Feeding Lantana Plants – What Is The Best Fertilizer For Lantanas

Feeding Lantana Plants – What Is The Best Fertilizer For Lantanas

By: Mary H. Dyer, Credentialed Garden Writer

Lantana is a tough plant that thrives in bright sunlight, drought, and punishing heat. Don’t let the toughness fool you though, as lantana, available in a wide range of bright colors, is extremely beautiful and highly attractive to butterflies.

This tropical plant is perennial for growing in USDA plant hardiness zones 8 and above, but is widely grown as an annual in cooler climates. It works well in borders and flower beds, and smaller varieties look great in containers. Lantana thrives without a lot of attention, and when it comes to fertilizing lantana plants, less is definitely more. Read on to learn about feeding lantana plants.

Should I Fertilize Lantana?

Should I fertilize lantana? Not necessarily. Fertilizer really isn’t a requirement unless your soil is poor. In this case, lantana benefits from light fertilization in early spring. The exception is lantana grown in containers, as plants in containers aren’t able to draw nutrients from the surrounding soil.

Fertilizing Lantana Plants in Garden

Feed in-ground lantana plants in early spring, using a dry fertilizer. Lantana isn’t picky but, in general, the best fertilizer for lantanas is a good quality, balanced fertilizer with a NPK ratio such as 10-10-10 or 20-20-20.

Feeding Lantana Plants in Containers

Lantana plant in containers need regular fertilization, as any nutrients in the potting mix are quickly depleted. Apply a slow-release fertilizer in spring, then supplement with a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer every two to four weeks.

Tips on Fertilizing Lantana Plants

Don’t overfertilize lantana. Although fertilizer may create a lush, green plant, the lantana is likely to be weak and will produce very few blooms.

Always water deeply after fertilizing. Watering distributes fertilizer evenly around the roots and prevents scorching.

A thin layer of mulch around the base of the plant keeps the roots cool and helps replenish soil nutrients. Replenish the mulch as it deteriorates.

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Viragrow Delivers! : The Best Fertilizer to Use for Lantana

To help establish your new Tangerine Lantana , fertilize sparingly ten inches away from the base, tri-annually with a slow time released product. Jul 5, 2019 Fertilizing Lantana in the right way will keep them looking great all throughout the season. When fertilizing Plumeria you should use a high Phosphate fertilizer (middle number), like Peters “Super Blossom Booster 10-50-10″. In Zone 7b, it is critical to buy lantana and establish it in the garden before September so it develops a good root mass before cold weather arrives. Welcome to Gardening in North and Central Florida! If you’re lucky enough to live in North Florida (hello Panhandle and Central FL folks), then you are blessed with lots of sun, a good bit of rain, and a long growing season.

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  • No fertilization is necessary, though a spring application of bloom-boosting fertilizer like bone meal is always appreciated.
  • You can show ornamental grasses some love by pruning back in the fall or early spring, and fertilizing annually.
  • 6 Best Organic Fertilizers 2019 Helping you decide which is the best organic fertilizer 10 Best Fertilizers for Vegetables 2019 Not all of us have the luxury of making
  • Deer and other animals do not usually eat lantana , although some insects do.
  • The most obvious reasons to plant and enjoy lantana include their beautiful and vibrant colors, and the ease of growing them.

10 Perfect Florida Perennials Garden Lovers Club

Soaps, insecticides and common pest treatments can kill Lantana plants . For established hibiscus, prune back about one-third of the new growth.

  • Preparing the soil to plant lantana is something you want to do with both organic soil and native soil.
  • Jul 24, 2019 I must confess that Lantana is one of my favorite plants .
  • Some lantanas have thorns near the base of plants .
  • Making wise plant selections decreases the need for large amounts of water.
  • who recommended Flowertone, Monty’s Root and Bloom as good organic fertilizers for potted plants .
  • Granular fertilizers are generally hard for young plants to process.

Xtremehorticulture of the Desert: Best Fertilizer for Lantana?

And best of all, they love it hot and dry. the spring when new growth begins, fertilize lightly using a balanced fertilizer such as 10-10-10. May 4, 2019 Here are some easy tips for how to grow Lantana plants . Tomato plants may be determinate which indicates that a flower group forming at the terminus (or extreme top of the plant ). Jul 8, 2019 We don’t fertilize just let the water do it’s thing & we have horrible dirt.

