Water Violet Bach flower

Water Violet Bach flower



The Bach flower remedy Water Violet is indicated for those who have a very intense and profound inner life but are unable to open up to others and therefore live very much in solitude.


Remedy name Bach flower

: Water Violet

Common name in Italian

: water violet

Scientific name

: Hottonia palustris (Family Primulaceae)


The Bach Water Violet flower is for those people who, endowed with wisdom and intuition, highly intelligent and talented, refined and kind, seem haughty towards others and for this reason tend to be isolated and isolated. They are taciturn people as they believe they are not understood so they prefer to listen rather than speak. In fact, they do not like discussions and generally have an impassive, cold attitude. Sometimes pride and self-love become excessive and therefore to others they appear presumptuous, asocial and full of themselves consequently they tend to be isolated. They hate showing off and do not seek contact with others, despite their desire.

Water Violet people therefore tend to live isolated, to hide their emotions, to manifest a sort of coldness of spirit that in fact is not there as it is only a facade that is shown because in reality they are very understanding, full of tact. and comprehensive. Edward Bach himself writes «For those who in health or sickness love to be alone. Very peaceful people, who do not like to make noise, speak little and politely. They are very independent, capable and self-reliant, almost totally free from the opinions of others. They are reserved, leave others alone and love to go their own way. They are often intelligent and talented. Their tranquility and calm are a blessing for those around them "(1).

Despite their inner beauty they are people who become rigid, unable to enjoy the small joys of life, who are unable to express themselves due to their excessive reserve.


The Bach Flower Remedy Water Violet in flower therapy helps to isolate oneself less; to abandon the idea of ​​not needing others; to enjoy the simple things in life also by sharing them with others. The remedy helps to have more communication and helps to get out of one's loneliness.


If you want to prepare the Water Violet mother tincture of Bach flowers, picking the flowers directly in the field, it must be kept in mind that this Bach flower must be prepared with the method of solarization.


It is possible to find the plant in bloom in spring (April - June).

It is a floating aquatic plant, now quite rare in Italy, whose habitat is shallow and clean stagnant fresh water, free of pollutants where it forms floating turf.

It has creeping stems dipped in light green color from which long roots start at regular intervals that float in the mud. The leaves are alternate and with the leaf blade divided into numerous linear segments.

The floral scape is erect, cylindrical and hollow inside. The flowers are hermaphrodites arranged in whorls in groups of 3-9, with a calyx formed by sepals welded to the base while the corolla has white-violet-lilac petals.

The fruit is a subspherical capsule that contains numerous seeds inside.

(1) Taken from The Twelve Healers and other remedies by E. Bach

Water Violet, all about the Bach flower

Water Violet (Hottonia palustris) it is a plant belonging to the Primulaceae family that blooms in late spring. There water violet belongs to the family unique aquatic , lives in stagnant or slow-flowing waters and is found in northern Italy. This plant appears slender, but erect it can reach 40 cm in height, it presents five-petaled flowers pink and purple, they are arranged in a spiral, are elegant and lo stem has no leaves which are shaped like feathers and remain under the water.

Properties and benefits of Water Violet

This plant was the tenth to have been discovered by Dr. Edward Bach and his key word is "the lonely princess”. Water Violet is defined by dr. Edward Bach so: "… For those who in health or illness like to be alone. Very quiet people, who move around without disturbing, speak little and in a polite way. Very independent, capable and confident in their means. They are almost totally free from the opinions of others. They stay on the sidelines, live alone and go their own way. They are often intelligent and gifted. Their tranquility and calm are a blessing for those around them ... ”.

This flower attracts aristocratic characters, who stand on their own and are a bit snob, even apparently. Often, they are proud and detached people, they appear cold and detached, they prefer to listen rather than speak.

These types have a form of pride and presumption, mixed with arrogance in them too, an ad hoc posture, they do not blush in the midst of people, they stick to etiquette or rigid education, they feel good about themselves in this haughty way. When all this exceeds, the Water Violet remains isolated, is in solitude and experiences a deep sense of misunderstanding, is therefore unable to show affection and warmth, which in reality are his primary needs.

The transformation that this remedy brings is impressive, it manages to restore humility, and brings to the light a profound wisdom, positivity, introspection, reflection and capacity for growth.

Therefore the Water Violet they become reference points for advice, suggestions and help they regain confidence in themselves, thus being able to glimpse where others do not see. In conclusion, the Water Violet they teach us that we can maintain our individuality by maintaining relationships and living the group, this is the highest degree of individuality, that is, being able to live in the community without losing one's essence, which remains in harmony.

• Initial emotions (before taking the flower):

Highness, pride, feeling of superiority and reserve, emotional distance.

• Evolutionary emotions (after taking the flower):

Humility, sharing and wisdom, capacity for open relationships, with affection and warmth.

