Static sprinklers

Static sprinklers

What are

Static sprinklers are used to irrigate spaces such as lawns, but also for flower beds.


The shape of the static sprinklers it is quite simple, they can be used both for the underground irrigation system and for the above ground irrigation system. They allow irrigation at different degrees, thus limiting overlaps of the wet space. It is equally important to know the distance from which to fix a sprinkler with respect to the plant because there are quite delicate species that should not be wet on the leaves. To identify the static indicator, it is necessary to read the abbreviation present on it, formed by a series of numbers and letters. The range of action of the static sprinkler can reach up to six meters. Some static sprinkler models also allow you to direct the angle of the jet, a rather useful function for the most difficult areas. To know the positioning of the sprinkler, it is necessary to have a minimum of experience in this sector, in order above all to choose the device that can best suit the needs of that particular green space. The functionality of these sprinklers is really excellent because it is possible to adjust the water jet avoiding hitting obstacles and therefore spending water unnecessarily. A static sprinkler may also have a device capable of regulating the water pressure. The non-return valve prevents the pipes from being emptied. A certain height must be set for each sprinkler, so that the jet of water can reach the space to be irrigated adequately. It is a sprinkler that allows perfect water dosage and adapts to the different needs of the garden. When the irrigation system is commissioned to a specialized company, the workers themselves will indicate to the customer the type of sprinkler that is best suited for that particular vegetation. On the other hand, when the irrigation system is made personally, it is necessary to know the various characteristics of the different sprinklers, in order to choose the most suitable system. The garden is a space that requires constant care and the knowledge of the various systems can be useful in order to always keep it perfectly arranged. The gardening market is a rapidly expanding sector, especially because there is an ever-increasing need to have even a small green space directly at home.

Where to buy

The static sprinklers must be purchased in the necessary number for the entire green space depending on the distance that the water jet can reach. They are purchased at the gardening and do-it-yourself stores, the choice is quite wide and the customer will have the possibility to orient himself on the model that best corresponds to his needs. Each product is accompanied by specific references which also serve to guide the same customer in choosing the sprinkler. When you turn to the purchase of a sprinkler and you know its characteristics perfectly, there is no need to ask for further information. It is also possible to expand knowledge of this sector through the Internet, by viewing the gardening sites, some of which also offer the possibility of purchasing the sprinkler directly online. Once purchased, it is preferable that the static sprinkler is immediately tested by the customer in order to realize whether or not there may be malfunctions. If so, it is necessary to return the static sprinkler to have a replacement one. Usually all those who have a lawn buy a static sprinkler because it allows to adequately water the entire surface.


The cost of a static sprinkler depends on the model chosen by the customer and above all on the size of the space it can cover with the water jet. To get a more precise indication of the cost, it is advisable to go directly to a store so that you can also compare the different models present or consult the internet, to make a comparison between the costs of traditional shops and the costs related to the network. In any case, it is advisable to pay attention to the quality of the system so that it can guarantee a good duration over time. If any problems arise, you can always check before buying a new one if it can be fixed.

Static sprinklers: irrigation system: Static sprinklers

Static sprinklers are widely used elements of the irrigation system, both by farmers who own huge land, and by small garden owners. The sprinklers can be both dynamic and static, the latter are preferred, when the available field is smaller, because being stationary they cannot cover large distances with their spray, consequently they are therefore preferred to the dynamic ones depending on the area that you have available to irrigate. They can also become part of both drip and static systems. Sprinklers can be found both in shops that are specialized in the sale of garden objects and on the internet.

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