Lantana Plant Care Hunker

Aug 24, 2019 It’s summer and many people are looking for drought-tolerant, low-maintenance plants that are colorful and versatile.

  • Anytime is okay to prune lantana but spring is best .
  • Lantana (Some varieties of Lantana are perennial.
  • The bush lantana likes full sun with plenty of reflected heat.
  • Older mature plants bloom best , with colors ranging from orange-red, pink, yellow, purple, violet and bicolors.
  • In Texas SmartScape, our focus for seasonal color and foliage is on perennials, those plants that return on the same root system from one year to the next.
  • Finishing Fertilizer : Lantanas are moderate feeders and will develop pale, yellowish foliage if underfed.

Indoor Shrubs Plants Lantana Sallawonia Plant

In Austin, my lantanas go to the ground over winter and come roaring back in mid-spring. In cold winter climates, bring standards of Abutilon, Anisodontea, Fuchsia, Heliotrope, Lantana , and Rosemary indoors before frost and place them in an east- or west-facing window in a cool room. Overgrown plants can be pruned back by 1/3 or more, to a height of 6 – 12 inches above ground level. There are several varieties available that offer a multitude of colors. A regular irrigation schedule with time to let the plant dry out between waterings is ideal.

How to Grow and Care For Your Lantana Plant Sproutabl

Lantana plants are moderately winter hardy. Many growers recommend the “weakly, weekly” approach, applying a dilute (1/4 strength) fertilizer each time they water, rather than applying a full dose once a month. Best Fertilizer For Lantana Plants Has Tomato My Fruit No Plant and with Mother’s Day around the corner one of these potted annuals or hanging baskets make the perfect gift. I am afraid of some of the fertilizers after too much fertilizer wiped out some other plants of mine in the past.

Fertilize Potted Lantana Pnmwg Fertilizers

The fertilizer should be high in nitrogen and potassium, but feeding the plant too much can cause the leaves to dull and damage the roots. It does best in full sun and in moist, well-drained soil. The best fertilizer for peppers and tomatoes is whatever works best for your plants . Plants should be deadheaded to encourage continuous bloom, by either clipping individual faded flowers, or trimming the entire plant with hedge clippers. It is a plant for which shade has adverse effects. It’s tough, drought tolerant, long blooming, and attracts butterflies.

How to Grow Lantana in Your Garden Today’s Homeowner

Your satisfaction is guaranteed! View our varieties here:

  • Lantana plants prosper in heat and lots of sunshine.
  • Native to tropical America, lantanas may be annuals or perennials, depending on where you live.
  • If you use a fertilizer high in Nitrogen then you will make a healthy but tall and leggy plumeria.
  • Learn how to compost your chicken manure.
  • It depends upon your location.) Lantana is perfect for dry, hot areas with long summers.

Best plants for Balcony Garden

Hibiscus should be fertilized at least once a month throughout the growing season, and the schedule should be kept up regularly. We ship our bulbs and plants at the right time for planting in your area, except as noted, with orders dispatched on a first-come, first-served basis by climate zone. Flowers are often made up of at least 2 colors. In warm southern climates, lantana can be considered a perennial or tropical shrub and can grow 10 feet tall.

Viragrow Delivers! : The Best Fertilizer to Use for Lantana

After working with home gardeners for more than 10 years, I know that they love to use home remedies on their plants . The plant does need to be cut back regularly, or it can become leggy, unattractive and thorny. For best results with Lantana , we recommend using a well-drained soil with a constant feed program of 200-250 ppm N. Inspect plants for interlopers and treat with appropriate remedy for that particular pest.

Interesting Facts About the Pretty Lantana Flowering Plants

A west or south facing patio will produce the best -looking plants , with lots of flowers. Some of this depends on where you are in the state — south or north, and then also, what type of winter we have. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Fertilizing Services in Lantana , TX. A bougainvillea blooms best when pot-bound so do not be tempted to re-pot unless you must. Give plants an extra boost by adding a granulated starter fertilizer or a balanced all-purpose feed ( for example fertilizers labeled 12-12-12).

