Artichoke recipes

Artichoke recipes

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Printed cookbooks where present dish recipes from artichoke, have been known since the 17th century. Artichokes are fried, boiled, stuffed, pickled, mashed and sauces made from them. The most important thing is to properly prepare the artichoke before preparing the dish.

After the traditional method of preparing an artichoke, a maximum of 1/3 of the original product remains from it, and therefore I like more how the French do it.

First, the fruits are washed under running water. Then part of the stem is cut off so that only a short, strong stump remains. After that, everything fits into a large saucepan, water is poured into it so that it completely covers the artichokes. To prevent the artichokes from darkening, add lemon juice to the water. Cook for 25-30 minutes. Hard flakes noticeably soften during heat treatment.

While eating with artichoke all the scales are removed one by one. They have a very tasty thickened bottom tip and a thin layer of flesh on the inside. The flakes are dipped in the sauce each time before being put into your mouth to suck out the tender flesh. After finishing with the scales, proceed to the most delicious. But first, remove the bud-shaped middle with a spoon along with the fluff. All this is not eaten, but thrown away. The main and most delicious part of an artichoke is a fleshy receptacle with a unique taste. It can be used as an independent dish, for stuffing, and for canning.

And now the traditional way of cooking:

  1. Pour water into a bowl, add the juice of half a lemon.
  2. Cut off the stem at the very base, rub with the remaining half of the lemon.
  3. Cut off the top of the artichoke by about one third. If the lower leaves are hard, we also remove them. Do not forget to rinse the artichoke from time to time in water with lemon juice,
  4. Scrape out the bottom of the so-called fluff with a teaspoon, leave it in water with lemon. Properly prepared artichokes are cup-shaped.
  5. Now you can start directly cooking artichoke dishes.

Artichoke salad

Cut the prepared artichokes into thin pieces. Cut the tomatoes into thin slices. Season the chopped vegetables with crushed garlic with salt, lemon juice and olive oil. Let the salad sit in the refrigerator for 1 hour.

Artichoke omelet

Cut the prepared artichokes into 8 pieces. We simmer them in a frying pan with 1 tsp. oil for about 5 minutes. Mix the artichokes with the beaten eggs, salt and pour the mixture into a hot tefal frying pan without oil. You need to press down on the artichokes to make the omelette flat. Fry on both sides. Sprinkle with herbs before serving.

Stuffed artichokes

Boil the prepared artichoke cups in salted water with lemon juice until tender. Fill ready-made cups with minced meat, sprinkle with herbs. Can be cooked in the oven, steamed or stewed. The composition of minced meat is any (meat, vegetable, mushroom).

Using artichoke stems

The inside of the artichoke stems are very tender. It tastes like the core of the cups. To use artichoke stems, remove the outer fibrous green layers of the stem and cut the remaining delicate white core into pieces. The stems prepared in this way can be boiled with all artichoke dishes, or cooked separately.

Boiled artichoke stalks

Cook the prepared stems in a little water, adding a little vegetable oil, salt, pepper. When the stems are soft, pour in a little lemon juice, boil again and remove from heat. Serve with sauce as a side dish for meat.

Bon appetit, everyone!

Tatiana Lybina, gardener,
Zhezkazgan, Republic of Kazakhstan

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