An essential tool for maintenance of the territory - the lawn mower

An essential tool for maintenance of the territory - the lawn mower

A lawn mower is one of the key tools behind a house or suburban area. Its use allows you to trim the lawn grass in the shortest possible time. Depending on the characteristics of the soil and the complexity of the processing of a particular area, it is necessary to select a separate type of lawn mower to obtain the maximum result.

Types of lawn mowers

Depending on the type of engine used, there are two main categories:

  • electrical;
  • gasoline.

The main difference is the type of engine used. Electric models are capable of working only with a stable voltage supply, and their range of operation is limited by the power cable. There are also models with a rechargeable battery, but they work for a limited period of time - no more than forty minutes and charge for a long period of time. The range of operation of gasoline models is not limited, which allows them to be used far from the mains voltage.

How to choose a lawn mower

When choosing a working tool, you need to pay attention to several criteria:

  • the noise level and power of the device - gasoline models are more powerful, since they are not limited to power from a 220V network, but electric mowers are much quieter;
  • performance level - for large areas, it is recommended to use gasoline models, since they process any areas while the fuel supply remains, while electric models are equipped with a cable and an extension cord is needed for comfortable use in the local area;
  • weight of the structure - the use of a gasoline engine makes the structure heavier, while most electric models are compact and lightweight;
  • ease of maintenance - when using a gasoline model, the need to change the oil in a timely manner, check the remaining gasoline is added to the basic care, while the electric ones are enough to clean from dirt and grass;
  • care for the environment - electric models do not emit exhaust gases during operation, which is especially important when working in a greenhouse and a greenhouse.

Additionally, do not forget about the design features. Depending on the model used, the mower can be equipped with a special cover in which all the mowed grass accumulates, making it easier to clean the area. When using other models, the cut grass is thrown to the side and must be collected manually afterwards.

The first option is more relevant for cleaning large areas, while the second is preferable for small areas. You can find the best option for a lawn mower on the website .

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An essential tool for maintenance of the territory - the lawn mower

Lawn mower: The main tool. Contrary to persistent advertisements, there is no lawn mower that is suitable for all lawns. The choice depends on the size of the lawn and the thickness of your wallet.

Garden pitchfork: The easiest way to prevent soil compaction.

Watering can: Too small for watering, but very convenient for herbicides, moss repellents and liquid fertilizers.

Scoop: Individual weeds forming a rosette should be dug out - if they are pulled out by the leaves, the roots usually remain in the ground.

Rake with spring tines: In the spring they are necessary for cleaning the lawn, and in the fall - for cleaning leaves and other debris. The use of a paddle prevents the formation of felt and thus strengthens the lawn.

Hose and spray gun: In a drought, the lawn not only turns brown and loses its decorative effect - after the first rain, weeds and moss easily attack the weakened grass. Dry summers are indispensable for abundant watering, so a good sprinkler is needed.

Long-handled scissors: Essential for trimming lawn edges after mowing. It is possible to work with ordinary scissors only on a very small lawn, on a larger lawn it is hard labor. There are many different mechanical edge trimmers available on large lawns.

Broom: Sometimes needed for many types of work. A broom or birch broom is generally better than a stiff garden brush. It is not necessary to buy an expensive broom, but a worn out broom should be replaced in time with a new one.

Smooth board: A long (2.5-3 m) board is needed to check if there are bumps and holes on the lawn. The board is also used when trimming the edges of a square or rectangular lawn with a crescent-shaped shovel.

Fertilizer spreader: If you have a large lawn, a spreader is required to evenly distribute liquid or granular fertilizer.

Sieve: A sieve with a mesh size of 6mm is required for mulch preparation.

Light roller: Apply in the spring after thawing the soil. Only needed if your lawnmower is not equipped with a roller.

Crescent shovel: Used early in the season to trim the edges of the lawn, this shovel is not recommended to be used too often.

Hollow Tooth Forks: For deep ventilation of the topsoil, which improves the drainage of heavy soils.

Rigid Tooth Aerator: Used for shallow ventilation, which facilitates the penetration of air and water into the topsoil. With strong soil compaction, it is ineffective.

Mechanical broom: If you have a large lawn, the roller brush will save you a lot of time in the fall. There are similar devices that work on the principle of a vacuum cleaner.

Border: A strip of metal or plastic that prevents grass from flowing into the flower beds and holds the edges of the lawn.

Mechanical rake: They perform a double task: they collect cut grass and other debris after cutting, and sweep the leaves in the fall.

Cutting aerator: Used for shallow ventilation, which facilitates the penetration of water and air into the topsoil. If the aerator is not heavy enough, then it is ineffective on compacted soils.

Sprinkler with underwater hose: For application of liquid fertilizer or herbicide treatment of large areas.

Lawn Edge Trimmer Machine: Manual or electric motorized vertical clipper. Many gardeners believe that conventional long-handled scissors are as easy to handle and work as fast as they are.

Lawn mower - trimmer: Electric or gasoline mower with nylon line for horizontal mowing around trees or near walls is lightweight and easy to handle.

