Water-soluble complex fertilizer Novofert

Water-soluble complex fertilizer Novofert

Novofert, a water-soluble complex physiologically balanced fertilizer

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Novofert (LLC "Novofert", Ukraine) – water soluble, a complex (nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium) physiologically balanced fertilizer containing meso- (magnesium, calcium, sulfur) and trace elements (copper, iron, zinc, manganese) in chelated form (chelating agent EDTA), as well as boron, molybdenum in mineral form ... Novofert is an inducer of plant immunity, has adaptogenic properties, promotes anti-stress resistance of plants to adverse environmental conditions (drought, frost, etc.), has a high chemical purity and solubility, increases productivity and product quality. The drug is intended for seed treatment, foliar treatment of plants and can be used at almost all stages of the growing season (from seed treatment to additional fertilizing after the stress suffered by the plants). Fertilizers Novofert are compatible with most pesticides in one working solution, subject to preliminary testing for the absence of sediment.

Where are water soluble fertilizers used:

- Farms (field, vegetable, horticultural crops)
- Gardens on drip irrigation
- Nurseries for growing planting material (respond very well to new technologies)
- Vegetable farms (on sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation)
- Large farms (holdings) on field crops
- Greenhouses (on peat substrates)

For amateur gardeners and gardeners

The NOVOFERT plant for amateurs offers a product in small packaging. For different crops, depending on the requirements and characteristics, targeted formulas of balanced mineral nutrition are offered for foliar and root dressings. For example, roses (and rosaceae) are very demanding on the presence of sulfur, this is taken into account in the preparation for roses, as a result, the resistance to diseases and pests increases, the plants are stronger, the buds live long after cutting. The formulation for green vegetables uses a formula that is low in nitrogen but high in potassium, which affects the palatability of the greens. In addition, non-nitrate nitrogen is used, which allows vegetables to be used in food as early as three hours after processing, etc.

There are many offers on the market for amateurs, but these are either liquid microelement fertilizers with organic matter, or organic fertilizers, in any case, the percentage of nutrients is low, which is done to form an affordable price. In addition, there are very few targeted proposals. NOVOFERT is perhaps the only one who offers compounds used in industrial production for amateurs (and only highly effective agents are used in agriculture).

Small packaging was brought to the Russian Federation for the first time in April 2012, offered to the Kursk retail chain and was very successfully sold in the 2012 season. In 2013, Saint Petersburg, Moscow and Voronezh got acquainted with this product at specialized exhibitions ... Currently, a dealer network is being built for the sale of water-soluble fertilizers NOVOFERT in small packaging.

Foliar top dressing is a method that has become an integral part of modern intensive crop cultivation technologies. Nutrients are quickly transferred through the leaf surface and are efficiently absorbed, providing plants with all the necessary nutrients in exact accordance with their needs in the critical phases of plant development, guaranteeing high yields and excellent quality.

What to look for

Nightshade Solanaceous crops at different stages of development have different requirements for mineral nutrition, therefore two packages are offered in a 500 g package: package No. 1 and package No. 2.

Package number 1 contains a formula focused on the development of vegetative mass, the laying of inflorescences, strengthening of immunity (sulfur provides resistance against diseases). Before flowering 2-3 treatments are made from package # 1. From the moment of flowering to harvest, the treatments are made from a package number 2 with a low nitrogen content (we no longer need tops), which provides for the calcium content in order to rid the fruit of tough internal veins and provide a juicy fragrant pulp. In package No. 2, the boron content is increased to increase the plant's resistance to late blight.

A special formula has been developed for roses. Potassium and magnesium are needed for a dense bud and long flowering. With a sulfur deficiency, roses are affected by powdery mildew and brown rust, therefore, the formula provides for an increased sulfur content. Of the trace elements for roses, copper is very important. In the absence of copper deficiency, roses are more resistant to various kinds of diseases, therefore, in the composition of NOVOFERT for roses, an increased content of copper chelate is provided.

