How to "mothball" the cottage until spring

 How to

If you do not plan to visit the dacha before the next season, you need to clean up the house with the plot and prepare them for winter. If everything is done correctly, then nothing will happen to the dwelling and plantings during the cold season.


The coming cold weather can cause irreparable harm to some crops growing on the site, so you need to take care of the shelter. Flowerbeds with tulips and oriental lilies should be mulched with peat, foliage or other material. Clematis, roses, hydrangeas, weigelu and other heat-loving shrubs are covered with spunbond, lutrasil or burlap.

Beforehand, you need to try to bend the plants to the ground, so that later the shelter will be covered with snow.

Evergreen conifers such as thuja should be covered if they are less than 3 years old. For them, it is better to sew special covers from old sheets or burlap. In shrubs and trees, it is necessary to cut off dried branches and remove dead bark, under which pests can hide. Young fruit trees need to be protected from hares and rodents. To do this, the lower part of the trunks is wrapped in burlap, tied with spruce branches or closed with plastic bottles.


It is necessary to take food out of the house and wash the kitchen from traces of cooking, as the aroma of food will attract mice. Bed linen and other textiles should be folded in plastic bags and tied to prevent rodents from getting inside.

It is better not to throw poison around the house and not set traps, because the smell of dead rats and mice will be difficult to get rid of.

You should not leave expensive household appliances in the house so as not to become a victim of thieves. It is better to try to remove the rest of household appliances from prominent places.Before preserving the dwelling, you need to check whether the windows are tightly shut, and whether there are any holes in the roof. All existing problems must be eliminated. On the last visit, you must close the windows and vents in the house and in the attic and lock the door.

Electricity and running water

Before leaving the cottage for the winter, you should check if the electrical appliances and gas are turned off. It is better to completely de-energize the house by shutting down the switches on the dashboard and unscrewing the plugs.

In order to avoid rupture of water pipes due to freezing, it is necessary to drain the liquid from the system without leaving a single drop. This applies not only to the water supply, but also to the shower with the sewage system, as well as the heater.

The taps must be opened and left in this position for the winter so that moisture can drain out, otherwise their body will burst from temperature extremes. When the preservation of the cottage is done according to the rules, there is no need to fear for its condition.

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How to protect your dacha from thieves: howlers, hiding places and a watchman

Visual agitation can also scare off thieves.

This story took place in one of the dacha cooperatives of the Vitebsk region. Svetlana Mikhailovna rarely appeared at her site: there were enough other worries, the woman was caring for her elderly mother, her hands simply did not reach the site. In the spring I visited and forgot about the dacha for several months. And when, finally, she decided to see what was being done on the site, she just threw up her hands: there was someone else's castle hanging on the house, the site was neatly cared for, zucchini-beetroot cheerfully grew on the beds. Even some new fence around the garden has appeared!

The woman rushed to the police. They knocked down someone else's castle, as it turned out, nothing was missing in the house. On the contrary, it appeared. Men's changeable clothes, bed linen. It can be seen that someone has settled in someone else's dacha seriously and for a long time. Several times Svetlana Mikhailovna tried to catch the uninvited guest-host, but failed. Finally, I left a note at the house with my phone number. Like, so and so, in fact, the dacha has real owners. The Invader called back soon after. He introduced himself as Vladimir. He assured me that he wanted to buy this dacha, he liked it, but could not find the mistress.

Vladimir's version is very similar to the truth: the gardening partnership, where this story took place, is, as they say, on fire - in most areas the owners appear from time to time. Apparently, the man really could not find anyone who would give him the coordinates of the owner of a pretty country house. Therefore, without further ado, he simply took the dacha and planted the beds.

“I can't live without land,” he explained. - There was a dacha, but the circumstances were such that I had to sell. And I was so used to messing around in the beds that I could not resist.

“It was refused to initiate a criminal case on the fact of entering the country house,” said Victoria Shevernovskaya, assistant prosecutor of the Vitebsk region. - Yes, and the hostess did not insist that the man be punished, she simply demanded that he take his things and the grown crop and leave her site.

In general, the hostess of the dacha and the uninvited guest parted almost amicably. On the one hand, the woman could even say thanks to Vladimir, because he worked on the dacha, courted. And for an overgrown, neglected area it is quite possible to get a fine.

