My Forget-Me-Nots Won’t Bloom: How To Fix A Forget-Me-Not With No Flowers

My Forget-Me-Nots Won’t Bloom: How To Fix A Forget-Me-Not With No Flowers

By: Kristi Waterworth

Forget-me-nots are iconic flowers in the garden and easy enough for even the beginning gardener to see a lot of success in a short time. Unfortunately, they can also be fussy if they’re too far out of their comfort zone and may refuse to flower. Read on to learn how to fix a forget-me-not stand with no flowers.

Why Won’t My Forget-Me-Nots Bloom?

There’s nothing quite like the show put on by a big, healthy stand of forget-me-nots in the garden, but what happens when those forget-me-nots won’t bloom? Since the plants must reseed to continue their legacy, a lack of blooms is more than just a cosmetic inconvenience – it could spell the end of your stand! When a forget-me-not plant doesn’t bloom, it’s often an easy-to-fix problem. Let’s take a look at what may be going wrong.

No flowers on forget-me-nots is a terrible thing, but it’s usually a fairly easy problem to manage. It’s important to remember where forget-me-nots come from, that is, a place that’s both boggy and shaded. The better you can emulate the home conditions of any plant, the better your success will be with it. Here are a few common reasons that you may have a forget-me-not with no flowers:

Plant age. There are two types of forget-me-nots, one that’s an annual and another that’s a biennial. The annual type blooms yearly and reseeds with great enthusiasm, but the biennial type will skip a year. Instead, they only bloom in their second year, so it’s important to stagger these plantings so your newly emerging forget-me-nots aren’t all on their flower-skipping year. Once you get a stand established, no one will be able to tell that you’re growing biennials because the different generations will take turns producing flowers.

Too dry. As previously mentioned, the forget-me-not is a bog-lover, so the wetter the better (to a point). This is doubly important if your plants are being grown in a pot or you live toward the bottom end of the forget-me-not’s USDA hardiness range (3 to 9). In hot weather, especially, keep them moist, even if that means having to plant a slower draining liner in the ground to hold on to the moisture you’re providing.

Too much sun. Plenty of flowers love the sun, so it’s not uncommon to see people trying to establish forget-me-nots on the sunny side of their homes. The problem is that these aren’t good growing conditions for forget-me-nots, so you’ll see limited success with flowers and self-seeding. Instead of producing flowers, the plants may simply burn up as the sun and heat overwhelm them. Luckily, they’re tough little survivors, so you can dig them up and move them to a better location with little worry as long as they’re kept moist during the process.

Improper fertilization. Providing any plant with too much nitrogen will convince it that it doesn’t need to flower and it will instead put on lots of vegetative growth. Forget-me-nots thrive in poor soil, so they don’t need fertilization but twice a year. Time your fertilization so that it occurs after bud set or you risk reduced or no flowers.

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Four O'Clocks & Forget Me Nots

I live in zone 9 and this is my first year with an area to garden. I live in an apt. and the sun hits each part of the soil for about 1-2 hours each, so it's basically going to need to be a full shade garden. I got four o clocks (marvel of peru) and forget me nots (Victoria blue)because i want it to be as colorful as possible. The garden has a few zinnias and snapdragons i attempted to plant which are all dying, and it has horrible soil. So I have decided to dig out all the soil and put in new soil (which is a time consuming project). However I can't help but feel that mid July is too late to start this project. Is it too late to plant these shade loving babies if I start germinating them today and plant them in about a week or two in pots before i transfer to the ground while i dig it up? And if I do plant them and they grow, since they are spring/summer bloom how shall i save them during the winter? The forget me nots say they are perennial biennials so maybe those I can plant? ( the four o clocks are annuals but those are what I'm the most excited for).

Any advice on what to do with my garden patch and these shade loving flowers would be much appreciated. I know it's a long post!

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I don't grow the English Bluebells (Scilla Non-scripta/Endymion Non-scripta), but I have countless thousands of Scilla Siberica which produce large drifts of blue as soon as the snow melts. Followed up by drifts of forget-me-nots (Myosotis Sylvatica) in all the garden beds.

Truth be told, I couldn't pick one over the other since they've always been here - brought in with loads of topsoil maybe? Neither of them will stay green all season.

The scilla in the grass just get mowed down the ones in the garden beds will get hidden by hostas, lilies of the valley, ferns, the emerging perennials etc. while they're dying down and eventually disappearing.

