How to dry chillies? Here are the three fastest and most practical methods

How to dry chillies? Here are the three fastest and most practical methods

by Antonino Crapanzano

THE chili Peppers can be grown at home and, given the large quantities that are produced, it is not possible to consume them entirely fresh, in this case it will be necessary to keep the chili Peppers. Dry the chillies it is the most effective method to prolong its shelf life, in fact, in this case, you can have it for a long time.

In this article we will show you how to dry chillies, that is to dehydrate them while preserving their main organoleptic properties, their spiciness and avoiding the appearance of molds, showing you the main methods that you can use to obtain a good result in a fairly practical and relatively quick way.

The procedure you will choose for dry your chili Peppers and the success of the same will depend on some important factors, such as the humidity, the atmospheric conditions, the presence or absence of air currents and the amount of time you want to devote to carrying out this procedure.

Furthermore, we must specify that to obtain a good result it is necessary to use quality chillies, which must be harvested at the right point of ripeness, which have a uniform and intense color and which do not have cuts or blackened parts.

The main drying methods we will talk about are:

  • drying in the sun
  • drying in the oven
  • drying in the dryer

How to dry chillies in the sun

Dry the chillies in the sun is the most natural and ecological method, as well as being the most common and economical. This drying process is very common in the regions of southern Italy, especially during the summer, when temperatures will be high.

First, you need to prepare the chillies, for the drying treatment, by cutting them vertically in half; after which they must be placed on a plate exposed to the sun and left dry with the skin facing up for about 8-10 hours, turning them from time to time to ensure homogeneous exposure.

This procedure must be repeated for at least 3-4 days. During the period of exposure to the sun it will be advisable to cover the chillies with a transparent net to protect them from dust and insects, at sunset they must be covered with a clean cloth and put them in a humidity-free place.

In addition to doing dry the chillies on a plate or mesh it is possible to create the so-called chilli necklaces. In this case it is necessary to have a string and a needle that will have to be passed through the petioles of all the chili Peppers.

Another way to create the necklace is to simply tie the petioles with a knot for each; in this case you must be careful that they do not fall the chillies because the petioles, during the drying process, lose their consistency and, consequently, also their thickness.

How to dry chillies in the oven

The drying of chili Peppers in the oven it is faster than the previous one but it is certainly a more expensive and less natural procedure. This drying method can be used in case you do not have the necessary space in the house dry the chillies in the sun or the weather conditions are not optimal.

The chillies they must be cut vertically and placed on a baking sheet, previously covered with baking paper, so that they do not overlap each other and with the cut side facing down. The optimal oven temperature will be between 45 ° C and 50 ° C for ventilated ovens, however, if the oven is not ventilated it must be brought to a temperature between 70 ° C and 80 ° C approximately.

When the oven reaches the desired temperature, put the peppers in the oven and leave the door slightly open. It may seem strange to you, but this technique allows the escape of moisture that will form inside the appliance and which, if trapped, could ruin the final result of the drying process of your chili Peppers.

Leave dry the chillies for about 6-8 hours; cooking and drying times vary according to the size of the chili Peppers. When they start to get dark, yours chili Peppers they will be ready.

How to dry chillies in the dryer

The last method we will talk about for dry the chillies involves the use of a dryer. The dryer is an electronic device similar to an oven, equipped with some baskets that allow you to dehydrate, in addition to chili Peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms and fruit. The use of the dryer it is not a very economical drying method but it is the simplest, fastest and allows you to dehydrate yours chili Peppers without incurring any hygienic risk and in a fully automated way; its operation consists indry i chili Peppers by means of a flow of hot air.

The chillies they must maintain a constant temperature of 40 ° C for about 48 hours, this ensures that they retain the nutrients and do not lose their characteristic flavor; also in this case it is necessary to cut them in half vertically and arrange them so that they do not overlap; your chili Peppers they will be ready when they are crunchy.

In case you decide to grind your own chili Peppers as soon as they are dried, remember to remove the petiole beforehand. There is a large variety of dryers on the market that you can choose according to your needs, needs and budget.

Warnings and advice

When you decide to get to work for dry the chillies, the first thing you need to do is always wear a pair of gloves and a pair of goggles because the chillies contain the capsaicin, the chemical compound responsible for the spiciness of these berries belonging to the genus Capsicum.