Green vegetables
Green vegetables (salads, cucumbers, parsley, dill, cabbage, etc.) are quickly used in food, therefore, this formula uses non-nitrate nitrogen (!) For reference: usually three forms of nitrogen are used in the composition of mineral fertilizers - ammonium, amide and nitrate, nitrate nitrogen is not present in this composition.

Conifers and evergreens
The first is a formula for spring and summer and a formula for autumn. Ephedra do not tolerate excess nitrogen, so in the fall they use a formula with minimal nitrogen, but a lot of phosphorus and potassium. Secondly, conifers and evergreens love acidic soils, therefore NOVOFERT for conifers has a slightly acidic environment.

Station wagon
The formula contains the maximum possible ratio of the main elements, at the initial stage of plant development, this allows proportional development. Therefore, experts recommend doing the first treatment with a universal formula, they call it STARTING.

Structure NOVOFERT KORNEVOY It has proven itself well when growing tomato seedlings: foliar feeding is recommended at the stage of the first two true leaves, then after picking and planting in the ground (you can water at the root). The seedlings are strong and healthy. Further processing can be carried out with NOVOFERT for PASLENOVS (before budding, package No. 1, after budding, package No. 2).

All features and instructions for use for each culture are reflected on the back of the package.

Products "NOVOFERT" in small packaging for amateurs will be presented in St. Petersburg at specialized exhibitions in the exhibition complex "EURASIA" on the street. Captain Voronin (metro station "Lesnaya")

Schedule of exhibitions in "EURASIA" (Kapitan Voronin st., 13): February 20-26, 2014 "Comfortable garden" March 28 - April 03 "Spring flora" April 24-30, 2014 "Landscape and life of the estate"

Novofert clearly

Novofert potatoes

NPK 15-9-28 + 2MgO + ME packing 250 and 500 grams (Fe - 0.0700% Cu - 0.0500% Mn - 0.0290% Zn - 0.0230% Mo - 0.0028% B - 0.0290%)

It is used to increase yields, improve quality indicators: an increase in the size of tubers, the content of starch, amino acids and vitamins. Fertilizer promotes plant resistance to fungal and bacterial diseases, eliminates stress from the use of plant protection products and adverse weather conditions. Improves the keeping quality of tubers during storage and transportation. Application methods:seed processing, drip irrigation, watering, spraying. Processing must be done during the following periods: tillering; budding; immediately after flowering. Solution preparation: Pour 2 measuring spoons of fertilizer into 10 liters of water without chlorine (settled) (1 measuring spoon corresponds to 10 grams of fertilizer).


NPK 20-20-20 + 1MgO + ME packing 250 and 500 grams (Fe -0.0700% Cu - 0.0500% Mn - 0.0290% Zn -0.0230% Mo - 0.0028% B - 0.0290%)

Recommended for use from early spring to late autumn for all types of crops. Due to the presence of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium in equal parts and a balanced content of magnesium and trace elements, the fertilizer is used from the moment the seed is soaked until the beginning of flowering. This ensures the correct formation of the root and leaf systems, especially necessary at an early stage of growth and, as a result, guarantees a high yield. "Wintering" plants (garden strawberries, shrubs, fruits and berries, etc.), in order to strengthen the immune system, must be processed in autumn, which will protect them from adverse weather conditions. Mode of application: for seed - 10 grams of fertilizer (1 measuring bed) for 2 liters of water. Soak seeds for 4-5 hours before sowing. By spraying or watering (fertigation) - 20 grams of fertilizer (2 scoops) per 10 liters of water.


NPK 13-40-13 + 1MgO + ME packing 250 grams (Fe - 0.0700% Cu - 0.0500% Mn - 0.0290% Zn - 0.0230% Mo - 0.0028% B - 0.0290%)

It is used for the rapid development of a powerful root system, rooting of seedlings of fruit, berry, ornamental and flower crops, promotes the acceleration of root formation during cuttings. Contains phosphorus in a form available to the plant. Application methods: drip irrigation, watering, spraying both the root system and the leaf surface, soaking cuttings and plant roots before planting in solution (for 4-6 hours), as well as preliminary germination (stratification) of cuttings in solution. Please note that when the cuttings are germinated, mucus forms on the parts immersed in the solution after 7-10 days. In this case, washing the cuttings with water and replacing the solution is required.