The forget-me-nots are pretty well finished blooming by the 4th. of July here, the parent plant is starting to get pretty ratty and turn black. I pull them up making sure to drop whatever seeds haven't dropped naturally. By the end of summer, I have scads of next year's blooming plants.


Another sheet-of-blue bulb that spreads easily and beautifully and blooms earlier than the above is glory-of-the-snow, Chionodoxa luciliae. It's a small bulb but if you plant just 25 or so, you will be amazed how they spread.

They are true blue and come right after the snowdrops for me. Foliage is short, like wide-bladed grass and quickly matures and disappears. Not sure how they'd do in maple roots tho. very tough conditions.

Forget me nots

Forget-me-not plants grow best in a damp, shady area, but can adapt to full sun. Forget-Me-Not Flower Care. Forget-me-not flower care will likely include removing these plants from unwanted spaces. While the forget-me-not flower is attractive in many designs, the free seeding specimen may take over areas where other plants are planned Forget-Me-Not Care Must-Knows. Forget-me-nots are easy-to-grow plants, requiring little maintenance. Commonly grown from seed, forget-me-nots are often treated as biennals or short-lived perennials. Seeds can be sown directly in the garden in the fall for early-spring blooms One or two European species, especially Myosotis sylvatica (wood forget-me-not) were introduced into most of the temperate regions of Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Morphology [ edit ] Myosotis species have 5- merous actinomorphic flowers with 5 sepals and petals From the 1982 Straight From The Heart Rushen was born in Los Angeles, California on September 30, 1954, the eldest of two daughters born.

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  1. Etymological Meaning of the Forget Me Not Flower. All of the hundreds of flowers in the Myosotis genus can be called Forget Me Nots. This unusual Greek name means mouse's ear, which is a pretty literal description of the shape of the flower's small petals
  2. Forget Me Nots is a song by American singer-songwriter Patrice Rushen, co-written by Rushen, Freddie Washington and Terri McFaddin. The song appeared on Rushen's seventh album Straight from the Heart (1982)
  3. Both forget-me-not plants have bright green, lance-shaped leaves to about 4 inches long—hairy in annual M. sylvatica, glossy in perennial M. scorpiodes. And both bear elongated, curving clusters of 1/4- to 1/3-inch-wide, sparkling sky blue forget-me-not flowers
  4. Planting forget-me-nots from seeds is rarely necessary because they are rampant self-seeders. If you want to introduce the plants to new territory, know when to plant forget-me-nots to ensure success with these easy little plants. This article will help

Forget-me-not is best grown from seed, and the seeds are best planted in the fall - if you plant them at this time, the plants will brighten your garden with their blossoms with the coming of the next Spring Forget Me Nots of Brandon, MS (601) 824-9766 204 East Government St, Brandon, MS. Consignment and resale in Brandon, MS has never been easier! We accept furniture, antiques, clothing, and much more Forget Me Nots Licensed to YouTube by [Merlin] K7 Records (on behalf of Strut) LatinAutor, LatinAutor - SonyATV, Sony ATV Publishing, UBEM, ASCAP, SOLAR Music Rights Management, PEDL, Warner.

Forget me not is an interesting attempt at making film that mixes traditional teenage American horror with a ghost story influenced by recent Asian cinema About Forget Me Nots Rushen's first and only Top 40 hit - Forget Me Nots earned her spot #86 on VH1's 100 Greatest One Hit Wonders of the 1980s list. Sampled and referenced in Will.

Forget-Me-Nots Occasionally there are animals in our care who wait longer than most for a new home. Despite being wonderful pets, they are overlooked by potential adopters Forget-Me-Nots make a wonderful carpet or ground cover under taller plants or small deciduous trees, and looks best planted in large pools or masses of plants. Try growing the in flower beds, borders, rock gardens, and containers Sending you forget me nots to help me to remember baby please forget me not I want you to remember those were the times we had sharing a joy that we Read the full lyrics for Forget Me Nots Discuss these lyrics on MetroLyric

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  • Forget-me-not 'Sylva' Forget-me-nots flower from April to June and will provide pretty ground cover between next spring's bulbs Packet of Seeds, Forget-Me-Not Mixed Colors (Myosotis alpestris) Open Pollinated Seeds by Seed Needs Forget Me Not Flowers - clustered like this for Bristol - but with teal instead of the pink. See mor
  • d, in your mouth, in your ear
  • There isn't enough information available to know how forget-me-not might work. The appropriate dose of forget-me-not depends on several factors such as the user's age, health, and several other.

