Watering guns

Watering guns

What are

The irrigation guns allow you to obtain a different jet of water suitable for any plant species.


The irrigation gun comes in the classic form of a gun, it is equipped with a button that allows the water to flow out. The end is formed by a rotating system and on the basis of each rotation it is possible to obtain a different jet of water. It is a multifunctional tool that is connected directly to an irrigation hose. The water pressure is regulated by the type of jet you choose, but it is necessary to know that for each plant species it is necessary to set a different type of jet and therefore a different type of watering. By connecting it to a watering hose it is possible to obtain the desired length and therefore use it in any space of the garden. In this case it is an alternative tool for those who do not have an irrigation system. The models differ according to the different jets of water that the gun is able to produce. On the market, therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the model you are choosing. Usually they are equipped with a universal coupling, the plastic with which they are made is quite resistant and when used it is practical and manageable. At the time of purchase it is necessary to check if the model corresponds to your needs. Once purchased it must be fixed in front of the tube. In order for the water to come out, not only must the tap be opened, but also the gun must be set to the required function, because it is also possible to have the tap open without water leaking.

Where to buy

Irrigation guns can be purchased at gardening outlets or at DIY stores. Sometimes it is an accessory also purchased by those who have an irrigation system. Its practicality and comfort are really essential to properly care for your garden. There are interesting solutions on the internet and the customer can also decide to buy it directly online. In a short time you can consult various web pages and then view a considerable number of irrigation guns. Furthermore, you also have the possibility to compare prices not only between different sites, but also with the costs present in a store.

How to use it

The irrigation gun must be used by setting the different functions to differentiate the water jet based on the type of plant being watered. Each species has a different need for daily water and in order to keep it in good health it is essential that the plant is treated with adequate care. There are plants that must be watered without directing the jet directly on the leaves but only by wetting the soil, while others require different watering. The irrigation gun was created precisely to have a single tool to be used according to different needs. Strong jet or drop water, thanks to the pressure it can reach a certain distance, and it will also be necessary to learn to establish the quantity of water sufficient for each type of plant.


The irrigation gun has a rather affordable cost. There are several models on the market and the cost varies mainly according to the different functions and the water jet it is able to produce. Complete versions and basic versions are therefore on the market. The customer will have to decide which model to choose based on his needs because if he has different species of plants, he will have to orient himself on a type that has all the functions. On the contrary, if it is a small garden, even a simpler model may suffice.

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The irrigation guns allow you to obtain a different jet of water suitable for any plant species that is garden and agriculture. The gun can be of different sizes and of different quality, so it can be purchased always respecting the customer's use and economic needs. It is very convenient because it is used very easily and you can move from one point of the garden to another with ease without being hindered by the presence of wires. The gun can be adjusted and emit a jet that always respects the plant on which it is to be used. Its purchase can be made in gardening shops by choosing from the different products that can be found and comparing the different qualities or on the internet.

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