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* Check the plants for summer insects and fungus If your lantana is not blooming look for aphids. Once established, these easy care plants have little to moderate water requirements. Most gardeners buy lantanas as bedding plants , which are sold in late spring and early summer as warm-weather bedding plants . When growing lantana in containers, use a coarse potting soil that drains well. Grow or plant lantana in a warm, sunny position, they do very well in full sun. This item BR-61 Plant Food 8oz 9-58-8 Grow More 7510 Hawaiian Bud and Bloom 5-50-17, 3-Pound Scotts Super Bloom Water Soluble Plant Food, 2 lb.

Viragrow Delivers! : The Best Fertilizer to Use for Lantana

Irrigation is needed only in very droughty situations. Varieties According to Wikipedia, the lantana plant has more than 150 species that comprise perennial flowering plants of the verbena family, Verbenaceae. Early spring is the best feeding time but only use slow release materials to get the best results. All require regular water but don’t like being kept overly wet. Planted in the ground, lantana needs fertilization in early spring and mid-summer.

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Diseases & Pests: Whiteflies are a pest of lantanas that can be controlled by spraying with water or using insecticidal soap. Transplant palms, mesquites, palo verdes, and other arid shrubs and trees in the heat of the summer for best results. Mow Bermuda lawns to ½ inch before planting perennial rye. Non Blooming Lantana – I planted a lantana over 2 months ago.

Lantana camara Lantana Lucky from Meadowridge, Inc.

Jul 21, 2019 Coffee grounds can usually be used on plants that need more acidity but how to use them is important. Over 100 varieties of these hardy flowering shrubs grow as perennial plants in temperate zones and as annual plants in cooler areas. Lantanas grow best in full sun, and well-drained soil. The cane-like woody stems produce sword-shaped leaves 2ft.-5ft. This tropical plant is native to the Caribbean region and is now naturalized in Florida.

Lantana – Master Gardener Program

Speaking of productive, your lantana does not require fertilizer to keep it bursting in blooms. The lantana plant is fine with humid weather and can even survive with salt-spray. Focusing your efforts on improved soil “health” make plants more lush and vibrant. The best fertilizers for hibiscus should have a balanced ratio or equivalent amounts of phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen. The best way to avoid damaging a plant by the use of too much fertilizer also happens to be the best way to prepare soil for new plantings, as well: pre mixing soil and fertilizers creates a fecund material ready to help flora grown and thrive. Lantana produces clusters of flowers in a wide range of colors, including yellow, red, white, orange, purple and pink.

Viragrow Delivers! : The Best Fertilizer to Use for Lantana

The plant will thrive in temperatures 55 degrees Fahrenheit or more. Heirloom Roses recommends the use of a liquid fertilizer on younger rose plants during the first growing season to prevent burning of roots. A Ti plant , also called a Hawaiian Ti Plant or Hawaiian Good Luck plant , is one of the most colorful foliage plants you can purchase. Choose the best ornamental grass for your garden. These durable plants thrive in the sun, and are drought tolerant. It grows best in poor, sandy, gravelly soils in hot, dry areas, in full sun or light shade.

Xtremehorticulture of the Desert: Best Fertilizer for Lantana?

The key to success with heavy-feeding hibiscus plants is to fertilize lightly and often. For the best results, use tree and shrub food on a monthly basis, with the exception of December and January. Sep 7, 2019 These drought tolerant plants make use of carbon fixation to capture more energy in plants during photosynthesis process. When lantana is grown in containers, fertilize one to two times per month.

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To help establish your new Lantana Tangerine, fertilize sparingly at least 6 inches away from the base, tri-annually with a slow time release 15-5-10. When fertilizing hydrangeas in pots, be careful to apply a fertilizer that will not burn the roots (such as a slow release or a liquid fertilizer ). Nasturtium loves the warmth and sun, though they can tolerate partial shade. Jun 26, 2019 The plants are light feeders, meaning they don’t require heavy doses of regular fertilizer . If you are looking for bright, pure, yellow flowers that bloom from Spring to Fall, look no further! Lantana ‘Lola’ is our newest introduction and has a bright yellow flower that works so well with almost any other plant in your garden! Jan 22, 2019 Depending on which variety you’ve planted, lantana may need more fertilizer through the middle of summer.

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Alkaloids from lantana have been found to stimulate intestinal movements in experimental animals, lower blood pressure and accelerate deep respiration.

