Halloween Garden Décor: Tips For Halloween Decorating In The Garden

Halloween Garden Décor: Tips For Halloween Decorating In The Garden

What’s Halloween without decorating? We all know that decorating for Halloween begins outdoors, and the garden is no exception. Keep in mind, though, that when it comes to those scary Halloween gardens, you should probably design them in an inviting way, especially if you are expecting kids.

Halloween Decorating in the Garden

Some people have a tendency to make their garden Halloween decorations a bit too frightening, which can scare away young trick-or-treaters (and maybe even squeamish adults). Others overdo their Halloween décor to the point of overkill, which results in a cluttered, unappealing mess. So what’s the fix for this? Simple. When scouring over Halloween garden ideas, use a theme.

Halloween Garden Ideas

There are a number of garden Halloween decorations to consider when it comes to choosing a theme. Remember to keep in mind who will be visiting your home or garden. If you are expecting young children, then choose something less scary such as:

  • Harvest theme
  • Pumpkin theme
  • Funny character theme (funny looking mummy, goofy witch, smiling ghost etc. — remember Casper was friendly)

If you dare to go more in line with the creepiness of Halloween, then go ahead and choose scary Halloween gardens with themes like vampire bats, warty witches, scary ghosts and goblins. Just do so in a ‘dressed down’ sort of way – you know, without all the guts and gore.

The possibilities for Halloween decorating in the garden are nearly endless. Use your imagination, and for even more fun, allow the kids to help come up with Halloween garden ideas.

Halloween Garden Décor Example

If you want something a little less ghoulish and a bit more festive, why not implement a harvest theme. And as far as gardens go, this is an easy thing to do. Simply set the mood with a few bales of hay in and around the garden beds — or even the front lawn. Then strategically arrange corn stalks around the hay bales, pulling it all together with festive-looking Indian corn, colorful ornamental gourds and various pumpkins. Don’t forget to include a carved Jack-O’-Lantern, friendly of course.

For additional interest, hollow out a large pumpkin and transform it into a beautiful container for mums. Create the same inviting effect with an odd-shaped pumpkin placed on a turned-up crate or hay bale. Scatter some autumn leaves (which shouldn’t be difficult), ornamental gourds and dried flowers around the pumpkin. You could even add a handsome scarecrow sitting next to it – these, by the way, are easy to make. And in keeping with the harvest theme, why not provide healthy apples in addition to candy for the trick-or-treaters. Find a bushel basket, wagon or similar device and fill it with apples. Place this next to your scarecrow, perhaps even in his lap, and allow the kids to treat themselves.

Don’t forget to add luminaries as part of your Halloween garden décor. You can place these throughout the garden and along the walkway, or basically anywhere you would like to draw attention. While you can purchase these, you may find it easier, if not cheaper, to create your own with hollowed-out gourds. Cut the bottoms out, carve faces in them and then place over a light source, such as a flashlight or small votive candle.

You can also create wax-lined bag luminaries. Fold down the top of a brown paper lunch bag (about 2 inches). Draw faces or apples on the front of the bags and carefully cut them out. Place a piece of wax paper on the inside front (backside of cutout) with tape or glue. Use a small amount of sand in the bottom of the bag to help weigh it down and set votive candles or glow sticks (better choice) in the center. Another option for this theme is to core out large apples and place candles in them.

If you have small trees in the yard, hang some small plastic pumpkins and apples from the branches. Remember, depending on the theme you choose, this could also include witches, black cats, spiders, etc.

Halloween garden décor requires planning beforehand, but in order to make the best of your seasonal display, having a theme in place can go a long way. It will not only save you time and money, but will provide guests, trick-or-treaters, and passersby with an inviting environment they’ll appreciate rather than run from.

23 Halloween decorations for your home and garden

Transform your home into the perfect haunted house or create a stylish but spooky soirée with these Halloween decorating ideas.

Halloween is the perfect time to let your imagination run wild when it comes to dressing up and decorating your home, but Halloween decorations don't need to look really scary or be super messy (i.e. carving those pumpkins) to make a real impact.

For a simple Halloween transformation, adorn your room with cobwebs and black spiders, then accessorise with a mixture of statement Halloween decorations and light-up pieces to perfect the spine-chilling look. LED pumpkins bring a warm evening glow, as well as eliminating any fire safety worries.

