Information About Twinflowers

Information About Twinflowers

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Twinflower Plant Info: How To Grow Dyschoriste Twinflowers

By Liz Baessler

Whether you're a Florida native looking to plant locally or from a similarly hot environment and in search of something different, the twinflower might be for you. Click here for more information on growing twinflowers.

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Before winter, dig a portion of the rhizome out and plant it in a pot in your house, and you’ll have Zantedeschia arums in winter!

Once the leaves are completely yellow, you can cut them to the shortest.

  • Remove the bulb from its pot, cleaning the dirt off delicately.
  • Set it for the winter in a cool spot where it doesn’t freeze.
  • This storage spot must also be very dry and dark, for example a small shoebox with a ventilation hole pierced in it.
  • In March, you can bring your bulb out and plant it again in new soil mix.
  • Start watering again when the soil is dry and your arum will bear flowers again.

You can also stow the bulb or rhizome away without removing it from its pot, but the soil mix needs replacing every two years anyway.

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