The importance of gardening tools

Regardless of the time of the year, there will always be work on the personal plot that will be difficult, and sometimes impossible, to cope with, without the use of equipment or tools. In the spring, it is necessary to mow shrubs and trees, prepare the soil for planting various plants, remove last year's fallen leaves, and other debris. In the summer, you will need loosening and watering the earth, weeding. Autumn is the most crucial and important period, because it is at this time of the year that the harvest takes place, as well as fertilization of the soil and preparation for wintering.

Mowing flower beds

The lawn clipper is an integral part and is very difficult to do without it. It can be automated shears or a self-propelled mower - at your discretion. Below we give a list of some devices with which you can mow small flower beds near your home or process huge lawn plantations in a plot or field.

  1. Lawn rider. The thing is very good, practical, but extremely expensive. It is an automatic, self-propelled and controlled lawn mowing device. There are simply no drawbacks, except for one - the average model costs from $ 5,000 and more.
  2. The gas shears perform the same function as the rider, only slower, much slower. They are ideal for small areas in the garden or areas where the mower could not reach. Cordless lawn cutters are inexpensive, good can be bought for 8000-12000 rubles with a 5-year warranty.
  3. Lawn mower. Performs the same function as power lawn cutters, only more efficient, much more efficient. With its help, you can process 1 hundred square meters in a couple of minutes, and the cut quality will certainly delight you.

A beautifully mowed lawn is the main task of every owner. That is why a lawn tool must provide the best possible cut of the grass and have all the necessary adjustments to work with all types of grass.

Ranking of the best Ranking of the best gasoline models for fighting tall grass

HUSQVARNA LC 247SP 9673454-01

The model is suitable for a large area of ​​a country house. Thanks to it, it will become easier to care for the territory, which will make the lawn beautiful and neat. The device is equipped with a 4-stroke petrol engine, which is characterized by low consumption and a power of 2.1 kW.

The equipment is completely self-propelled, so only competent control is required from a person. The weight of the structure is 29 kg, it will not work to move it over a long distance. There is a grass collector that can accommodate a large amount of vegetation, and the mulching function will chop up the cut grass, which creates a nutritious fertilizer.

The average cost is 42,990 rubles.

  • 6 bevel control modes
  • Large collection volume
  • Easily mows tall thickets
  • Shockproof housing
  • Anti-vibration handle
  • Long service life.

  • The cost
  • Heavy control for beginners.


High-quality gasoline version, which is used in summer cottages and country houses. The device supports three operating modes, including mulching. There is also a grass catcher, it is attached to the corresponding grooves, which makes it possible to quickly remove the element and carry out cleaning.

Thanks to the large diameter of the rear wheels, there will be no difficulties with movement, even if the movement is carried out on a wet surface. The engine starts easily. The rear lever is used to control the cutting height.

The average cost is 22,150 rubles.

  • Easy removal of the grass catcher
  • Bevel level adjustment
  • Capacious fuel tank
  • Moving does not take time and effort
  • Mowing width - 46 cm
  • The handle is folded.

AL-KO Classic 4.66 SP-A Edition 119766

Self-propelled mower with high power and small dimensions. Each user will be able to operate the device, the main thing is to get used to it a little. The electronic ignition system makes starting the engine easy.

Due to the increased diameter of the rear wheels, the user will easily move the product over the surface. Adjustment of the bevel height is controlled by a lever that is located in a convenient place. The handle folds easily for easy storage.

Sold at a price: from 25,430 rubles.

  • Reliability
  • Small size
  • The handle folds easily
  • Corrosion protection is present
  • Mobility
  • Doesn't make a loud sound.

STIGA Combi 53 SQ

The device is designed for the care of vegetation in large areas. There is a self-propelled mechanism, which simplifies the movement of the apparatus and requires a minimum of effort from a person. Forward speed - 3.7 km / h, this is the optimal solution, which is suitable for quick clearing of the site.

Mowing width - 51 cm. Gasoline engine power - 2200 watts. Low fuel consumption, helps to reduce costs. The grass catcher holds up to 60 liters of vegetation. The diameter of the rear wheels is 280 mm.

Sold at a price: from 31 350 rubles.

  • Mulching function
  • Non-slip grip pad
  • Ergonomic levers
  • The deck is made of steel
  • Corrosion protection
  • Reliability.


A popular option with high power and durability. Suitable for working on large areas where it is required to mow a lot of grass in a short period. The maximum developed engine power is 6 HP, which is an advantage.

The equipment moves independently, the user is only required to control. There is a front bumper, which is made of steel. The grass can be thrown both forward and backward, in addition, mulching and attachment of the grass catcher are supported.

Sold at a price: from 28,200 rubles.

  • Metal deck
  • 7 positions of height adjustment
  • 4 grass reset modes
  • Efficiency
  • Suitable for large areas
  • Powerful engine.

A large lawnmower may not always be able to cope with the removal of vegetation in hard-to-reach areas. So, it is quite difficult for her to fight weeds on lawns, in the center of which trees grow. Cutting grass near curbs and parapets or under benches is also problematic for most mowers. Fortunately, the solution of all these tasks is within the power of a miniature and maneuverable electrified trimmer.

A large and efficient battery-type sprayer may be needed for:

  • fertilizing lawns
  • fight common diseases of trees and shrubs
  • destruction of insects dangerous for garden vegetation.

Watch the video: Customer wants it cut in the lowest. learn from my mistake read description. Overgrown edge