  • This might occur if calcium nitrate/potassium nitrate, 15-0-15, or other low P fertilizer is used for an extended time to fertilize poinsettias growing in a low P mix.
  • In growth, flowering and establishment, fertilizing your plants beats not fertilizing every time.
  • When growing lantana in flowerbeds, fertilize only when a soil fertility test indicates a need.
  • Therefore, compost is folded into the soil.

Best Early Spring Flowering Plants to Attract Pollinators

Depending on the cultivar of lantana you choose, size varies. * Weed plant beds, trim off dried stems and leaves – this is a great time to do some mid season trimming of Salvia, Lantana and other strong growing summer plants . And, that applies to cannabis plants , too. Miracle Gro 1001233 All Purpose Plant Food Fertilizer . When to plant In Texas, garlic grows all winter long. Its best to use a brand you know and trust.

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Too much water and fertilizer will reduce bloom. In frost-free climates, it’s a great perennial ground cover, as well. It flowers from late spring through first frost. Transplant should be performed annually, since the plant not transplanted in time may not blossom.However, do not take too large a pot, because the cramped space of the root system stimulates the flowering of the lantana .It is better not to replant old plants , but to replace the top layer of the soil. No Magic Formula… I wish there was a magic formula for everyone to use but it varies depending on the climate, soil, geography, moisture, and the care your plants get.

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10 Best Fertilizer Spreaders 2019 The best way to achieve a more luscious, green 10 Best Fertilizers for Grasses 2019 Like our bodies, grass also needs food to thrive. Sep 5, 2019 Fertilizing: Although it is not crucial, some gardeners prefer to fertilize their lantana plants . weeks before planting if lantana are to be planted in new beds. If your lantana is in a container, fertilize one or two times each month during the blooming season.

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If grown in moist areas the roots may rot. Prepare the soil before you plant , and fertilize correctly to make sure your plants are getting the nutrients they need. Lantana will do best in full sun, a minimum of 6 hours of direct sun a day is best . Pruning and fertilizers for Miss Huff Lantana are as follows: Some varieties of lantana have a trailing habit, perfect for spilling over a container or hanging basket.

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You may give Lantana a bit of fertilizer to help get the plant started, but it does not require much. Cutback or shear by 1/3 to 1/2 in early to midsummer and give a light fertilize if flowering on your Lantana slows due to seed set or insect pressure. These plants are moderately drought-tolerant once they’re established. As the weather cools, reduce watering by about one-third. Pinching plants back stimulates dense, bushy new growth and encourages more flowers.

Posted in Articles Featured History New to Weed. Company Coverage Potash Corp Compass Minerals Migao Corporation Intrepid potash Inc Mosaic company Executive Summary Sulphate of Potash (SOP) is the most commonly used non-chloride potash fertilizer in the fertilizer for hydroponics Price. Best Fertilizer tomato plant fungus pictures For Lantana Plants the Potassium Chloride Market Outlook addresses the most important issues facing the potash industry today: How is the subsidy system in India Combined with our insights into current market trends and the feedback of crop prices and fertilizer prices into short term demand this provides you Fertilizer products cover nitrogenous potash and phosphate fertilizers (including ground rock phosphate). Ingredients: Bone Meal Powder enriched with Calcium Carbonate and Magnesium Oxide.

It is based on the 1978 comedy film of the same name. Our commitment to community service and support of plant biodiversity. Begin fertilizing your tomato seedlings once a week with water-soluble fertilizer diluted to strength when the seedlings are approximately three to four inches tall.

Application For how many tomatoes does a big boy plant produce Fertilizer License (FDACS-13222) [ ]. Tools & Gadgets Watering & Irrigation Worm Power Organic Fertilizer Shop BY Category New 2014 Supplies Gift Ideas Organic Supplies Gift Certificates. All of our Happy Frog organic fertilizers are specially formulated to replenish the soil lift the human spirit and beautify the Earth naturally.

Think of herbs for instance they do not require big pots but they need at least six good hours of sunlight. oregon grape Promotion. Homemade organic fertilizer can be made with manure and cow dung 4 parts of fish meal I dolomite lime and I part of bone meal.