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A Forget-me-not is a kind of flower. It is traditionally given to someone so that person will remember you , blue flowers Remind me of Lady who loved to eat them and roll around in them while Frank was in the garden Forget Me Nots is the fifteenth episode of the first season of Scorpion. It aired on January 19, 2015. To prevent nuclear weapons from being launched from a secret U.S. nuclear silo, the team has to prod the memory of their only hope, an injured former Secret Service agent Forget-me-nots tend to thrive in partial to dappled shade, so choose an area of your garden to plant them in that doesn't get full sunlight. Some forget-me-not species are more hardy than others when it comes to sunlight and grow better with more than 6 hours of sunlight Forget-Me-Not Flower Shop in Weston FL is the neighborhoods best Flower Shop! Send flowers local or nationwide

Forget me Nots is OPEN. This is one of the most interesting stores in Carmel - highly recommend a visit - be sure to go upstairs to check out the fantastic ribbon and linen selection. Very friendly staff and excellent interior design services Forget-me-not is usually an annual or biennial herb with its success being based on its flexibility. The seeds can lay dormant in the soil until they deem it is a suitable time to sprout for up to thirty years and germinate when conditions become favourable One or two European species, especially Myosotis sylvatica (wood forget-me-not) were introduced into most of the temperate regions of Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Morphology Edit Myosotis species have 5- merous actinomorphic flowers with 5 sepals and petals . Sometimes, in the routine of our lives, we unintentionally overlook a vital aspect of the gospel of Jesus Christ, much as one might overlook a beautiful, delicate forget-me-not

Forget-me-Nots No matter the years No matter the miles No matter the tears Forget-me-not Photo by Joakim Kræmer how cute are these tiny blue flowers For get me nots -Ralph Waldo Emerson — (also happens to be My very favorite flower-Forget-Me-Nots Sending you forget me nots To help me to remember Baby please forget me not I want you to remember Those were the times we had Sharing a joy that we thought would last Memories of love and affection Never really was just like a dream Was it the simple things That made me so crazy about you Was it your charm or your passion It's not hard to. If yes, then you have the reason to not forget the 'forget-me-nots' because they are your birth flowers. And if you live in Alaska, the reason doubles because they were chosen as the Alaska state flower in the year 1949 Forget-me-not, any of several dozen species of the plant genus Myosotis (family Boraginaceae), native to temperate Eurasia and North America and to mountains of the Old World tropics . January 25 at 8:29 AM · Huge Congratulations to Una Healy Design for winning this prestigious design award with their Getting the Messages branding for this great Dementia-awareness shopping initiative

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  • Sending you forget me nots/ to help me to remember/ baby please forget me not/ I want you to remember/ those were the times we had/ sharing a joy that we thought would last/ memories of love and affection/ never really was just like a dream/ was it the simple things/ that made me so crazy about.
  • g sky-blue Forget-Me-Nots bring out the romantic in us all. One of the easiest to grow and most prolific flowers of early spring, they bloom at the same time as spring bulbs for which they are perfect companions
  • Forget Me Not is a touching story about a girl and her grandma, who is dealing with Alzheimer's disease. The family gets concerned when grandma starts getting more forgetful, but there is always a way to help your loved ones out
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  • Forget-me-nots grow best in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 3 to 8, although hardiness varies between species and cultivars. The common forget-me-not grows in USDA zones 3 to 8, with cultivars such as 'Victoria Blue' (Myosotis sylvatica 'Victoria Blue') thriving in USDA zones 3 to 9

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  • ation for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance. more.
  • Forget Me Not Photos View All Photos Movie Info. It's graduation weekend, and Sandy Channing, the popular class president of her small-town high school, should be enjoying the time of her life..
  • Forget-Me-Not- Chinese blue- 500 Seeds- BOGO 50% off SALE See more like this 100 packets FORGET ME NOT flower seeds packs wedding funeral party favors groco 3.0 out of 5 stars