The chillies they could irritate sensitive parts of your body such as eyes, lips and face skin; for this reason, in case of contact it is necessary to wash immediately with jets of abundant water, for at least 4-5 minutes, at room temperature and if the burning continues, you will need to consult a doctor.

In case you use the first method we have described, that is, leave it dry the chillies in the sun, you can put them on the roof of your car or in the body of a pick-up, thus speeding up the time it takes to complete the drying process.

All this will be possible because the surfaces of the cars during the summer season become very hot and above all, because they reflect a lot of the sun's rays that will allow you to heat your plate or pan where you have placed it faster. the chillies.

With these three methods we have described, you can dry even the seeds of chillies and use them to season your dishes and give that spicy taste to your recipes.

Do you think the information in this article is incomplete or inaccurate? Send us a report to help us improve!

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The same goes for fish: you can opt for a day to save yourself at the last minute with frozen cod (as in my case), or use fish fillets about 60g of breadcrumbs. First, remember to defrost the fish! Then put the washed and chopped vegetables in the mixer and shred everything. Fish, eggs, milk and shellfish are the most allergenic animal products. Some allergens have the same distribution all over the world, for example milk and eggs fish and shellfish are more common in certain geographical areas

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Recipe ingredients Fish balls. 400 g of firm-fleshed fish (including frozen hake). Wash the fish, make an incision with a knife on the belly side and gut it. Eliminate it. Shell the eggs in a deep plate, beat them with a fork and add them to the mixture: stir. they have very different characteristics according to the person involved. Fish and seafood are sources of omega-3s, they contain a lot of vitamin D and protein. For this reason, if you eliminate fish (by obligation or by choice) from your diet it is .. Herbs in the kitchen, experiences of cultivation of aromatic and medicinal herbs, chillies, tomatoes, vegetables in the garden, terrace and balcony. Basil in the kitchen Basil is an almost obligatory choice when selecting the aromatic herbs to grow, its fresh leaves enrich many .. • 4 eggs • Eggs • 2 cucumbers • Cucumbers • ½ glass of dashi fish broth • Broth fish • Nori seaweed to taste • Nori seaweed • 300 g Gohan rice • Gohan rice • 2 As soon as the chicken is cooked, stir in the eggs and finely chopped spring onions, cooking over low heat. Remove the pot from the heat when the ...

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Eggs with mushrooms are cooked with eggs in a saucepan which will be cooled and then cut so that you can keep them straight and then pos. Eggs 8. Mayonnaise 50 g. 1 clove garlic. Extra virgin olive oil to taste Salt to taste. Pepe q.b Cooking by sharing experiences and recipes with people like me who try their hand at the difficult but fantastic Fish Main Course (hlavný chod - ryby). Fried crucian carp (Karas na rošte - Sült kárász). Use sliced ​​carp (horseshoe). Salt and bread in the flour, then in the beaten egg and finally ..

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Typical fish of america and russia similar to samone. Hamo (鱧, は も). Daggertooth pike conger. fish very similar to sea eel. Aji, Iwashi, Konoshiro, Sanma, United Tobiuo Aji, Iwashi, Konoshiro, Sanma, Tobiuo. Various types of blue fish with shiny silver skin The latest Tweets from cooking fish (@cucinarepesce). Quick and easy recipes. Cooking with love. New to Twitter? Sign up. cooking fish. @cucinarepesce A chicken egg is made up of 74 percent water, 12 percent protein and 11 percent fat with trace amounts of vitamins, minerals and other substances. The fat is concentrated exclusively in the yolk, while the egg white is basically a 10 percent solution of protein in water


Pruning is fundamental in the care of citrus fruits, like many other plants and trees. By pruning we mean a partial cutting of aged or diseased branches to regulate and improve their fruit production or to give them a certain shape.

