Spring games

Spring games

The garden games

The play area of ​​a private garden can be made up of different elements. Obviously a lot depends on the space you have available. Usually the slide and the swing are never missing, two essential and fundamental components for the fun of children, but those with a rather large space can also decide to insert other elements. Spring games are often seen in large playgrounds, which can also be purchased by private individuals who can install them in their own garden.

Spring game structure

The spring toy has an essential structure, it consists of a spring that reproduces a sprung effect when the child sits on it. It is basically an alternative to rocking, but instead of introducing the rocking movement there is a sprung movement. They are games that can be used in most cases by children, there is no set age for use, it is sufficient that the child can sit comfortably on them. To be even more complete and fun, the game reproduces drawings such as dolphins, dogs, cats on the outside, where the structure is made of wood. They are painted with hypoallergenic and non-toxic substances, the wood is treated in such a way that it can be safely displayed all year round in the garden. The small child finds this type of game very amusing which in its simplicity manages to surprise and entertain him pleasantly. Usually the spring toy also has two small handles, where the child can hold himself and can give himself the push so that the game can spring. It is up to the parent to explain to the child how to use the game, because otherwise he might just be attracted to the shape and colors but not find this game particularly fun.

In the garden

The spring toy must be firmly fixed to the ground because the force applied by the child to make it spring must absolutely not affect the movement of the structure itself. They are garden games that occupy a rather small space, so if there are more children, you can buy several, one for each child. The spring toy pleasantly surprises the little ones, who approach it both because they are attracted by the colors and because they are amused by this particular movement. When buying a spring toy it is important to make sure that it has been made in compliance with all current regulations that impose certain criteria for the creation of children's toys. Very often a rather low cost can be synonymous with a game that could create problems for the child himself. It is essential that spring toys are always perfectly tested so as not to pose a danger to those who use them, because if this were not the case, their movement could cause the child to fall.

Check the tastes of the child

Before buying a spring toy for the private garden, it is always advisable to take the child to a playground where they are present and check if he actually finds it funny. Having a spring toy in your garden would mean that the child can have fun at any time of the day. The first few times you use the spring toy you may not be able to understand how it works, but over time you will realize how much fun it is and will never want to go down again.

Installation and maintenance tools

When buying a spring toy, if you have any doubts about the installation, it is always advisable to ask for further explanations at the point of sale. It happens that, for example, this game is sold without the relative bolts for fixing to the ground. In this case you will need to buy them separately, but you must never let this game be used without first having firmly fixed it. In winter it is not even necessary to cover it because it will resist rather well even at low temperatures, and when it is to be used it can be easily washed with a simple detergent. During the winter period the child will surely miss this particular game, and will realize how much fun it is.

A useful tool for socializing

Furthermore, by placing more than one spring toy in the garden, the child can also invite other friends to have fun all together. Its not excessively high cost allows you to be able to buy more than one for the enjoyment of your child, who can also choose to give up some more usual games to have fun with a spring game. However, it is a choice that is up to the child who will then have to go and use these facilities.

Spring games: garden games: spring games for young and old

Have you ever thought of embellishing your garden with the traditional and classic games found in parks or public gardens? I'm obviously talking about spring games. This type of games can be an excellent solution for all those who have a large garden and who want to entertain their children and beyond. One thing you need to know, however, is that spring toys are divided into two bands, there are those for the little ones, therefore with greater safety and with the appearance of animals, and then there are those for older children such as two-seater or spring-loaded games

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