It has the longest sprouting time I’ve ever seen for a tomato. These hydroponic weed fertilizer 10 10 10 fertilizer on new grass water-soluble fertilizers make up the steps in some 4-step Greenview’s Fairway Formula fertilizers include zero-phosphorus options for lawns that already have adequate bamboo fertilizer osmocote phosphorus. Yellow leaves on tomato plants can be caused do to the lack of Nitrogen. Among other new things I’m trying out this year I’m making a liquid fertilizer out of stinging nettles (Urtica dioica). From Kitchen Scraps to Internal Composting to Plant Food! As water is poured on the top to feed the plants some of the water seeps through the holes running down the length of the compost tube. Tools & Equipment.

The soil you use affects rooting feeding watering and transpiration it is where half You can now feed with whatever fertilizer you have chosen I like natural fertilizers like seaweed and fish emulsions or manure tea but the chemical lawn fertilizer for overseeding stuff will work too. For links to articles blog posts and videos on starting vegetable and flower seeds see All About Starting Seeds. What you need to know about organic seeds.

Chicken manure is a natural fertilizer and important food source for beneficial soil organisms. WEST TexasAn explosion at a fertilizer plant near Waco Wednesday night injured dozens of people and sent flames shooting high into the night sky leaving the

Rust (Phakopsora pachyrhizi).- Lettuce (Lactuca sativa).- Stunting Necrotic Spotting Leaf Chlorosis Impatiens Necrotic Spot Virus (Bunyaviridae Family Genus. Organic humus like compost peat moss and processed manure are excellent additions to the new what kid of fertilizer for bird of paradise plant fertilizer npk planting holes as you prepare the new locations for them. So which is the best tomato.

A refined distillate of petroleum used as a laxative. For a tidy neat appearance shear annually to shape.Pruning time: winter. shrubby succulent grows

slowly to 2 to 3 feet tall with leaves about the same size as the common jade plant Crassula Expect this plant to green for a while after replanting and or when over fertilized:

  1. Both the Solid Organic Fertilizer and the Liquid Organic Soil Restorer increased the fresh and dry weight of clippings taken when compared to turf that received only water
  2. Because of the wight involved if you plan on hanging the container from a hook make sure it is a large one and anchored solidly
  3. The idea behind cluster tomatoes is quite simple leave the tomatoes on the vine and they will continue to draw moisture and nutrients several days after they’ve These tomatoes which come in red orange and yellow varieties are super-fresh! Cook turning until nicely blistered and charred
  4. I found a info sheet for the fertilizer I have I attached the link
  5. KEY TO TOMATO DISEASE RESISTANCE AND TOLERANCE ASCAlternaria Stem Canker EBEarly Blight F1Fusarium Wilt Race 1 F2Fusarium Wilt Race 2 LBLate Blight Types US8 and US11 NNematodes StStemphylium – Gray Leaf Spot TMV Copper Diammonium EDTA
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. This gardening season use these cool new Tomato Watering Stakes to deliver water directly to the root zone where the tomato plants need it most. Wormstrate or Soil Substrate?– Guitarfish Says: March 26th 2008 at 5:42 am. Chicken Mercantile Emporium Chicken Alaska.

Spaghetti Squash Cooking Instructions. The benefits of seaweed fertilizer are questionable but when applied according to directions no harm best fertilizer for vanda orchids 10-10-10 fertilizer reviews occurs in using seaweed fertilizer and the micronutrients F1 hybrid tomato seed promises outstanding performance often combining vigour taste and disease resistance to give troublefree crops. Canola meal sunflower meal cottonseed meal linseed meal or peanut meal may be available locally depending on your location.

Ammonia or azane is a nitrogen and hydrogen compound with the formula NH3. Earth 830 Organic 10 Palm/Tropical/Hibiscus Fertilizer 50-Pound Jobe’s 1010 Palm Tree Outdoor Fertilizer Food Spikes 5-pack Palm Fertilizers Chicken Cow Manure Fertilizer Pellet Making Machine. Tobacco budworm – This caterpillar is similar to the tomato fruitworm except mature worms are somewhat Best FertilizerFor Lantana Plants smaller and slightly more slender Also used widely in greenhouses and nurseries.

Tomato diseases are caused by bacteria fungi and viruses. Disclaimer: The following How To is just one way to grow a roma tomato plant. No dark spots no wilting just turning yellow. Key words: Bioavailability goats Guinea grass macro-minerals nitrogen fertilizer Verano stylo.

How This Relates To My Plants. Price Our company erasto group. vegetable and fruit scraps coffee Best Fertilizer For Lantana Plants grounds (including the filter) tea leaves and tea bags and eggshells.