This case is more of a funny exception. Uninvited guests at the dacha rarely behave as correctly as Vladimir. Most often, they drag everything that comes to hand. Dachas are especially defenseless in winter - they are empty, come in, take what you want. How can we “mothball” the dacha for the winter in order to get out of it with minimal damage? Komsomolskaya Pravda has collected the most effective, most controversial and most original methods.

The thief in the hospital is the master on the bunk

Law enforcement agencies categorically do not recommend arranging traps for thieves in the form of improvised explosive packages with "stretch marks" at the door, passed through a wire on the fence of electric current, crossbows, traps, bottles with poisoned vodka left in a visible place. If the thief gets hurt or dies, the owner is guaranteed to be punished.

True, one pensioner from Naberezhnye Chelny managed to catch a thief and get out of punishment. He dug a pit-trap in front of the threshold of the house and disguised it. The thief fell into a trap, broke his leg. But the pensioner managed to prove that he dug the hole not at all with the aim of catching someone. So, for household needs ...

There is nothing to steal - is there no point in climbing?

For the winter, many summer residents try to take out their belongings, at least the most valuable ones, or distribute them for storage to neighbors, those who constantly live in dachas. But not everyone has such an opportunity. In this case, experts advise equipping a cache. It can be a hole dug on the site and disguised so that no one would think that there is something hidden there, or a secret cellar. The hatch in such a cellar should be no different from ordinary floor boards. In extreme cases, it is advised to put things and utensils in boxes and put these boxes in places where they will not be visible to intruders looking into the windows of the house. In this case, you need to leave open the doors of empty cabinets - so that, looking out the window, the thief thinks that all the things have been taken out. Some, unable to take away or hide things, try to make them unattractive to thieves. For example, at one of the dacha forums such an option was discussed: paint the dacha refrigerator in some bright color, and for the winter to remove the door from it and hide it. It is unlikely that anyone will be flattered by, for example, a bright green refrigerator without a door.

Instead of video cameras - plaques and dummies

Of course, the most reliable way to secure a summer cottage is to equip a video surveillance system and conclude an agreement with a security organization. Not everyone can afford it, and not always the game is worth the candle: for some, the value of the property that is stored in the country is less than the cost of the video camera system. But a significant percentage of thieves, as practice shows, is distinguished by gullibility. Therefore, it is enough just to place several plates with the inscription “Attention! Video surveillance is underway! ”, Preferably with a corresponding picture. Forty percent of thieves will be scared away by such signs. For those who are especially distrustful, you can install several dummies of video cameras - in such places so that the attacker will definitely notice them, but he got the impression that the “video cameras” were trying to hide.

A significant part of thieves are also frightened off by the howler alarm, especially if a powerful flashlight is turned on at night simultaneously with the siren. Systems that create the effect of the presence of the owners work well: simple automation that will turn on the light and radio in the house from time to time.

However, approximately the same effect of presence can be achieved if you ask a neighbor who constantly lives in the country to regularly trample paths in the snow on your site. True, it must be a neighbor whom you completely trust.

Will they steal it along with the fence?

Fences, doors, locks, shutters, before leaving the site for the winter, of course, need to be checked and, if necessary, strengthened. But here, too, it is important not to overdo it. There is a category of intruders, for whom super-duper fencing, bars on the windows and other conspicuous signs that the owners care about security - as a signal that there is something to guard in the house. Therefore, instead of securing the dacha, a high fence and steel doors can only attract professional thieves. By the way, the most ordinary picket fence can become a serious obstacle for thieves if you plant rosehip bushes, blackberries or other thorny plants in front of the fence. On top of such a fence, you can start a spiral of barbed wire.

Some summer residents manage to arrange fake doors in the house. The real front door is masked so that it almost completely visually merges with the wall of the house, and on the other wall there is a fake door, as a rule, conspicuous, maybe even steel. The fake door is fixed tightly. If thieves decide to hack it, then they are guaranteed to fail.

At one time, a legend was popular among summer residents that if you leave a bottle of alcohol on the table for uninvited guests, a couple of cans of canned food for a snack and a small amount of money with a note "Dear guest, eat and drink, but please don't break anything!" - grateful thieves, accepting the offerings, will do so.

Practice has shown that flirting with thieves is not worth it: maybe the one who gets into the house first and will be satisfied with the treat, but the next one, offended that someone has already drunk vodka, may set fire to the dacha.