NPK 18-18-18 + 3MgO + ME packing 250 and 500 grams (Fe - 0.07% Cu - 0.05% Mn - 0.029% Zn - 0.023% Mo - 0.0028% B - 0.029%)

It is used from the beginning of flowering until the berries are fully ripe every 12-14 days by spraying or watering, for feeding all berry crops such as: garden strawberries, black and red currants, raspberries, cherries, apple trees, etc., to increase productivity, accelerate ripening and increasing the size of the berries. Due to the balanced composition, the accumulation of monosaccharides (glucose, fructose), pectins, folic acid and vitamins useful for human life is more intensive, gives the berry more aroma: increases the plant's immunity to fungal and bacterial diseases, eliminates stress from the use of plant protection products and adverse weather conditions , gives elasticity and safety during transportation and storage. At the initial stage of the growing season, to stimulate growth, as well as for the development of the root system, it is necessary to make 1-2 additional fertilizing with Novofert "Universal" fertilizer (NPK 20-20-20 + 1MgO + 1S + ME or "Novofert-Kornevin" NPK 13-40-13 + 1MgO + 1S + ME. After harvesting, to compensate for nutrients consumed by plants during fruiting, we recommend treating with the fertilizer "Universal" NPK 20-20-20 + 1MgO + 1S + ME, but no later than 20-30 days before frost. Solution preparation:dissolve 2 scoops of fertilizer in 10 liters of chlorine-free water (settled) (1 scoop corresponds to 10 grams). Application methods: drip irrigation, watering, spraying of the leaf surface. Consumption: when watering, 10 liters of solution is enough to process 5 sq. m of area (when spraying, consumption is 10 liters per 200 sq. m of area).


NPK 15-9-28 + 2MgO + 6S + ME packing 250 and 500 grams (Fe - 0.07% Cu - 0.05% Mn - 0.029% Zn - 0.023% Mo - 0.0028% B - 0.029%)

The fertilizer is designed to provide balanced nutrition for garden and indoor roses. Promotes / increases / enhances: bright, abundant and long flowering, gives the bud density, provides a rich color of leaves, increases the flowering period and storage time of the bud after cutting, the high sulfur content in the fertilizer reduces the likelihood of powdery mildew, brown rust, spotting, and also protects against pests (mites ), increases the plant's immunity to adverse weather conditions. Solution preparation: Dissolve 2 scoops of fertilizer in 10 liters of chlorine-free water (settled) (1 scoop corresponds to 10 grams). Application methods: drip irrigation, watering, spraying of the leaf surface. To carry out processing every 10 -12 days from April to September, but not less than 3 treatments (the formation of the first leaves, the formation of buds, after the first wave of flowering). It is desirable to carry out processing in the evening. Consumption: when watering, 10 liters of solution is enough to process 5 sq. m area).

Novofert-Tomato, pepper, eggplant

package # 1 - NPK 15-9-28 + 2MgO + ME package # 2 - NPK 3.5-18-33.5 + 0.5B + ​​ME packing 250 grams (Fe - 0.07% Cu - 0.05% Mn - 0.029% Zn - 0.023% Mo - 0.0028%)

This package contains two types of fertilizers, specially selected for all stages of the growing season of nightshade crops. These formulas allow you to promptly eliminate the causes that can affect the decrease in yield and quality of grown products. From the moment of germination to the beginning of plant budding, it is recommended to carry out 2-3 treatments with a solution of NPK 17-8-14 + 1MgO + 12S + 0.08B + ME (package No. 1), and at least 2-3 treatments during the flowering period and until full maturation fruits NPK 5-18-28 + 8CaO + 0.4B + ME (package No. 2). The best result is achieved by spraying on the leaf surface of nightshade crops every 12-14 days, which contributes to the absorption of nutrients by 95-96% .. Fertilizer NOVOFERT "Tomato, pepper, eggplant" provides a more complete preservation of rudimentary inflorescences, as well as the setting and growth of fruits , compensates for the deficiency of nutrients when growing even on the most problematic soils, increases the mass of fruits, improves ripening, and improves their quality. The presence of calcium, at the second stage of the growing season, will help rid the fruit of tough internal veins, obtaining a juicy and aromatic pulp, and also contributes to the heat resistance of the culture.