In the case of citrus fruits, pruning must not be excessive, it is in fact essential to take into account the importance of the leaf crown in this type of plants. the branches to be cut are only those dry, diseased, which cross each other and which end up preventing the sun's rays from reaching the plant correctly. It is also necessary eliminate the so-called "suckers", branches that start from the stem or from mature branches and that take away energy from the plant.
Regarding the pruning period, there are still disputes and disputes among experts today. We can say that all citrus fruits, regardless of the species, should be pruned within an inclusive period between spring and summer from April to August (avoiding the vegetative phase of autumn and winter) the recommended period also varies according to the regions: in the North it will be good to anticipate pruning compared to the South.
Once the appropriate period has been chosen, we can proceed with the actual pruning it is necessary to use specific shears or scissors that operate a clean cut. We do not recommend the use of saws or improper tools that can create irregular cuts, more easily accessible to parasites or pathogenic organisms.
In the case of citrus fruits, we recognize two types of pruning: that of production and that of reform.
In the first case, a cut will be made aimed at a greater production of fruits and therefore the branches that take away light from the plant and penalize it from a functional point of view will be eliminated in the second case instead we will be concerned more than anything else to eliminate dry or badly grown branches , preferring the improvement of the plant from an aesthetic point of view.
Properly done pruning will bring important improvements and benefits to our plants:

  • will allow you to collect quality fruit on a regular basis
  • will facilitate the collection process
  • it will protect the plant from any diseases and health problems.

How and when to sow onions

Planting onions is an operation very simple, which can be performed at different times of the year, depending on the variety of onion chosen, and also in different ways, starting from the seed, from the bulb or by placing the seedling.

The three ways to get started

There are three ways to plant onions in the garden: in fact, onions can be sown planting the seed directly in the garden, always sowing from seed to seedbed and then transplanting the seedlings or planting the cloves in the ground. The latter is not a real sowing, since the seed is not involved. If sowing in seedbeds, onions are transplanted after about 1 month and a half or two, when the seedlings are 15 cm high.

The ideal is to start from the seeds, placing them directly in the ground and avoiding transplanting, which the onion plant does not particularly like. The clover is a very convenient method and is generally cheaper than buying the seedlings in the nursery. It can be a good idea for those who do not have the time or desire to follow a sowing from the beginning.

Plant sixth

Onions are grown in rows 25-30 cm apart between them, leaving approx 20 cm between each plant. In reality, this measure is very indicative and refers to the classic bulb onions: if we decide to grow spring onions, which are harvested for the leaves, we can reduce the measure to halve it. The planting size also varies depending on the variety, for example the borettane onions that remain small are sown very close together.

Keeping a regular space between the rows is important to be able to weed with a hoe or weeder, which is also useful for aerating the earth, especially if the soil tends to compact. Therefore nwhen sowing and transplanting, always remember to pull a thread or in any case make parallel and straight furrows.

Varieties and sowing period

Onions have different varieties with different growing periods. Generally, the red onions are early, the white semi early and the golden onions late, although then with the selection several exceptions to these rules have been created. The sowing periods are different and there are winter varieties and spring varieties, it is important not to make mistakes because there is a risk that the plant will mount to flower, ruining the harvest. Those who want to learn more about the topic can read the article on onion sowing, which better explains the period, distances and suitable moon phase. In any case, always remember to buy a seed suitable for our climate and period in which we want to sow.

Winter onions

There are varieties of onion, especially used for fresh consumption, which are sown in September and transplanted in November, after winter they develop the bulb that can be harvested in April or May. If you choose to plant winter onion bulbils, you can do it in November. Generally the winter sowing is done for golden onions or white onions.

Summer onions

The summer varieties are sown in late winter (in February in seedbeds, while between March and April they are transplanted in the garden), in February or March to plant the bulbils. They come ready in summer and generally keep longer. Summer onions can be of any color: white, golden or red.

Spring onions

Green onions are botanically always onions, grown for the leaves rather than for the bulb. Just like the bulb onion, they can be grown from autumn to spring (sowing October or November) or from spring to summer (sowing between March and April).

When to sow Tropea red onion

The Tropea red onion variety is today among the most requested and appreciated, both for its flavor and for its digestibility and therefore one of the most requested onion seeds. It is a classic summer onion, to be sown then from February in the seedbed or from March in the field.