And what ways do you know to protect your dacha from thieves in the winter? Let's discuss!

Storage and work with electric tools at subzero temperatures

In winter, some self-builders send the power tool for storage in a change house, while others continue to work with it. Both those and others are concerned about the questions:

  • Is prolonged exposure to cold harmful to the power tool?
  • Is it possible to work with a power tool in the cold.
  • How to operate a power tool if you bring it from a cold to a warm room.

I'm building a house. I work in freezing temperatures down to -10 degrees Celsius. I use a power tool - a miter saw, a thickness gauge, a power drill and a screwdriver. I keep them in the cold. I do not use a cordless tool. An old screwdriver with a nickel-cadmium battery does not hold a charge well, and a lithium-ion one, they say, is afraid of frost. Tell me, who worked with a power tool in the cold, is it not bad for him?

And I want to know if it is possible to store an electric tool that works on the network in the cold? In winter, the temperature in the garage drops to -10 - -35 degrees Celsius. Can I leave a plane, a circular and a grinder there until summer?

First, let's answer the question asked by Osya.

The laws of physics apply to the instrument. Take, for example, a screwdriver, it expands when heated. The battery also expands. When it expands, it squeezes out excess air from its insides, and the air is hot. When you leave the tool in cold and humid air, as it cools, the rotor, stator and accumulator draws in what is colder than it. Including moisture. Therefore, after bringing the instrument from the street into an apartment or simply into a warm room, it is advised not to turn it on for at least 2 hours, but when taking it from a warm room into a cold one, there are no such restrictions.

Do not forget about the appearance of condensation when the instrument is brought from frost to heat.

If you have stored the instrument at a negative air temperature, and will work in a warm place, then, first of all, you should beware of condensation. Condensation is a potential short circuit risk.

You can store an electric tool for a long time and in the cold.... Nothing will happen to him until spring. You can also work in the winter.

In the winter I worked on a woodworking machine right on the street. The usual hand-held electric tool too. Sawed, planed, chose chamfers for more than one day in a row. Nothing happened to the instrument.

Location on

Turn the containers over

Lubricate the locks

Lubricate all locks on the house and buildings with machine oil, and pour a special fluid for the locks into the turnkey hole - it will prevent the mechanism from freezing.

To prevent water from getting into the locks in winter, put on caps cut from plastic bottles on them.

Rake up leaves and dry grass

Most gardeners open the summer cottage season in early April, or even in the middle, when sowing begins. And the snow often melts already in March. And at this time, neighbors or residents of the surrounding villages traditionally begin to burn dry grass.

To prevent the fire from spreading to your area, rake up all dry leaves and withered grass. Not necessarily all over the site - this is an excellent mulch and fertilizer. But along the fence - by all means!

Clean out the gutters

Inspect drains, drains, and drainage ditches for blockages. The same leaves could get there, the earth could fill up over the summer. And then in the spring you will have a flood on your site. Therefore, it is important to clean them thoroughly.

It is useful to put grates on top of open drainage ditches so that debris does not attack them in winter.

Hang up bird feeders

Did you know that one big tit per day eats about 350 caterpillars and cocoons, which it retrieves from under the bark of trees, in the crowns and under leaves on the ground? And one pair of tits is able to cleanse up to 40 fruit trees from pests.We really need such helpers in the garden!

To attract these birds to the garden, hang long-playing feeders there. There are 2 easy options.

Bottle. A bottle from a cooler is ideal - its volume is 20 liters, and if you fill it with feed, it will last almost until spring.

Firmly nail the tray with the sides to the tree, and above it, fasten the inverted bottle so that there is a small gap between the neck and the tray and the food spills out in small portions.

Bag. This option is even simpler. Pour seeds (sunflower, millet) into a bag, tie it up and lay it on its side somewhere under a canopy so that it doesn't get covered with snow in winter. In the bag on the upper side, make a couple of small holes (about 1 cm in diameter) so that the birds can fish out seeds from there.

In general, it is believed that in winter one must either live in a country house, or preserve it for the whole winter and not come there until spring. Infrequent raids are bad for buildings, especially wooden ones.

During each visit, you will, of course, heat the house. It will heat up and dry out. Then it will cool and damp. And if there are several such changes over the winter, cracks and mold may appear on the walls by spring.

