The olive tree is a centuries-old plant that has persistent leaves in the shape of an elongated spear, green in the upper part and silvery in the lower part. The roots of the olive tree develop very superficially and particularly in width. The trunk is gray-green in color, smooth in the first ten years of the plant and gnarled subsequently, it reaches very large dimensions both in width and in height. The olive flower has both female and male reproductive organs and is very small in size; the fertilization of the olive tree is carried out by means of the wind. A characteristic of the olive tree is the phenomenon of ovary abortion which consists in the failure or insufficient growth of the same. This abortion is caused by incorrect nutrition of the plant, it will therefore be advisable to perform an adequate cultivation technique. The flowers come together in clusters while the fruits, ... continue

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continue ..., the olives are edible and can have different colors depending on the degree of ripeness that comes to completion starting from the month of October. The olives are harvested in various ways: by beating the branches using flexible sticks, shaking the branches with special machines etc .; harvesting by hand using combs and shoulder bags is still carried out mainly in Puglia, Sicily, Abruzzo, Calabria and Basilicata, it is a very expensive but essential technique if you want to have non-bruised olives that give a better oil. The oil is obtained through the pressing of the olives and the main phases for production are: a series of very useful and indispensable preliminary operations to proceed, the milling which is the first phase of the actual pressing, i.e. where the pulp of the olives it is ground and a separation of the oily part from the solid one is carried out, the extraction of the oil must, the separation of the oil from the water, storage, clarification and finally bottling. Depending on the degree of acidity, we can classify the oil as: extra virgin olive oil and virgin olive oil, where in the first the percentage will be less than 0.8% and in the second maximum of 2%.

Italy is one of the world's largest producers of oil and olive cultivation is widespread especially in the central and southern regions, while as regards the north, the largest growers are found in Liguria and in the areas of Lake Garda.

Oil is widely used especially in the kitchen to dress salads and dishes of various kinds, but it is also used in the cosmetic field for the production of bubble bath, soaps, creams, ointments etc.

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