Novofert-Conifers and evergreens

Spring-Summer - NPK 15-9-28 + 2MgO + 6S + ME (Fe - 0.05% Cu - 0.01% Mn - 0.04% Zn - 0.03% Mo - 0.004% B - 0.5%) Autumn - NPK 3.5-18-33.5 + 11.5S + 0.5V + ME packaging 500 and 1000 grams (Fe - 0.07% Cu - 0.05% Mn - 0.029% Zn - 0.023% Mo - 0.0028% B - 0.029%)

Coniferous ornamental plants do not require a lot of fertilizer. They do not shed their foliage (with the exception of larch) and therefore do not need "building material" to restore the crown, as in deciduous trees. The high content of sulfur and trace elements maximizes the resistance of your plants to bacterial and fungal diseases, rot, hypothermia and drought, increases and most importantly preserves the vegetative mass. Preparation of the solution: dissolve 2 scoops of fertilizer in 10 liters of chlorine-free water (settled) (1 scoop corresponds to 10 grams). Mode of application: Fertilizer NOVOFERT "CONIFEROUS AND EVERNO GREEN" (Spring - Summer) is recommended to be applied from early spring to August. Fertilizer NOVOFERT "CONIFEROUS AND EVERNO GREEN" (Autumn) from August to September by the method of drip irrigation, root watering or spraying the crown 1 time in 10-12 days in the morning or evening. Consumption: when watering - 10 liters. solution is enough for processing 5 sq.m. area. When spraying - 10 liters. 200 sq.m. crowns.


NPK 3.5-18-33.5 + 0.5B + ​​ME packing 250 grams (Mn - 0.09% Zn - 0.3% Mo - 0.004%)

Does not contain nitrates DOES NOT have a phytotoxic effect on plants and fruits. Fertilizer NOVOFERT "GRAPE" is recommended to be applied after the end of the flowering period in grapes. The minimum number of treatments is three: end of flowering - budding; laying a bunch (berry and pea); the beginning of ripening. Promotes uniform formation and ripening of the grape cluster. Increases productivity (from 20 to 30%), promotes the accumulation of sugar and accelerated ripening of the crop Solution preparation: for 10 liters of water without chlorine (settled), dissolve 4 measuring spoons of fertilizer (1 measuring spoon corresponds to 10 grams). Application methods: spraying the leaf surface, watering at the root, drip irrigation.

Novofert-Green vegetables

NPK 3.5-18-33.5 + 0.5B + ​​ME packing 250 grams (Fe - 0.35% Cu - 0.1% Mn - 0.017% Zn - 0.023% Mo - 0.004% B - 0.09%)

Does not contain nitrates. It is used for feeding when growing: cucumbers, cabbage, dill, parsley, lettuce, sorrel, onions (feathers), celery, radish and other types of green vegetables prone to nitrate accumulation. Fertilizer NOVOFERT "GREEN VEGETABLES" is used to preserve embryonic inflorescences and fruit growth, helps to increase yields, improve the quality and taste of grown products, increase the content of vitamins, amino acids and other substances useful for human life. Consumption:when watering, 10 liters of solution is enough to process 5 sq. m area). Application methods: spraying the leaf surface, watering at the root, drip irrigation. Processing must be done once every 10 - 12 days.


