The body is an old tank, also plastic. Multi-colored caps - buttons are attached to it with a wire. For the head, a 5-liter water can will do. We attach eyes, nose, mouth to the face with a stapler. Like the limbs, the head is attached to the torso with an elastic band. More noise means less birds. Therefore, we make a loud skirt from the lids. The scarecrow is ready.

Passers-by can easily mistake this nice citizen for the owner of the dacha.

This solar scarecrow is more of a decorative element than a bird scarer.

It is unlikely that birds will be afraid of this stuffed animal, but people - for sure

The stuffed fisherman told us about his master's favorite pastime

Another version of the Wise Scarecrow, kind and cheerful

Perhaps the birds will be scared of their giant relative - the crows

It turns out that making a garden scarecrow with your own hands is not difficult at all. Thanks to violent imagination, all new characters are born. Before us is a vivid series of interesting finds that faithfully guard our beds. Boring stuffed animals magically transformed into original decor elements, which are pleasant both to look at and to show to guests.

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Do-it-yourself garden scarecrow: an overview of the best ideas

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Garden scarecrow

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Attributes and shapes that can scare away birds

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Attributes and shapes that can scare away birds

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Making a scarecrow with your own hands from plastic bottles

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Garden scarecrow - a doll made of wooden planks and old clothes

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Garden stuffed animal made of plastic bags

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Original ideas for creating a scarecrow

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Fairy-tale character as a garden scarecrow

Summer cottages are often attacked by birds that can quickly destroy a rich harvest of tasty fruits. For a long time, man protected the plantings from the raids of birds with the help of a scarecrow, whose elements could drive away winged robbers with their appearance and sound - forty, crows, sparrows. Old unnecessary things were used to make a garden doll. The scarecrow had a human form that served to intimidate. But now such a figure can become part of the design of the suburban area.

It is easy to make a figure that would keep birds away from garden trees and shrubs. This requires bright old rags, wooden sticks. Usually the scarecrow is a tall figure. And the sounding objects attached to it will scare away even the most daring thief. There are many ways to make such a doll.

Garden scarecrow

From time immemorial, trying to save the harvest, a person makes scarecrows. Often, such a doll decorates and enlivens the site. But the main thing in such an object is sound, because it is he who scares away uninvited guests.

Scarecrow from old things

To make a real scarecrow, you can use everything that is at hand: unnecessary clothes, plastic bags and bottles, straw, cans and much more. The main thing is not to regret all this. After all, crows are afraid not so much of a static figure as of the sounds that it can make. It is better that they are varied and unexpected. How to make a small scarecrow for a small garden, we told in the master class "Scarecrow with your own hands."

You can use plastic bottles to craft rotating scarecrows. Make cuts on the bottle and fold back some symmetrical blades. Paint the bottle with acrylics. The remaining "windows" can be closed with plates cut from other bottles. Make holes in the cap and in the bottom of the bottle, fix the structure loosely on a piece of metal wire. Such scarecrows will help get rid of voles and moles: underground inhabitants do not like vibrations.

Wind flute

You can scare away birds flying in to feast on berries using a homemade wind flute. Hollow tubes made from dry plant stems can serve as material for it. Select stems of suitable thickness, cut with a hacksaw to the desired length, sand the cuts. Tint each tube a new color with acrylic paints. If desired, paint the details or decorate with pieces of multi-colored plant fiber. Choose one of the tubes for fastening, hang the rest of the tubes on it, at an equal distance from each other. Pull the rope into the horizontal tube. Hang the flute from the tree.

Garden figurine-scarecrow from an old toy

An Easter bunny that lost one ear, a bell that was left without attachment, a little natural plant fiber (sisal and raffia), a wooden stick - that's all that was needed to create this small composition. To begin with, a straw hat was made from sisal and raffia. They gave it a shape and fixed it on the head of a hare, in place of the missing ear. The bell was tied to the end of a wooden skewer, and the resulting fishing rod was given to the hare's paws. Such a toy can be placed among the stones in a low flower bed. The fact is that blackbirds and magpies often spoil bright flowers and large buds: birds peck them up, mistaking them for berries. Now the ringing of the bell will protect the landings.

Garden man

There is another beautiful and ultra-modern stylized craft for a summer residence.

This frightened "Ogorodny Chuvachok". The doll is suitable for those who have a creative sense of beauty at their best. And the garden guard brings considerable benefit. How to make a stuffed animal, shows a master class:

Initially, a "chuvachka" face is made. To do this, a pattern is applied to a coarse fabric: a smile to the whole mouth, eyes, nose. In order to make eyes, a nose, pieces of suede are sewn on. A smile is embroidered with woolen threads, then a piece of fabric with an embroidered face is sewn.

A small linen bag comes out. It is stuffed with synthetic wool. At the crown of the head, hair is made of woolen threads.

A circle is cut out of artificial burlap, a round piece of foam rubber is laid out on top, which is covered with a smaller circle of artificial burlap. All layers are sewn together. The edges are torn off to form randomly protruding threads. The finished hat is sewn to the head. Hands are sewn from dense fabric according to the pattern. The collar for the scarecrow is also sewn specially.

A circle is cut out of the burlap, and sharp rays are cut. Then, colored bells are attached to each ray of light with a strong thread. Separately, a marching shirt for a garden "chuvachka" is made. This requires a burlap cloth.

A shirt is randomly cut and sewn around the edges. A variant of clothing for a garden scarecrow. Colored shiny patches are sewn onto a simple outfit. A bag is sewn from a shiny wide strip of fabric. For the bottom, you can take camouflage fabric. One edge of the bag is torn off to form threads.

The ribbons are sewn on. The body, an oblong bag, is attached to a wooden cross. A synthetic winterizer is wound onto the crossbar, and a strip of fabric is wound on top. Everything is stitched well.

The hands of the "chuvachka" are put on. Then it remains to attach the head and put on the scarecrow. A cheerful original garden man comes out.

To make a scarecrow for your dacha, you can dream up. Coming up with original stuffed animals is not so difficult.

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