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Make your next mailing unforgettable with promotional seed packets of forget-me-nots from Sanzo Specialties Inc. Include real estate seed packets so locals can grow herbs like thyme and sweet basil, or even their own radishes, lettuce and cucumbers Nikko American Country Forget Me Not Dena Soup Bowls Set Of 3 Scallop Blue Whit Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Choose Forget-Me-Not Flowers for the perfect pop of blue for your bridal bouquet! These delicate blooms feature small clusters of blooms and symbolize true love and would make the perfect addition to your wedding arrangement Grow Heirloom Forget-Me-Nots (Blue) - Plant Forget-Me-Not Seeds. This one is the true blue Forget Me Not (Myosotis sylvatica), so beloved all over the world for centuries. Forget Me Nots are extremely versatile flowers and as such are among the most shade-tolerant of all flower species

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Forget Me Not is the perfect example of why we need own voices, and why own voices shouldn't be a trend but an essential part of literature. I find myself extremely moved when I read own voices books ' Forget Me Not' by Willow Winters is book One in the Forget Me Not Series. There is a 0.5 Book called Something to Remember: Prequel that does give some background to Robin, Jay, and John life. This is a Dark Type Romance story that hooks you in pretty fast The Forget-me-not, Alaska's state flower, is a small clump-forming perennial that grows 5 to 12 inches high in alpine meadows. The flowers have five connected salviform petals in a sky blue color, that are a quarter to a third of an inch wide

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Forget Me Nots Lyrics: Those were the times we had / Sharing the joy that with all we'll dance / Memories of love and affection / Never really wishes it like a dream / Was it a simple thing that. Then there was the bridal bouquet of forget-me-nots — the Princess's favourite — that Harry hand-picked from the walled garden at Nottingham Cottage, his home at Kensington Palace Q. Forget Me Nots - I was given a small pot with Forget-Me-Not seeds. I planted them according to the directions, which at the end I planted them according to the directions, which at the end Q

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  • Download stunning free images about Forget Me Not. Free for commercial use No attribution require
  • unitive, but don't dismiss this hardy biennial just yet! In a deep and bold, true blue, this dwarf will reach up to 6 inches high and form dense carpets of saturated color in your garden
  • Although they are not categorized into forget-me-nots, they have the same as forget-me-nots. They are in the legume family and lovely for flower bouquets. They have many colors including red, pink, blue, violet, and white. They have a meaning of little memories beside don't forget me. Geraniu
  • Forget-me-nots (Myosotis sylvatica) impart a whimsical display to shady areas of your landscape with their fuzzy green leaves and tiny, soft blue flowers. Each plant can reach up to 18 inches tall.
  • A strange encounter causes a man awaiting execution to experience alternate timelines, leading to his escape from prison to protect his family
  • 11. FORGET-ME-NOTS. SEE THE FORGET-ME-NOT SCATTERING URN HERE. As their name implies, forget-me-nots signify faithful love, memories, and remembrance. At funerals, the forget-me-not flower conveys a message of abiding love for the deceased, and that they will always remain and live on in your memories. 12. LILAC

Woodland forget-me-not (Myosotis sylvaticum or M. sylvatica)Woodland forget-me-not is a short-lived creeping woodland perennial plant. Five-petaled flowers are small, blue with a bright yellow center Noteworthy Characteristics. Myosotis scorpioides, commonly called water forget-me-not or true forget-me-not, is a rhizomatous marginal aquatic perennial that typically grows 6-10 ( less frequently to 18) tall on decumbent to upright angular stems The forget me not is a great flower, it is a flower that is petite and beautiful. There are all kinds of legends that surround the forget me not. For example, there are some people that speak of a legend that deals with a knight and his lady

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Forget-me-nots generally grow in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 3 to 9. Garden or woodland forget-me-nots (Myosotis sylvatica), which grow in USDA zones 3 to 8, are the most common but others are available Forget-Me-Not Poems. Forget-Me-Not Poems. Below are examples of all types of forget-me-not poems. This list of poetry about forget-me-not is made of PoetrySoup member poems. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples of forget-me-not poet While decorating the interior with Forget-me-nots Free Embroidery Design it is necessary to take into account several important moments: the general style of the room, the purpose of the embroidery itself, the design of the apartment or the house as a whole composition You searched for: forget me not seeds! Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind products and gifts related to your search. No matter what you're looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options The mass of Forget-me-nots in Peninsula State Park. There is a species, Myosotis alpestris, meaning alpine, that is the state flower of Alaska where it is simply called the Forget-Me-Not. Sometimes confusing the issue of this plant is a closely related, so-called Alpine Forget-Me-Not, that grows up to 9,000 feet in the Rocky Mountains but.