Suitable for

Water Violet it is very useful to proud people, who mark their distances and defend their territory, keep their business to themselves, are reserved and disdain others, would like to live without being disturbed in anonymity, esteem themselves a lot, they know they can do it.

In fact, the Water Violet often suffer from eating disorders, of hypertension, stomach ache, headaches. These characters are unable to externalize their feelings despite being a primary necessity of theirs consequently, we can notice a small comparison with Agrimony, he too hides his problems and is reluctant to share his true feelings, but for other reasons.

In children, these characters are found in cases where they do not want to play and mix with others out of pride.


Valuable for

Water Violet it is a valuable remedy for those who are lonely, who have a elitist and exclusivist pridea, who have emotional coldness.

Water Violet Bach flower

WATER VIOLET - Flower No. 34

Hottonia Palustris , Purple d†™ water , Violet dв ™ water , Violette, Violeta de Agua.

Favorite phrase: " I NEED NOTHING AND NOBODY "

Action: from isolation. to communication

It is part of the primroses family and blooms in May and June in stagnant or slow-flowing waters, in ditches, in the marshes of northern Italy. It can reach 40 cm, blooms from April to July with five-petalled pink or purplish flowers with a yellow center, and spirally arranged around the leafless stem. The feather-shaped leaves remain below the surface of the water.

Shelfmark: it lives in the calm waters of a swamp or marsh, and this feature makes it unapproachable, difficult to collect, and animals are discouraged from feeding on it. The leaves remain completely under the surface of the water: what emerges are only the stem and the flowers, giving the impression of height. A stronger component of spirituality, interiority and depth is concentrated in aquatic plants. Think of the lotus, a plant symbolic of spirituality in ancient Egypt and oriental cultures, which grows in the mud producing wonderful flowers, the quintessence of purity and elevation to the higher levels of consciousness.

PERSONALITY OF THE PLANT: it isolates and feels different because it is the only plant in the system that is aquatic and does not need direct air or sun to develop. It is distant and difficult to take because it grows under 25 or 40 cm. below the water level. It does not get carried away by the current because it has a very strong root.


Word of Bach: “For those who in health or illness like to be alone. Very quiet people, who move around without disturbing, speak little and in a polite way. Very independent, capable and confident in their means. They are almost totally free from the opinions of others. They stay on the sidelines, live alone and go their own way. They are often intelligent and gifted. Their tranquility and calm are a blessing to those around them.

"Bigamy is having one husband too many, monogamy all the same." Erica Jong

"We believe we are a country, but the truth is that we are little more than a landscape" Nicanor Parra

State negative : difficulty in contact with others, has too much self-esteem and arises with an attitude of unobtrusive superiority towards the things of life. He can appear cold and aloof, arrogant, presumptuous, proud, antisocial. He is intelligent, refined, kind, peaceful, calm, tolerant, respectful, extremely reserved, does not make noise, loves solitude, privacy, quiet. Inaccessible, he speaks little and with kindness. He expresses little because he is afraid of not being understood. He prefers to listen rather than speak. Skilled at giving and listening, he hardly ever really gets involved. Reject the vulgarity of animated discussions. He bears his sorrows in silence, loves to be on the sidelines or behind the scenes. He tends to control his emotions, hides them and never fights. He asks for nothing and hides, behind an apparent self-sufficiency, a loneliness and sadness that can become desperate. He knows how to maintain self-control and emotional detachment. For fear of rejection he is unable to show affection and warmth on a physical level, which are actually his primary needs. He does not deny the help requested of him, but participates little in the joys and sufferings of others. Withdrawal from the world, isolation. Bachelors.

State positive: affability, ability to create an atmosphere of serenity, example of integration and confidence with others, kindness, grace, wisdom, peace, independence, objectivity, self-control, serenity, sympathy, courage in emergencies. He knows himself, he has a deep and intense inner life, made of introspection, reflection and capacity for growth. It fascinates with its real wisdom. Become a reference point for advice, suggestions and help. Intuitive, he sees where others do not arrive, listens to his inner voice and proceeds on his way free from the opinions of others. He has a spirit of independence and has confidence in his own means. Willing to sacrifice to get what he desires, he commits himself, perseveres and transforms himself.

Statistically found diseases (according to some authors), which the subject could face, if not harmonized: eating disorders: anorexia, bulimia, disordered diet. Dyspepsia, abdominal pain. Headache. Difficulty expressing oneself freely in public. Tachycardia with fever. Hypertension. Rheumatic pains, muscle tension. Insomnia. Allergies. Prostate problems, impotence.

Reformulations of the students who attend my courses: self-sufficient, proud, discreet, unobtrusive, isolated, lonely.

Sexuality: he can hardly grant his love. He has a hard time letting go.