If you're sick of pumpkins, fake blood and sugar highs, you can enjoy a more sophisticated Halloween party with stylish decor and ornaments. For a Halloween soirée, opt for a classic haunted house theme. Choose a simple colour palette of black and silver with small pops of colour and set the scene with the warm glow of candles.

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'October half term will also be the first opportunity for families to reconnect after the children return to school, with many parents looking to recreate the fun and sentiment behind Halloween at home.'

We've got Halloween decoration ideas for your home and garden, from a pre-lit tree to an outdoor light stake, and we've included some cheap Halloween decorations too if you're on a budget. Whatever you're looking for, these Halloween decoration ideas are sure to inspire you.

These guys are brave when they fall from the roof does not worry about fractures. They are easy to fix with a nearly invisible fishing line. Skeletons plastic can withstand the elements fall without problems.

Ideas garden decorations Halloween - Funny picnic with skeletons

Everyone loves picnics in the fall. Covered with hats, scarves and ties these picnickers eternal fixed with metal rods into the ground. Basketball, the art of fruit and a thermos complete the scene.

Halloween skeletons waiting for guests

The poor guy - it seems that the dates were never there! Dressed flies and soft pinks, these Halloween skeletons are ready to welcome guests at the time.

Halloween hidden in the crown of the tree skeletons

Skeletons croquet

Create petrified poses for a game of croquet fishing line binder and skeletons with long poles in the ground.

Hostess Halloween

Guests spread love like candy to children on Halloween. This skeleton on a tripod makes a striking first in the door print. His arms have a tray full of sweets.

Creepy cemetery in the garden

Create a safe realistic scene scary for customers and passersby. Enjoy Halloween accessories to decorate the garden.

Skeleton and Black Cat

Black paint flamingos

Halloween decoration on the threshold

Skeleton attack

black feather boa and skull

I love fall decorating, and I really enjoy Halloween, but frankly, indoors, my fall decor wins out. But that doesn’t mean I want to 86 the idea of having some Halloween fun! My solution is to come up with some DIY outdoor Halloween decorating, so that I can enjoy the “holiday”, but not compromise the indoors. In other words, no spiders allowed inside my house! So this year, Steve and I have gone out and found some great front porch & outdoor Halloween decorating ideas, and are sharing our favs here with you. Some are tutorials, some are just great ideas, all of them are fun!

Let’s start with these scrap wood DIY ghosts from ‘Creek Line House‘. These are an easy DIY Halloween yard decoration that are cheap too! (They have a pumpkin one too!)

So we love this cheap outdoor Halloween decorating idea from ‘Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons‘! These are just inexpensive dollar store plastic pumpkins, with some paint magic. Easy tutorial, and fun to do with the kids!

Ok. Best DIY outdoor Halloween decorations, ever. Learn how to build this ghost from wire for less than $20! Creepy, and what cooler than a giant blow up pumpkin! From ‘This Old House‘.

Use a drill to make these “Trick or Treat” Jack o’ Lanterns. Of course, you can use any phrase you want..scary, or family friendly! From ‘Country Living‘.

If you want a little more Jack O’ Lantern in your outdoor Halloween decorating, try this DIY pumpkin tower from ‘DIY Candy‘. Another cheap Halloween decoration, you can get these faux pumpkins at the dollar store or a craft shop.

Halloween decorating ideas get spooky with this simple, inexpensive Halloween hack from ‘From House to Home‘. You can do this on a covered porch or landing! You won’t believe what the crazy, everyday secret ingredient is in her glow in the dark “paint”! (And yes, it washed off!)

This easy Halloween decorating idea is from ‘Chapman Place‘. You can learn how to make these glitter trick or treat pillows out of a drop cloth, or you can purchase them at her Etsy store. So cute for a front porch swing!

From ‘BHG‘, these rooftop skeletons are held in place with invisible fishing line… Obviously, how you pose your skeletons is key! These Halloween yard decorations make me smile and creep me out all at the same time.

‘Weekly Scrapper‘ made this tutorial on their countdown to Halloween project from cedar boards, but I imagine it would look amazing with reclaimed or scrap wood as well! A stencil, some paint and a dollar store chalkboard completes the countdown.

Make this Halloween house (on your house!) with this easy, and inexpensive project by ‘Nifty Thrifty Living‘. How fun is this.