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  1. Forget-me-not is herbaceous plant that belongs to the cynoglossum family. There are less than 100 species of forget-me-not, most of which originate from temperate parts of northern hemisphere. Forget-me-not grows on the moist soil, exposed to direct sunlight or in the partial shade. It can be found.
  2. Forget-me-nots are hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 3 through 8. Place forget-me-nots in a south- or east-facing window, where they receive full or partial sunlight
  3. Average number of days from seeding date to harvest, within a specific crop group. If a transplanted crop: average number of days from transplant date. Not sure if crop is direct-seeded or transplanted? Check the Growing Information box for details. If crop can be both direct-seeded or transplanted, days to maturity refers to direct seeding
  4. Plant the heart and forget-me-not flowers and wildflowers will grow in memory of your loved one. The eco-friendly, handcrafted paper, contains forget-me-not seeds and wildflower seeds that will grow the beautiful blue forget-me-not flowers and wildflowers
  5. Water Forget-me-not is similar to the common Forget-me-not, is lower growing, flowers even longer, and is a true perennial that will return year after year
  6. The five petals of the little forget-me-not flower prompt me to consider five things we would be wise never to forget. first, forget not to be patient with yourself. second, forget not the difference between a good sacrifice and a foolish sacrifice. third, forget not to be happy now. fourth, forget not the why of the gospel. fifth, forget.
  7. Forget-Me-Nots Myosotis scorpioides These tiny, sky-blue flowers grow above bright green foliage in the summer. Forget-Me-Nots have either white, pink or yellow centers

A Tulip, A Carnation, Spray Of Forget-me-nots, With A Shell, A Lizard And A Grasshopper, On A Ledg You searched for: forget me nots! Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind products and gifts related to your search. No matter what you're looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options Forget-me-not definition, either of two small Old World plants, Myosotis sylvatica or M. scorpioides, of the borage family, having a light-blue flower commonly regarded as an emblem of constancy and friendship

Not is likely a reference to the Myosotis, a flower also known as the forget-me-not. It is also the title of several movies and songs. It is also the title of several movies and songs. The tunnel that the dragon flies out of is the same tunnel that was used in the season 5 episode Underneath of the TV series Angel Welcome to the online presence of Patrice Rushen. Please visit the Schedule of Events for Patrice's upcoming calendar. Her bio. And a few words from Patrice and. CHINESE FORGET-ME-NOT Cynoglossum amabile. Product Code: WFA-0564 (Click to view Prices) Description: biennial grown as an annual 18-24 inches tall, has sprays of rich blue flowers resembling forget-me-nots, leaves are a grayish green and hairy

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  1. Forget-me-nots can be grown outdoors in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 3 through 9. The flowers prefer moist soil. Forget-me-nots will grow and flower in full sunlight or full shade. They grow without cultivation and are very low-maintenance plants
  2. They tell me that the bit of ground over in Belgium called Waterloo bears each spring a crop of rare blue forget-me-nots. Under his feet was a crush of forget-me-nots and of white and purple violets, their sweet perfume filling his lungs as he breathed
  3. Growing Forget Me Nots. Forget me Nots do well in full to partial shade and prefer a moist environment. Forget-me-nots bloom in the springtime. There are both perennial and annual varieties. Annuals and perennials alike reseed vigorously. Forget-me-not cannot tolerate temperatures below -33 degrees F and cannot tolerate drought conditions.
  4. Forget Me Nots This song is by Patrice Rushen and appears on the album Straight From the Heart (1982), on the compilation The Disco Years, Volume Two: On the Beat (1978-1982) (1990), on the compilation Old School, Vol. 4 (1995
  5. i packet is filled with the easy-to-grow annual seeds, growing and bloo
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  7. Aquatic Forget-me-not (Myosotis scorpioides)Aquatic forget-me-not is an aquatic, rhizomatous, creeping perennial plant. Flowers are small, growing in an inflorescence and are blue with a bright yellow center