Children: pride that pushes not to play and not to mix with others. Presumption, saccenteria, repulsion for others, disguised as discreet self-control. Difficulty on how to behave in company. Need to move out of bounds.

Positve thinkings: I learn to forgive because everyone can make mistakes, I share my world with others, I open myself to love and I learn to give and receive it, I too am part of the world like everyone else, I learn to discuss to enrich my personality, I can understand when others need me, I feel part of the whole and not a single isolated person, man was not born to live alone, I help others and let others help me, I learn to relax my body and my mind.

Healing: coldness turns into heat. You learn to open your hands and take, to love by showing love, to enjoy simple things: a smile, a caress, a kind word, a hug. The wall breaks down around the heart. Reserve and detachment fall. One comes out of empty solitude. Skills of contact, communication and wisdom. Joy. Communion.

Condition that develops, harmonizes or awakens: HUMILITY'

Archetypal representation: "Loneliness", due to the isolation and conscious choice of keeping at a distance. Like a hermit, separated from everyone, he sinks in search of wisdom.

CHAKRA: it acts on the 3rd and 4th eddies

Preparation: the remedy is prepared by the method of sunburn. The indicative flowering period is from April to June.

Transpersonal principle: isolation, rigidity.

Transactional analysis : I + You - persecutor / savior I - You -

Positive affirmations: I meet my neighbor with loving sincerity.

FREQUENT ASSOCIATIONS: Impatiens, Olive, Rock Water, Vine.

NOURISHES Bach Flowers Water Violet 34

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"Stuck" state of mind:
Alone, you are fine and you don't feel the need to go out with others. However, we are responsible people that others appreciate and seek, even if they are a little detached.
“Home sweet home” is the motto of Water Violet. You feel safe in your environment, without too many jolts. This detachment from others can make one proud or proud. Often this detachment is due to situations in which they could not express their emotional aspect. This is why they close and stiffen.

"Transformed" mood:
You are wise and go through life with kindness and discretion.

Moods and symptoms related to Water Violet in order of importance:
Pride and confidentiality
Confidentiality and independence
They want to solve the problems themselves
Stiff neck
Joint stiffness
Little is said
Freedom from other people's opinions

Water Violet key phrase:
"I don't trust others, I rely mostly on myself."

Positive affirmation of Water Violet:
"I meet my neighbor with affectionate sincerity"

E. Bach's definition of the Water Violet remedy:
"For those who in health or sickness love to be alone. Very quiet people, who move quietly, speak little, and quietly. Very independent, capable and self-confident. They do not give great importance to the opinions of others. reserved, they leave people alone and go their own way. Often sharp and talented. The calm and tranquility that distinguish them are a blessing to those around them. "

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Water Violet

Connect with the people around you. The positive potential of Water Violet is a more loving relationship with others, while retaining your wisdom and dignity.

Used with confidence for over 80 years and developed by Dr. Bach

The 38 essences of the Original Bach® Flowers each correspond to a different emotional state, and all together form a system that, in his opinion, would cover the entire range of human emotional experience.

In Edward Bach's system, simplicity is essential: he wanted everyone to be able to understand which remedy was useful in the specific situation and why. He classified the remedies into seven emotion-based groups to further help you find the most suitable remedy or personal blend. If you need help choosing the right essence for you, try our Create your own blend page.

Our products are the only remedies that use flower essences sourced directly from Mount Vernon, the home of Edward Bach. To make sure you are purchasing the highest quality products, look for Dr. Bach's signature on the packaging - a guarantee seal indicating that the product is derived from flowers from the original gardens or locations indicated by Dr. Bach himself.

Anyone can use the original, completely natural Bach® Flower essences at any time of the day.

Do the flowers come from Dr. Bach's garden?

Original Bach® Flowers are the only brand that uses flowers and plants from the gardens of Mount Vernon (now called the Bach Center).

How can I be sure that I am buying real Original Bach® Flowers?

When buying Original Bach® Flowers, always look for Dr. Bach's signature on the package.

Why do Original Bach® Flowers contain alcohol?

Dr. Bach used alcohol, and precisely brandy, to preserve the essence and make it last longer ...

Take a single essence according to your needs, or create a combination of up to seven essences with a mixing bottle.

Add 2 drops of essence to the water and sip it periodically. Alternatively, pour 2 drops into a 30ml mixing bottle with still mineral water and take 4 drops at least 4 times a day.

Sold in a handy dropper bottle.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Always read the label.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your doctor before taking Bach flowers.

This product contains alcohol. If you are taking medications that are contraindicated with alcohol, consult your doctor before taking this product.

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Don't say too much in conversations with others don't appear in need of attention.


We can all be irritable and impatient at times, we want everything right away and we get nervous when things don't go our way.

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