NPK 18-18-18 + 3MgO + ME packaging 500 and 1000 grams (Fe - 0.07% Cu - 0.05% Mn - 0.029% Zn - 0.023% Mo - 0.0028% B - 0.029%)

Does NOT have a phytotoxic effect on plants and fruits. To restore the lost nutrients after each mowing of the lawn, it is necessary to fertilize it regularly. Regular fertilization has a very positive effect on the condition of the lawn. From spring to early autumn, fertilizer with a high nitrogen content should be applied. Fertilizer NOVOFERT "GAZON" guarantees rapid initial growth and restoration of lawn grass after the winter period, promotes uniform regrowth of grass stand. Solution preparation: Dissolve 2 scoops of fertilizer in 10 liters of chlorine-free water (settled) (1 scoop corresponds to 10 grams). Application methods: drip irrigation, watering, spraying (sprinkling). Produce every 10-12 days from April to August.

Fertilizer YaraMila Complex NPK 12-11-18 1kg Yara

The minimum order amount on the website is UAH 150.

YaraMila are highly effective complex mineral fertilizers containing nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sulfur and trace elements in one granule. Designed for maximum yield and product quality.

YaraMila Complex - Mineral complex chlorine-free fertilizer for crops sensitive to chlorine: potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, strawberries, raspberries, currants, beans, peas, etc. Vegetable and fruit crops.
Agrochemical properties of YaraMila fertilizers:
provides the plant with the necessary macro- and microelements from the very beginning of plant development
each pellet contains the most essential nutrients for plants, including the most needed trace elements
such granules save on the number of passes when applying fertilizer
the percentage of use of nutrients by plants is significantly increased due to the high quality of raw materials, their water solubility and technology for the production of granules
fertilizers DO NOT cake, store well, are easy to use, granule size 2-3 mm.

Nitrogen in two forms. The presence of both forms of nitrogen minimizes the loss of this element and allows the plant to supply them evenly.

  • nitrate - a fast-acting form of nitrogen, the most available to plants
  • ammonium - a form of nitrogen, has a long-term effect.

Phosphorus the assimilability of phosphorus by the plant in the first year of use is significantly increased due to high-quality raw materials and high solubility of phosphorus.
Sir contains 20% sulfur in its composition, which significantly increases the efficiency of nitrogen fertilizers.
These features of fertilizers have shown in practice that their efficiency is increased by 20-30% in comparison with traditional fertilizers.

  • contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sulfur and trace elements in one granule and in a form available to plants
  • synergy effect
  • balanced nitrogen source
  • fast action on the plant
  • better application characteristics due to durable granules
  • proven quality.

Content of YaraMila Complex nutrients 12-11-18, in%.

Recommendations for application under crops of open ground:
Application when sowing or planting plants 100-150 kg / ha.
Application for basic tillage:
Potatoes and vegetables - 300-600 kg / ha
Strawberries - 200-300 kg / ha
Gardens - 100-200 kg / ha
The application rate depends on the culture and the supply of nutrients to the soil.
Recommendations for application in soil greenhouses:
Feeding 1-2 times a month at 70-100 kg / ha.
The use of fertilizer for filling soil substrates:

Culture YaraMila Complex, kg / m3
Seedling vegetables 1,0-1,4
Coniferous crops 1,0
Fruit 1,0-1,2

Recommendations for lawn nutrition:

Spring application: 2-6 kg / 100 m2 (the total fertilizer rate can be divided into several applied). If necessary, you can additionally add calcium or ammonium nitrate at a rate of 1-2 kg / 100 m2.

Summer application: 2-6 kg / 100 m2 (the total fertilizer rate can be divided into several applied).

Autumn introduction: 2-4 kg / 100 m2. The rate is adjusted depending on specific conditions (field condition, temperature, etc.).

Water-soluble complex fertilizer Novofert - garden and vegetable garden

Complex water-soluble fertilizer with microelements (N: P: K - 10: 5: 20 + MgO) and humate. It is used after planting seedlings in the ground.

I have been using the purchase for a long time. Everything always comes well packed and on time. Recommend.

the summer was wet and none of the antifungal agents was effective - the tomatoes disappeared by 80 percent, and other plantings were very sick with late blight. regretted that they had given up the good old lime with vitriol

Thank you for the purchase you need and for the present.