How to protect a cottage with doors

Strengthening a wooden door in a country house is not expensive and quite simple:

  • cover with tin or sheet of steel
  • apply steel protection for the lock
  • reinforce the door frame with metal corners.

For extra strength, drill several holes (10 mm each) in the end of the box and drive metal pins into them. Be sure to check the loops after reinforcement. If they are too weak, a heavy door will lead to sagging and problems opening and closing.

Can be installed in a country house and a steel door. You should not buy a copy with a pretentious external finish - the economy option is suitable when it comes to protecting the cottage. Door characteristics and features of its installation:

  • steel sheet - thicker than 2 mm so that the material does not succumb to the kitchen knife
  • the door must open outward, otherwise it can be knocked inward
  • to be sure, fix the structure with a pair of complex versatile locking mechanisms.

Such a door is an excellent defense if all other parts of the house are impregnable. It can only be opened by autogenous, and it is too noisy and bright. Still, the best way to protect the dacha is to be careful. Take your valuables home, and calmly celebrate the New Year.

How to protect your dacha from thieves: expert advice. As soon as summer residents leave their plots in the fall and move to city apartments, the season of country thefts begins. They take out everything - from old metal products that can be scrapped, to clothes and household appliances. Our expert advises how to protect your dacha from thieves.

A typical portrait of a dacha thief is a person without a fixed abode, repeatedly convicted of theft. Usually, after being judged, they again go to the same dachas and again steal. Sometimes they want not only to steal, but also to eat, drink, dress warmly, spend the night or live in the house. There are times when people break into houses to brew drugs there.

Well, this is revealed most often in the spring, when the owners come to open the summer season and when the chances of catching the thief are already close to zero. Unless you come across a loser thief who forgot his documents in your house, and there have been such cases too. How to avoid unpleasant surprises?

SMS message about hacking can be received on the phone

Most a reliable way to protect the cottage from thieves- install a burglar alarm with the ability to display an SMS message on the phone to the owner of the cottage or the watchman who is there, as well as to the security console, - says Alexander Vladimirovich. - Even if the police do not have time to catch the thief at the crime scene, the likelihood of detaining him in hot pursuit and returning the stolen property to a person is much increased, and we have had such cases more than once.

Installation of an alarm today costs from 5.5 million rubles. It can be arranged in installments for up to six months. And monthly maintenance will cost 50 thousand rubles for a one-story house or 100 thousand rubles for a two-story house.

Install dummies of video cameras at their summer cottage

Not everyone can afford to install a burglar alarm, but there are many other less expensive ways to protect their home at their summer cottage. For example, some summer residents install dummies of video cameras at the entrance, hoping that the thief will think that there is video surveillance in the house, and this will be able to stop him. Dummies of video cameras can be bought in the online store at a price of 200 thousand rubles.

Other summer residents install a homemade howler alarm, at the same time with which a bright lantern can turn on, or install systems that create the effect of the presence of the owners: simple automation periodically turns on the light in the house. Well, someone just agrees with the neighbors that they will visit the house from time to time, trampling paths to it through the snow that has fallen and turning on bulbs or lanterns.

Should the windows be shaded in the country?

Since thieves often enter houses through windows, it makes sense to install bars on them. After all, as a rule, it is easier and faster to get into the house through the window than through the door: broke the glass and got inside. And you need to tinker with the door - you never know at this time the watchman will walk or the neighbors will see.

It is desirable to cover the windows. But, on the other hand, if you have taken out all your things from the dacha for the winter, then, on the contrary, it is better not to do this. Let the intruders see that you have nothing there, then there is a high probability that they will not even try to enter the house.

Pay attention to suspicious people

Those summer residents who live on their hacienda all year round, as well as those who periodically visit there in winter, are advised by the police to look closely at strangers:

If you see that an unkempt stranger is aimlessly walking around your summer cottage village - do not hesitate and do not be lazy to report this to the police. We will check his documents and figure out - maybe he will turn out to be a person who has been convicted of theft many times, and we will be able to prevent the crime. Well, if there are no problems, he will be released. But for some reason, summer residents call very rarely.

On the dacha forums, you can find tips on how to prepare a "treat" for intruders by adding poisons there, or set up a trap. But the police warn: if the thief is poisoned and dies, you will have to bear responsibility for it.