Most common diseases

Careful plant care helps prevent the possible attack of pathogenic organisms that can cause diseases, among the most common we recognize:

- aphids: there are both green aphids and black aphids they feed on the leaves and fruits of the plant, depriving it of sap and juice if the attack is particularly violent can lead to a total loss of productivity by the plant. To combat this type of infestation it is useful not to use nitrogen-based fertilizers and to resort to products such as aficides.
- cochineal: there are two types, the red one and the white one, the red cochineal is more dangerous, it causes damage to the bark and cracks while the white cochineal compromises the shape of the fruits. This disease may be due to dust or to the Argentine ant in the first case it is useful to keep the leaves clean, in the second case it is essential to prune the lower part of the plant and block the ascent of the ants along the bark.
- powdery mildew: it comes in the form of white spots on the leaves, they are due to the action of a fungus.
- moths and defoliating beetles: these animals, especially in the form of larvae, feed on the leaves and cause a loss of sap (eg serpentine miner).

To combat and prevent this type of disease and to prevent them from causing damage to the crop or irreversible compromises in the functionality of the plant, specific and regular care is useful and necessary. Pruning, in particular, is essential for the light to reach every portion of the plant, protecting it from attacks by aphids and scale insects.
In the case of health problems of this type, contacting specialists in the field and asking for advice from qualified nurseries can be essential to treat our citrus fruit and to prevent the problem from recurring.

]]> succulents are able to reduce or, at times, even eliminate the known volatile organic compounds, the primary cause of domestic pollution. In addition to having positive effects on people's health, succulents, if arranged and cultivated correctly, have an anti-stress effect and improve concentration.
One of the many positive aspects related to the cultivation of succulents is that they adapt easily to all conditions of the indoor environment. Precisely for this reason it will be easy to take care of them even if you have no experience in the field of plants.

How to store basil

Preserving fresh basil for the winter through 3 different procedures is quick and easy. Storing basil for the winter is very convenient, it allows us to enjoy its scent and aroma even in the coldest months when our plants on the balcony have stopped producing. There are different ways of preserving basil, this year I experimented with 3 different ones. Keep the leaves in fine salt. Take a resealable jar and fill it with basil leaves previously washed and dried carefully, so that they do not mold. Pour the fine salt over the leaves, making several layers of salt and basil. Basil is an annual herbaceous plant, commonly used in cooking as an aromatic plant, highly appreciated all over the world: originally from India, it is not only used here in Italy, but also in the kitchens of East Asia (Thailand, Cambodia , Taiwan) .. As many of you may already know, there are dozens and dozens of different varieties of. How to preserve crushed basil. The fourth method of preserving basil is pounded. To do this, wash and dry your fresh basil leaves well, leaving them in the air. Once dry, chop them and mix them with 40 grams of fine salt. Basil is an aromatic plant widely used in Mediterranean cuisine, which grows luxuriantly in the summer. Let's discover together some methods to be able to preserve its leaves even during the winter months, so as to always have a little basil available to give taste and aroma to your dishes and to prepare, for example, excellent pesto

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How to Store Basil. If you grow basil, you can sometimes experience overproduction. You will then find yourself with many leaves to keep. There are various methods to do this, as long as you are ready for a change in taste and .. Basil: from sowing (it's time) to conservation, here's how to have it fresh all year round by Martina Barbero Quintessence of Mediterranean cuisine, with its pervading aroma it is l. Storing Basil in Water 1. Fill a jar with water halfway. You can use a vase for flowers or a simple tall jar with a mouthpiece. 2. Trim the basil stems. If you have harvested it in the garden, there is no need to cut the stems. If you have it instead. 3. Put the bunch of basil. The pruning of basil. In fact, the first step to have a luxuriant basil plant like never before is to dose the water: not too much and not too little. Dirt your finger and stick it in the basil soil: it must be slightly damp, not dry and not even soaked. Carefully dose the amount of water with which you water the potted basil plant and that alone. Basil is one of the most used aromatic plants in the kitchen, it is a pity that it is difficult to keep the seedlings in winter. However, there are different methods to preserve basil for the winter, keeping its color, flavor and unmistakable scent unaltered.