We have been using fertilizers for a long time. Probably only thanks to them the plants grow in such cold weather.

Thank you, everything is fine. Thank you for the surprise - I will definitely sow marigolds! )

Everything is according to the order and on time. thanks for the gift

All fertilizers in accordance with the order, everything is as in the photo.
Thanks to the organizer for the present - a bag of flower seeds.

Thank you very much, I received everything I ordered. Delivery on time. The purchase is fast. Everything is packed great. The shelf life is good. There are detailed instructions for use. I take fertilizers of this brand for the first time, I will feed my plants. Special thanks for the gift - flower seeds.

When working with the drug, for safety reasons, use personal protective equipment - respirators, goggles, overalls and shoes, rubber gloves.

The components that make up the fertilizer have a general toxic effect on the human body, cause irritation of the mucous membrane of the eyes, upper respiratory tract, and skin.

  • When inhalation - remove the victim from the affected area, provide him with access to clean air.
  • When skin contact - remove residues of the substance, remove contaminated clothing, shoes, equipment. Flush affected areas with plenty of water.
  • When swallowing - rinse your mouth with water. Provide plenty of drink, induce vomiting, give activated charcoal, saline laxative.
    When eye contact - rinse the conjunctival cavity with warm running water with a wide-open eye socket, consult a doctor.

What can you say about Novofert Universal fertilizer? This drug is also called Start, since it is recommended to use it as the first fertilizing of plants in the early stages of their development. As a result of using the drug:

  1. Young seedlings and seedlings are provided with a full range of nutrients.
  2. There is a proportional development of the entire plant system (roots, leaves, stem).
  3. Resistance to diseases and abrupt climate change increases.
  4. The yield increases.
  5. The use of the drug in the autumn period allows you to replenish the complex of elements spent by crops for laying and ripening the crop.

Novofert Universal can be used to feed plants grown on all types of soil.

Methods of using the drug

Basically Novofert is used for spring-summer processing. So, to feed crops, you should dissolve 20 g of the drug in a bucket of water (settled). Treat plants with it every 10 days using one of the following methods:

  • watering at the root (consumption - 10 liters per 5 sq. m.)
  • drip irrigation (consumption - the same)
  • spraying (consumption - 10 liters per 200 sq. m.).

Top dressing is best done in the morning or evening when the sun is not at its peak.

Also, in the solution of the drug, you can soak the seeds before sowing (about 5 hours). In this case, to prepare the solution, you need to take 10 g of Novofert per 2 liters of water.

LEAF POWER - for seedlings


  • Completely water-soluble complex nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium fertilizer containing trace elements
  • Contains macro- and microelements in a balanced ratio and available form
  • Increases plant resistance to drought and low temperatures
  • Improves the quality of fruits and vegetables, ornamental crops
  • Contains trace elements in a chelated form
  • Increases productivity
  • bags of 15 and 50 g
  • bucket 500 g

    Vegetable, flower crops, (seedlings)

    5 g for 5 liters of water. Consumption of the working solution: root top dressing - until the earthen coma is moistened, foliar - until the leaf surface is wetted.

    Top dressing of plants in the phase of 2-3 true leaves, 10-15 days after picking and then 1-2 times before planting in the ground.

    Vegetable crops

    10-15 g per 10 liters of water. Consumption of the working solution: root dressing - 4-5 l / sq.m, foliar dressing - 3 l / 10 sq.m.

    Top dressing of plants in 1-2 weeks after planting the seedlings, then 1-2 dressings with an interval of 10-15 days (the last dressing no later than 20 days before harvest).

    Flower and decorative crops (potted)

    1-2 g per 1 liter of water. Consumption of the working solution: root dressing - until the earthen coma is moistened, foliar dressing - until the leaf surface of the plant is wetted.

    Foliar feeding of plants during the period of active growth.

    Watch the video: How to blend Water Soluble Fertilizers for Hydroponics reservoir. Greengold Farms