Clematis Bach Flowers - What it is and what it is used for

Clematis Bach Flowers - What it is and what it is used for


(Clematis vitalba)

There Clematis as a Bach flower plant it is suitable for dreaming people, detached from reality who live in a world of fantasy.


Remedy name Bach flower

: clematis (CLE)

Common name in Italian

: clematis, vitalba

Scientific name

: Clematis vitalba (FamilyRanunculaceae)


There Clematis as a remedy for Bach flowers it is indicated for those people who have a dreamy character, who are easily distracted and who almost do not live in the real world because their world is full of fantasies and hypothetical futures and live real life very marginally. In practice, these are people disconnected from everyday life who live in a world of their own, almost virtual. They are potentially very creative if only they were more grounded in reality and didn't live in fantasy.

They are people who are not interested in the present and life is centered on what it could be, dreaming of future successes that never come because they lack practical sense. They are also disordered, dispersive, inconclusive people and this mental state leads them to be apathetic, lazy and with little emotion.

Personeclematis are disordered, subject to accidents and injuries and often cause things to fall because they are very distracted and therefore clumsy; talking to them is disheartening because they ask questions but do not listen to the answers; they often appear sleepy, aloof, careless.

The clematis person should not be confused with that of the honeysuckle type, as they are two very different types in fact the latter, compared to the Clematis, lives on nostalgic fantasies of the past or has regrets of what he was, while the Clematis person lives in an imaginary future.

Edward Bach gives the following description of a personClematis «Those who are dreamers, not fully awake, sleepy and with no great interest in life. Silent people, not really happy with their present situation, they live more in the future than in the present, in the hope of happier times, in which their ideals can be realized. When they fall ill, they generally do not make great efforts to get back to health and, sometimes, even go so far as to wish for death, in the hope of better times or perhaps to find a loved one they have lost.».(1)


Clematis as a Bach flower helps to ensure that these people regain a sense of reality so that they can build a real life instead of living in dreams.


If you want to prepare the Clematis mother tincture of Bach flowers, picking the flowers directly in the countryside, it should be borne in mind that this Bach flower must be prepared with the method of solarization.


It is possible to find the plant of Clematis in bloom from the end of spring and throughout the summer.

Clematis is a climbing perennial plant, native to the temperate regions of the planet and therefore it is found largely rustic in numerous areas with a temperate climate.

It has a thick, light-colored stem with a woody consistency that reaches considerable dimensions so that they are plants often used to adorn gates and cover the walls of buildings, pergolas, etc.

The leaves, covered with a light down, are pinnate, lanceolate-oval in shape, provided with peduncles and fall in the winter period.

The flowers of clematis are small, fragrant, ivory-white in color, which appear gathered in panicle inflorescences at the axil of the leaves and formed by four to five sepals.

The fruits are achenes with a persistent feathery appendage for a long time.

(1) Taken from The Twelve Healers and other remedies by E. Bach

Bach flowers: what they are and what they are used for

They help you fight anxiety and be more confident, that's why we present them to you: here are the Bach flowers, what they are and when it is good to use them

by Caterina Damiano - 10 December 2018

The healing power of nature was particularly known to our ancestors, who used flowers and plants to feel much better. Nowadays, nothing represents him better than Bach flowers. What are? And how are they used? You're just about to find out!

Assuming that medicines are very important and that you must follow any treatment your doctor recommends, today we want to talk to you about these valuable allies against anxiety, depression and negative emotional states. Ready? Let's start.

Bach Flower Psychology

At this point, based on the information we have read, we can choose the Bach flower essences that best suit our needs and face the ailments that afflict us.

Dilute one drop in five ml of brandy or apple cider vinegar and add another 10 ml of water. The solution thus obtained should be administered four times a day (at regular intervals) in each of which four drops will be taken to be placed directly under the tongue or dissolved in water.

Why it is important to take the test

But is it really important to undergo the Bach flower test or can you use a flower-based treatment even without having taken the test? There is certainly no obligation, but anyone who decides to do so he must be free to choose, without external pressure.

Nor is it a condition without which Bach flowers cannot be used. However undergo the Bach flower test it is highly recommended where there are many reasons that led to a psychological imbalance because in this way it will be possible to identify all the causes one after the other and find the most effective Bach flower mix to immediately feel better.

Actually the Bach flower test is also a moment of personal growth very important because it allows you to learn more about yourself, about your ability to take the blows of life and of face difficulties which inevitably affect everyone, in a different way but at any age.

Bach flowers: Clematis vitalba

The clematis it is a flower suitable for those who dream, it is not very realistic and has difficulty sleeping.

There Clematis vitalba in Bach flowers is suitable for those who tend to take refuge in the world of dreams and those who are unhappy with their life but do not try to change the situation, the type Clematis makes little effort to improve e this Bach flower remedy awakens creative abilities, stimulates positively.

Clematis vitalba

The guy" Clematis follows reading and television and often fantasizes about the future, thus avoiding confronting everyday life. Practical activities are of no interest and things to do are often postponed. When he gets sick he becomes quiet and calm.

To support hiring The clematis type has a fertile imagination, a real gift.

Cultivating interests such as cooking, pottery or gardening will help keep your feet on the ground, while other activities such as painting, writing and embroidering will help you discover and use creative skills.

Clematis for children Babies who need Clematis usually sleep too much, are distracted, prone to falls and get tangled in clothes as they dress and rip them apart.

Taking Clematis increases reactive capacity, stimulates concentration and application in the study.

For those with nostalgia for the past but also wishes for the future, a mixture of Clematis and Honeysuckle helps: add 3 drops of each of the Bach remedies mentioned above to 30 ml of natural mineral water.

Symptoms of a Clematis state

  • Indifference and a tendency to daydream
  • Inattention and inactivity
  • Lightheadedness and the need for sleep
  • Escape into fantasy
  • Weak memory
  • Tendency to lose consciousness
  • Predisposition to visual and auditory disturbances
  • Creativity blocked

Signs of change

  • Thinking linked to reality
  • Idealism and desire to do
  • Kindness towards oneself and others
  • Vitality
  • Ball with your feet on the ground
  • Objectivity and serene thinking
  • Concreteness in facing problems

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