Cubes of fresh basil and olive oil, an easy way to preserve basil in the summer and smell and taste it throughout the winter. The basil and oil cubes, in fact, are perfect for preparing sauces and condiments as they are stored in convenient single portions using the classic ice trays.Once frozen, then, you can keep them in bags. How to Store Fresh Basil: Here Are Some Methods Photo: Pixabay. Basil has a unique scent, often used in cooking to enhance the flavors of different dishes. There are several varieties. How to store basil: instructions for storing fresh or dried basil, from freezer to basil in oil, salt or dried and chopped. Basil in the kitchen. Basil is one of the most popular aromatic plants for all those who love to cook. This goes perfectly with first courses both in white and with sauce, based on meat or fish

How to store basil to have it even in winter

  • How to preserve homemade basil: Benedetta Rossi's trick. The guidelines for caring for a Covid patient at home. Claudio Baglioni: Covid has paralyzed me for months
  • How is basil preserved? If winter is approaching and you don't want to give up basil, in this video I show you 5 WAYS TO preserve the basil.
  • How to store fresh basil. 6 ways to keep basil fresh and keep its unmistakable aroma, from summer to winter: frozen, in oil, salted, dried, diced or pounded
  • Basil is one of the most used aromatic plants in the kitchen especially in the summer when the air is full of flavors and colors. But we would like to taste the flavor of basil even in the winter months but how to preserve basil? There are various ways to preserve basil and keep the beautiful bright green color so, even in the winter period, you can enjoy a nice one.
  • How to keep #basilic fresh for the winter? Here's how to have fresh basil all year round, avoiding waste during the summer and avoiding having to.
  • Basil is a very popular ingredient that we are unable to use in winter, unless we do some little tricks. Let's find out how to preserve basil !. While we would like to have all kinds of fruits, vegetables and greens available, not all foods can withstand and last a long time. This is the case with basil

Storing basil: three easy ways. The preservation of basil, which does not necessarily have to take place for the winter, but is fine all year round (for example even when we have large quantities and we do not know what to do with it), can be done with one of these ways. In oil How to preserve basil in oil. To preserve the basil in oil you will need to arrange the leaves, perfectly washed and dried, in a jar, taking care to spread them out and overlap them.

How to keep fresh basil and keep it as long as possible. Contents of the article. Basil, in particular sweet basil, more commonly known by the name of genovesebasilic basil from genoves Basil is an ingredient that we can find at the supermarket all year round, but if we told you that there are many easy, fast and cheap ways to preserve Basil at home and enjoy it to the fullest of its aroma and flavor throughout the year ?. Yes, there are many tricks to keep Basil at home for a long time If you want to preserve basil in oil (up to a maximum of six months), after having washed it thoroughly, blanch it for a maximum of two minutes in water and white vinegar for each liter of water add 250ml of vinegar. After draining and leaves, let them air dry in a shady area

How to preserve basil in salt. Probably this technique is less known and known but equally effective because it will allow you to preserve the flavor and aroma of fresh basil all year round and be able to use it for your dishes even in winter. You will always have to start from the selection of the leaves, from their cleaning under running cold water and drying them with a cloth. How to preserve the basil fresh? There are many ways to do this and they depend on the intended use of this aromatic plant. What we can say with certainty is that it is wrong. How to Store Basil. Antonella. Written on. September 3, 2016. September 18, 2020. Here's how to keep basil for the winter or for when we don't have it! This is the system I use and I must say that I am very happy Choose Your Favorite Restaurant. Take advantage of the discounts. Order Home Food Today. Discover the restaurants in your area. Find Your Favorite. Choose Your Menu. Order Or

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How to preserve basil using salt Basil preserved in salt always requires the use of sterilized jars, and has a duration of two or three months. As far as the methodology is concerned, it is identical to the preserves in oil, that is, it involves the alternation of layers of basil leaves and dried basil salt. Among the many preservation methods, drying is certainly the most durable! There are two different techniques with which you can easily dry your basil. The first is a more natural drying. First of all, separate the twigs and remove the individual leaves from the largest stem. Here's how to store basil for the winter or for when we don't have it! This is the system I use and I must say that I am very happy with it. Certainly it is not the same thing as fresh basil, but it does its duty well when needed, for example to perfume a sauce or a dish with its wonderful aroma.In this guide I will explain in three simple steps how to store freshly picked basil. In fact, often there are problems with the conservation of basil, precisely for the following reasons: Basil is a plant with small and delicate leaves. If these basil leaves are not carefully preserved, they risk being damaged. How to preserve basil. If you grow your own basil, you can sometimes experience an abundance of leaves and the need to store them. There are several ways to do this effectively, assuming you agree with.