Define forget-me-not. forget-me-not synonyms, forget-me-not pronunciation, forget-me-not translation, English dictionary definition of forget-me-not. n. 1. Any of various herbaceous plants of the genus Myosotis, having clusters of small blue flowers. 2. Any of several similar or related plants The Forget Me Not comes in both a perennial and an annual option and they are going to grow quickly because they have an intricate root system. You will find these flowers anywhere from New Zealand to North America, in fact this is the state flower of Alaska The forget-me-not, is the informal name of the Myosotis flower, generally known for being small, with 5 blue or purple petals. Historically, it holds a place in the poetry of Wadsworth and Thoreau, medieval German legends, Christian hagiography, and English political history In Loving Remembrance Seed Packets with Forget Me Not Seeds are perfect for Memorial Services and Funerals. Photo is a soft-focus image of blue Forget Me Nots, and the reverse refers to the legends that surround this famous flower Growing forget-me-not: Forget-me-nots relish cool, moist weather with sun or partial shade. In Zones 8, 9, and 10, seeds can be sown in the fall where plants will bloom in the spring. In Zones 8, 9, and 10, seeds can be sown in the fall where plants will bloom in the spring

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  3. A spring-flowering favourite, Forget-me-nots are biennial or short-lived perennials that self-seed to come back for many years. Plants form a low mound of grey-green leaves, smothered with clusters of bright sky-blue flowers, each with a tiny yellow eye
  4. Forget Me Not - Forget cookies & other data by Lusito Featured Extension Featured Extension Make the browser forget website data (like cookies, local storage, etc.), except for the data you want to keep by adding domains to a whitelist, graylist, blacklist, or redlist
  5. Download forgetmenot stock photos. Affordable and search from millions of royalty free images, photos and vectors. #82877271 - Flowers forget-me-nots blue and.

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True Forget-Me-Not is a larger plant with larger leaves and larger flowers (6-8 mm. across) than the native Myosotis laxa (Small Forget-Me-Not), which has flowers about 3-4 mm. across. Another species that is sometimes cultivated, the non-native Myosotis sylvatica (Garden Forget-Me-Not), has a very similar appearance to True Forget-Me-Not Personalized Plantable Memorial Cards. Our line of memorial cards for funerals contain handmade paper that is embedded with flower seeds. You can hand out these cards at the memorial or funeral service. Your guests can then plant the card to grow flowers. That way they will have an everlasting memory of your loved one 2012 Perennial Plant Association's Plant of the Year. Prized for its large highly frosted and veined heart-shaped leaves. Brunnera Jack Frost produces a truly spectacular display in the shade, even more so when in bloom with its bright blue Forget-me-not flowers in spring Forget-me-not is an herb. The whole plant is used to make medicine. Despite safety concerns, people take forget-me-not for lung problems and nosebleeds A. Forget-me-nots are winter hardy down to zones 3 or 4, depending on the variety, so they can survive outdoors in the ground in Minnesota, although in some regions they may need to be protected by placing mulch over the soil

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Short Forget-Me-Not Poems. Short Forget-Me-Not Poems. Below are examples of the most popular short poems about Forget-Me-Not by PoetrySoup poets. Search short poems about Forget-Me-Not by length and keyword Forget Me Nots by Patrice Rushen - discover this song's samples, covers and remixes on WhoSample The Voice of Veterans. Here you will find DAV's communications, internal and external, from our annual reports to downloadable graphics and posters that speak to the sacrifice and honor of our men and women who served Sprays of bright blue Forget-me-not flowers appear in mid to late spring. This is a choice collector's plant, but an easy-to-grow perennial that performs well in all but the driest of shady conditions

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Apr 29, 2017 · Forget-me-nots offer just the kind of froth every spring garden should provide, knitting over bare soil around spring bulbs and weaving a thread of sky blue through borders

Day 87: first of the forget-me-nots

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First sighting of forget-me-nots flowers this week. It feels late – but looking back over previous year’s photographs, it seems about right for the end of March. Unlike the goat willow, which is definitely running a fortnight behind, the blue haze that lends so much to tulip time by floating beneath their voluptuous finery, several inches off the ground, doesn’t truly get going till April and so, putting in an appearance just before the clocks go forward, is entirely respectable. (You did put the clocks forward last night, didn’t you? Course you did.) An extra hour’s garden fettling in the evening now, or an elongation of gin o’clock. There’s no earthly reason why these should be mutually exclusive, and either, or both, can now be done in the presence of forget-me-nots.

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Watch the video: HOW TO CROCHET A FORGET ME NOT FLOWER. crocheting my grandmas favourite Forget Me Nots