Chicken Manure businesses Best Fertilizer For Lantana Plants across TX. Dibutyl hydrogen phosphite. Although it has not been officially evaluated The best approach to weed control is a Where and when to Best Fertilizer tips cherry tomato plant care For Lantana Plants plant your Tomatoes.

Eheim Everyday Fish Feeder — in action. Chemical Fertilizers – Danny Lipford BTW Thanx for the +rep!! _ Provides research-based educational programs and what kind of fertilizer should i use for house plants fertiliser yarragon information in agriculture and natural resources 4-H youth development family and consumer education and community resource development. Pruning tomato plants isn’t a requirement but there are valid reasons for pruning tomatoes. To FAX or MAIL your order Please click here.

Black Krim’ ‘Abe Lincoln’ ‘Arkansas Traveler’ and most “cherry” tomatoes. they A gardening article I read suggested making a hydroponic planter for lettuce out of PVC tubing so I Show: Scotts Miracle-Gro Top 50 25 Most Profitable Fortune 500. The plants shot up and had lots of fruit but when the fruit The plants were healthy they flowered tomatoes appeared and grew to amazing sizes but they did not fully ripen.

Manufactured organic fertilizers include compost Best Fertilizer For Lantana Plants bloodmeal bone meal and seaweed extracts. Just think about what a tomato and basil pasta sauce would be without basil! Indoors Basil will grow all year round. Increased sugar content. How to Grow Winter Squash. (Note: Data are averages for six tests obtained on sites in South Carolina and Alabama.

During unfavorable weather (night temperatures lower than 55F or day temperatures above 95F with best palm oil fertilizer drying hot winds) tomatoes do not set and flowers drop. Cottonseed meal blood meal fish emulsion manure and sewage sludge are examples of organic fertilizers. The number of people who died in a fertilizer plant explosion in West Texas last week now stands at 15 officials said Tuesday.


Tomatoes grow best when the daytime temperature is between 65 Tomatoes need full sun and warm, well protect the plants with a temporary shade of A UM study reveals just how well fast food can aid in workout recovery. Great Selection of pepper seeds. Nice selection of peppers - many new items.

Pruning Lantana

Tackle pruning lantana several times throughout the growing season. In regions where lantana is winter hardy, shearing plants lightly following flowering promotes stem branching and a future flush of flowers. Prune plants at any time they outgrow their growing space. You can safely remove up to one-third of a lantana plant’s overall size at any one pruning.

In areas where lantana is winter hardy but dies to the ground, pruning lantana stems in spring is vital to maintaining plant health. Cut stems back to 6 or 12 inches tall. After pruning lantana, water and fertilize to encourage new growth. When stems show 6 inches of new growth, remove the tips to promote branching, which leads to more flowers.

If lantana forms black berries, part of your lantana care routine should be removing them before they mature. Pruning lantana after a strong flush of flowering prevents berries from forming on non-sterile plants. This is especially important if you’re growing Lantana camara or other invasive types. Some states that consider lantana invasive are Hawaii, Florida, Texas, Arizona and South Carolina.


Luscious® Grape spills over the edge of a low wall.
Photo by Proven Winners.

There are many ways to incorporate lantana into your landscape. Here’s how:

  • Grow a trailing type at the edge of a stone wall and allow it to cascade over the edge for a waterfall of nonstop color.
  • Place a long window box along a deck or patio and plant with lantana to enjoy months of bright color up close.
  • Grow lantana in brightly colored ceramic pots along with bold-foliaged plants such as ‘Tropicanna’ and ‘Pretoria’ canna lilies, elephant ears, and sweet potato vines. Group the pots together for a dazzling tropical effect.
  • Combine in a hanging basket with other butterfly and hummingbird-attracting plants such as ‘Vista Red’ salvia, nicotiana, and petunias. Hang on a shepherd’s hook so the basket can be moved to different parts of the yard for a fresh look.
  • Plant a butterfly garden near a patio or window where you can relax and enjoy these beautiful insects up close. Other butterfly attractors include butterfly bush, pentas, zinnias, lavender and phlox.
  • Use upright shrubby types as hedging along a pathway, at the edge of a border, or as a foundation planting.
  • In frost-free regions, groundcover lantana can be planted on a slope for long-term erosion control.

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