Landscape lighting

Landscape lighting

Choosing lamps for the garden

Proper landscape lighting is essential for the garden to continue to delight you with its beauty even after sunset. The division of outdoor lighting into functional and decorative is rather arbitrary, since recently all garden lamps are aesthetically attractive. The only exceptions are inconspicuous spotlights, which are almost completely hidden by foliage in the daytime, as well as point light sources. But in general, modern garden lamps provide not only light, but also beauty.

Types of landscape lighting

Garden lighting can be both functional and decorative. The task of functional lighting is to help in orientation in space and to ensure safe movement in the evening or at night: lighting paths, gazebos, driveways, a porch with steps, an entrance to the site or a garage, etc. Functional lighting can be general (or as it is also called diffuse), to highlight key objects operated in the dark, and marking, which only indicates the contours, outlines the direction of movement. The main function of decorative lighting is aesthetic. This type of lighting is equally important, as it allows you to create light compositions and effects, creates accents that emphasize the merits of the landscape and avert the eyes from imperfections.

Practical solution: garden tables and stools for night lighting, Vibia

Functional and decorative lighting can overlap and complement each other. The combination of these two types is an indispensable component of landscape design if you intend to enjoy the beauty of your garden or site around the clock.

Landscape lighting

Let there be light!

Are you still traveling around the twilight cottage with a flashlight in your teeth, fearing to fall into a pond or inadvertently trample a luxurious flower garden (it remains to be seen which is worse)? This is not the case! It's time to get down to the electrification of the site!

By the way, it's not just about the safety of night walks. You put your soul into the decor of a garden pond or waterfall, and you took someone else's from an employee of a specialized company, equipping a fantastic unique flower bed, but the splendor that you have suffered in the evening plunges into impenetrable darkness. But country gatherings are often delayed until late. So who were you trying so hard for?

Landscape Bureau Muzarai will save the garden from the "dark forces"! We will present your property in the best possible light:

  • we will design an individual lighting scheme for the site
  • we will select and mount lighting for decorative objects of a summer residence
  • we will decorate the territory for the holidays.

Let the activity and quality of summer cottages do not depend on the time of day!

Types of landscape lighting

Before you start to deal with the variety of ways to organize lighting in landscape design, it should be noted that backlighting can be represented as:

  • general
  • accent.

By correctly balancing the flooding general light and accent lighting, you can achieve a high artistry of the decorated area.

General landscape lighting

When creating a lighting design project, you need to select the main objects and background elements of the overall picture, designate focal points, and then form smooth transitions between all of this.

An example of accent lighting

How to choose a company for landscape lighting of your site

Landscape Company "Your New Garden" was established in 2008 as a business of an individually working landscape designer. Today it is a landscape design studio in Kiev, which performs the whole range of design, landscaping and landscaping, both private gardens and municipal and corporate facilities, cottage villages. Our company conducts its projects not only in Kiev and Kiev region, but also in other cities of Ukraine.

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