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How wonderful with an early summer day! Thank you dear Ascension! Here it was dotted with target images all day long with garden life, meals outside and barbecue. I even got the teenage son out in the greenhouse - not always the room domains left - plus Yatzy in the sun on it. And then I got to take some pictures of my daughter who tried on a student dress - it doesn't always go home either. A damn nice day simply. The planting of olfactory peas has begun. In addition to those in the picture, this year's lineup consists of Rosy Frills, Albutt Blue, Senator, Windsor, High Society and Charlies Angel. Old favorites and some new additions.

There will be many plants and not everyone will have a place in our home, but I usually give away as well. Every year I try to find new places to grow, because my showstoppers in the garden are just smelling pea together with dahlia.

At the greenhouse gable we have large reinforcement nets where there will be a flowering wall in the summers. This year I will test a few more pyramids here. Bamboo sticks are not really ideal as they are quite slippery, but with tying it works. Last year I had chicken nets, but it turned out that way because the flowers grew into it. This year I will probably test a combination of strings, sly and maybe pieces of chicken net.

There is alternation in the boxes here with tulips and daffodils that are in full bloom now. I save the narcissus bulbs, but I consider the tulips to be single-flowering here. Lemon Beauty and Cheerfulness lights up at dusk.

The pyramid of smells required its place, which made me stand with my arms full of tulips to one of the most powerful prisoners of the year. There is such a difference between the ones you grow yourself and the ones we are used to seeing in ten packs in the store in the winter. The squeak of the stems, the length and quality of flowering - difficult to surpass. Last fall, I bought cheap onions when the shops sold out - here you can see Queen of Night, Black Parrot, Maureen and Snow Crystal. Time to catch another day in the garden. Nice continuation of the weekend!

The garden season is in full swing and every day I enjoy my garden and everything in it. The heat wave has left its mark, some plants I have never seen as strong as this year and others it is very tough in the heat and drought. But flowers for bouquets abound and I pick a few favorites every night. Join us for a garden look like this in early June!

Peonies thrive here with me in the heavy clay soil, it has made me get another plant every year. I'm a pretty lazy grower in that I just want what thrives here, thrive it does not let it go away. There are still so many beautiful flowers that I bet on those who willingly come back year after year and reward with abundant flowering.

Fragrance peonies are magically beautiful and in addition the scent is so lovely that it almost spins in your head when you smell them! I have dark red peasant peonies that come early in the year, I have simple peonies that grow so gracefully on their long branches and then I have fragrance peonies in the whole color spectrum white-apricot-light pink-pink-cerise. Last year I found a failed peony on the tip, I took it home and it turned out that it was a real beauty in white. What happiness for me!

I'm probably all a bit careless and eager grower. I want the tools close at hand and I do not always pick them away, you do not know when the next impulse will come to poke a summer flower in the flowerbed, pull away some weeds or round to some bush. But on the other hand, the signs are clear about everything that I live and breathe with my garden. There are projects underway everywhere!

Last year's big project can be seen in the background, our wooden greenhouse from Skånska Byggvaror. It is like a jewel in the middle of the garden and life with a greenhouse adds so much that I can barely think about my cultivation life before that! In the front edge, you can also see last year's newly laid discount. Due to the heavy clay soil here, I have stopped digging when I make new flower beds, I instead make them on top of the soil based on the principle of horse poop lasagne.

1. Cover the ground with cardboard or newsprint.

2. Lay a layer of twigs and slightly coarser material from the compost.

Build up like a loaf on top where you mix the finer soil from the compost, planting soil and with a large load of horse poop from the nearest horse farm. At the top, I sprinkle over a rich layer of really good planting soil of professional grower quality in sacks.

4. Plant summer flowers and perennials that do not need to be planted that deep. Feel free to sprinkle over a few bags of optional seeds. Water properly and watch it grow!

5. The season in which you can plant plants that need deeper soil, such as a tree or a hedge. The worms from the horse poop have done their thing and now the fine soil is right through!

The horse poop lasagna this year contains summer flowers such as cornflowers, zinnia, asters, magnificent weeds, and pink giant poppies. Daisies have self-sown and I leave them, they are so beautiful in the bright evening light! At the back of the flowerbed, sunflowers grow and hopefully we get an equally beautiful hedge of sunflowers that we got last year!

The daisies self-injure everywhere and I let it happen. I like when it's a little messy and floral! I like to sit and drink my coffee in the shade and catch the daisies between my toes.

I grow some flowers especially because they are so nice to use as flower pellets. The daisies definitely qualify in that category along with favorites such as zinnia, and rose petals.

The garden bouquet in April

Johanna Bradford has started the tag #ånnadensträdgårdsbukett. Since I make many bouquets during the season, I would like to join. And surely you can supplement your own garden with the ditch reindeer and the wasteland's sly? So it is allowed to be in this spring fireworks this day when the rain hangs in the air.

The arrangement is created with chicken nets in old mushroom terrine. I often return to it in my bouquets, especially when you want a more romantic atmosphere as it is with these ingredients. Elderberries do not grow in my home, otherwise it is tulips, king bed lilies, pearl hyacinth, Christmas rose, forget-me-not, lilac, currant and a few twigs with apple blossoms from their own property. I always cry with tears in Valborgstider when the student song sounds over the neighborhood - this year in digital form. Now it's green with boys' choir opens the tear ducts at once. Beautiful May. You are so welcome.

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