Make these owl night watchers for either side of your front door, from ‘Martha‘… They made these out of poster board (it would have to be a protected porch!) but I’m thinking black craft foam would stand a little light weather… Just print out the template and then trace onto the craft foam… You will have to go to your craft store to get large sheets of craft foam, or I found rolls of it online at Consumer Crafts.

This one is just an inspirational idea, done with discount store spider webs and spiders… Great idea for how to lay out a real spooky front porch! Lighting is key! Now this is outdoor Halloween decorating at it’s finest! Photo found on ‘Flickr‘.

More inspiration from ‘Craft Critters‘… I love the black and white!

From ‘Good Housekeeping‘, anchor large branches into holes drilled into pumpkins, and add black ravens. Simple!

From ‘Boston Interiors‘, another sign for Halloween, get out the stencils!

Speaking of witches, ding, dong, the witch is dead! Here is a easy Halloween decorating outdoor project that is really cute! From ‘Holiday Snobs‘, check out their tutorial.

And another version from ‘Come Together Kids’! I love how realistic this is!

Finally, this glitter pumpkin topiary by ‘Diamond in the Stuff‘ is the perfect Halloween porch decoration for someone looking for a little glitz… Elegant Halloween decorating, I love it!

Love all these wonderful Outdoor Halloween Decorating Ideas? Looking for more? Check out our post on DIY Pumpkin Carving with a Drill! We think you will also love our post Easy Dollar Store Christmas Decorations and Magical Christmas Village Ideas over at TBD!

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In the UK where I am from, Halloween, a relatively new holiday, is already the third biggest retail event, right behind Christmas and Easter. It surpassed Valentines Day in 2014. In North America, Halloween has a long standing tradition of consumer spending with approximately two thirds of Americans spending around $7 billion annually. Garden centers and nurseries should take every opportunity this season to market for Halloween. It’s such a great event with so many possibilities that all adults and children can enjoy!

1. Create Pumpkin Displays

They don’t just come in the standard orange! Create a pumpkin display with lots of different colors, shapes and variations. Draw customers in with your unique display.

2. Halloween Themed Floral Displays

Make a floral display your statement display! There are so many different ways you can get creative with this and show your florals to their best. Check out some of the photos below for ideas!

Halloween floral displays.

3. Dress Your Garden Center Up with Halloween Decorations

Show off your garden center to its best. The great thing about Halloween is that it is fun and friendly, make sure your customers know this. Using Halloween accessories to dress up you garden center can drastically change the atmosphere, in a positive way!

Venus Fly Trap children's Halloween costume.

4. Create a Special Halloween Event

Leading up to the Halloween weekend promote a special event, like a screening of Little Shop of Horrors, with conveniently placed POS Venus fly traps for sale (and maybe costumes too). Promote this in-store and through social media to attract customers.

5. Hold a Halloween Competitiont

Get customers to send in their Halloween floral displays for a chance to win a prize. Use a hashtag on social media to track and pick the best display to win. Or get your customers into your garden center with a Halloween costume party and contest.

6. Stock Up on Halloween Merchandise

It’s amazing the amount of detail people go into decorating their homes inside and out for Halloween. Entice those customers by stocking up on Halloween pots, garden decorations and accessories and outdoor lawn decorations.

Halloween garden merchandise.

7. Trick-or-Treat Bags for Children

Put a smile on kid’s faces with a trick-or-treat bag when they visit your garden center with their parents. Go a step further and invest in some branded Halloween bags with your logo on them.

8. Update Your Social Media with Halloween Themes

Get in the spirit of Halloween by updating cover your cover photos to be spookier! It’s another great way to show of your floral displays. Encourage customers to share theirs too!

9. Pumpkin Carving Workshop

If you have the space why not have a pumpkin-carving workshop. It’s a great idea for children whilst their parents shop but adults can even join in the fun too! Don’t forget to show off your customer’s pumpkin carving skills on social media! If you’re not a fan of the pumpkin carving idea why not try “chalkboard” pumpkins, they’re safe, fun and reusable. Create as many designs as you want!

Pumpkin carving and chalkboard pumpkin designs.

10. Alternative Halloween

As much as we love Halloween at GGS it’s important to remember not everyone is such a fan of ghosts and ghouls. Make the most of the beautiful fall foliage and florals by creating some not so spooky displays that will appeal to everyone.

Tell us your Halloween marketing ideas in the comments below!