Well, the simplest and funniest way that our summer residents use to protect themselves from thieves is to write a note for the guest and hang it on the door: they say, there is nothing in the house, I took everything out, it is useless to climb there, there is nothing to profit from. They say it sometimes helps.

How do you protect your dacha from thieves?

Urban life, of course, gives a person much more advantages than living in the countryside or even in the suburbs. But only a city dweller knows how exhausting and exhausting the urban rhythm of life is. Therefore, his desire for a while to escape from the noisy and hectic metropolis to a place where there is no fuss, cleaner air and crickets sing is quite natural.

The most preferable vacation spot for a city dweller is his own dacha, where he can afford to come at any time and at a convenient time for him. Not everyone is the owner of their own country house or even a small summer cottage with a dilapidated structure inherited from their parents. For many, this remains a lifelong dream. And who knows, maybe dreaming before bed is better than a restless sleep?

A person is characterized by a desire for comfort, therefore he tries to refine and fill even temporary or seasonal housing with the things he needs. Own dacha allows not only to have a rest, but also is a source of obtaining ecologically clean food - fruits and vegetables Rest here is always combined with difficulty - planting rare varieties of fruit trees, various berry bushes, vegetables, caring for them, pest control, harvesting and processing.

The owners of summer cottages not only provide themselves with fresh products, but also prepare them for the winter, keeping the conservation in the cellars and storerooms on their site. The implementation of all these works is impossible without the appropriate inventory, which from season to season is carefully stored in the back rooms of the summer cottage. Summer residents rest in a peculiar way, active rest for them is active work on their own plot. Passive rest can be called evening gatherings on the veranda or in the gazebo, in the family circle or in the company of friends and neighbors. There are no idle summer residents, they are all great workers.

According to statistics, only 30% of the owners of summer cottages permanently reside there. The remaining 70% visit the country periodically, from spring to autumn, of course, more often, in winter - less often. What do you think is the main dacha issue - the acquisition of high-quality seedlings, pest control, timely collection and problems associated with storing the harvested crop? No, the safety of dacha property is the main dacha issue and a problem that deprives every dacha dweller of a restful sleep.

Cottage protection is the main task of any horticultural society

There were always enough hunters who wanted to profit from other people's property, but in recent years the number of thefts and damage to property committed in summer cottages has increased significantly. Social inequality of society and financial and economic difficulties on a national scale do not contribute to the improvement of the well-being of the inhabitants of our country. Many citizens are on the verge of survival, but supported by family, relatives or friends, they eventually solve their problems.

In addition to fighting thieves, the dacha requires constant all-season care. Are you aware that a beautiful grass lawn also requires winter care? You can learn more about this in the material

The situation is more difficult for those who do not have a family, housing, education, work, and sometimes citizenship. This category is made up of homeless people, all sorts of criminals, visiting migrants. Having no opportunity for a full-fledged existence in society and not receiving sufficient support from the state, they deliberately commit crimes.

Country theft is one of the types of offenses that brings good income to criminals and a constant headache for the owners of summer cottages. Local authorities are unable to combat this phenomenon for various reasons, therefore the burden of preserving their own property lies entirely on the shoulders of summer residents. Summer residents determine the control measures on their own, these can be preventive measures, when the most valuable is completely taken out or carefully masked. Drastic measures include the installation of traps, crossbows and traps with an electric discharge.

But even this does not frighten thieves and robbers, the temptation of easy money is too great. And there is always something to profit from here: firstly, a dacha is a roof over your head in a fierce winter and food, and you can eat preserves prepared by the owners of the dacha. In addition, the delivery of things to buyers or metal at scrap metal collection points also brings criminals financial profit.

For example, in Russia in 2010 the summer cottage season was marked by a “metal boom”, when the delivery of metal at the collection points increased sharply. And they rented mainly dacha property - inventory, gardening tools, cans, iron barrels, aluminum kitchen utensils for harvesting and preserving fruits and berries. They handed over iron fences, gates, wickets, a metal reinforcing frame for greenhouses and greenhouses, old motorcycles, cars that are living out their days in the country and other property containing metals in their basis.

Do you still dream of your own summer cottage? But theft is not the only problem of the summer resident, it is good if the thieves took what they liked and left. In practice, the owners of summer cottages are faced with much more terrible things - deliberate damage to property, pogroms and arson, accidents. Are you ready to invest your whole life in your summer cottage, so that one day you will lose everything in one night?

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