To preserve the basil in this way you just need: wash the leaves well and dry them perfectly sterilize the jars to use create a layer of leaves and sprinkle it with a little salt until fill the jar in this way cover everything with extra virgin olive oil leave rest. So let's see how to store fresh basil avoiding it turning black. Why fresh basil changes color. The basil leaves, picked fresh from the garden, are of a marked green and a very intense aroma. But the color, as it will have happened to many, could change in a short time. Keeping it warm is perhaps the simplest thing: if it is in a pot, just place it at home or in a small heated greenhouse. If the basil is grown on the ground, you can try to cover it with sheets of non-woven fabric to protect it from frosts

How is basil preserved? 4 very simple methods

  1. How to store basil. If you decide to grow basil, it is also necessary to know the techniques to preserve it after harvesting. Usually the leaves are harvested when needed, to be used fresh as a main condiment, for example in tomato salads
  2. How to Store Basil. I would say that basil is the king of the kitchen, the main ingredient of pesto and decoration on almost all dishes before being presented to the customer .. The aromatic plant par excellence on pizza. Too bad that in contact with heat it blackens immediately
  3. If you are wondering how to preserve homemade basil, know that it is possible to freeze and dry it but Benedetta Rossi presents two more original and tasty methods
  4. How to preserve food The blog with useful information and guides on food conservation. This blog was born with the desire to disseminate useful information on food preservation, with news and practical guides on the best procedures to keep food fresh for as long as possible.The articles published are intended to help the user with preservation techniques .
  5. How to preserve basil, the best techniques Freezer, oil, salt and even drying, these are the possibilities to have this very fragrant plant available out of season.
  6. ate with a drizzle of oil. Close the jar with the lid and use if necessary. How to freeze basil
  7. Preparation of basil in oil. To preserve basil in oil with this recipe I suggest you use fresh basil picked early in the morning because the leaves are richer in aroma and essential oils .. Collect a nice bunch and then clean it.

How to preserve basil for the winter Recipe

  1. went with a last layer of salt
  2. Basil in salt This method also allows you to preserve basil for a long time. If you have a cool and spacious pantry, you can build up an abundant winter supply. Once the basil leaves have been washed and dried, arrange them in jars in layers sprinkling them with fine salt.
  3. Basil in salt. This method also allows you to keep the basil for a long time, and if you have a cool and spacious pantry, you can make an abundant winter supply. Once the basil leaves have been washed and dried, arrange them in jars in layers sprinkling them with fine salt.

Basil is one of the most used aromas in the kitchen for the preparation of thousands of delicious and fragrant recipes. When you have many basil plants at home or when you buy several bunches for the preparation of pesto and various recipes, it is also possible to keep the leftovers of basil leaves in oil. Preservation in oil is a type of preservation. If you grow basil at home, in a small vegetable garden, on the balcony or even in space, with the arrival of the first cold weather our plants are put to the test, even if they still look luxuriant.For this reason we need to find a way to keep it, but how to do it? Here is Benedetta Rossi's trick on how to preserve homemade basil

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  • Aromatic plants are necessary for the preparation of many foods and that is why they must never be missing in the kitchen. Unfortunately, some of these do not grow 365 days a year because they need direct sunlight and a purely summer climate.Among the many, basil is perhaps the plant that most people try to grow indoors all year round. often though.
  • Storing basil will allow us to savor the freshness and scent of summer even when the summer will be a memory.Who doesn't have a jar of basil on their windowsill or balcony? Many also cultivate it in the garden, where it grows quickly and multiplies easily
  • How to store basil. First of all, a question with its answer that will help to understand immediately how it is best to store basil to avoid oxidation as much as possible. Because basil inevitably tends to turn dark once taken from the earth
  • Keeping basil is very convenient, it allows us to enjoy its scent and aroma even in the coldest months. Preserving it in oil is a useful way to keep the flavor unchanged, the basil flavored oil is great for seasoning your dishes

How to preserve Basil. In this sheet we will explain how to preserve Basil, from basil in oil to basil in salt. in short, the best methods to preserve basil.When the warm season arrives, the scent of fresh basil conquers us and will give our dishes a unique flavor and aroma and more, in fact basil also has many beneficial properties. The basil must be stored in a cool, dry and preferably dark place (or in dark glass jars). You can start consuming salted basil no earlier than a month and a half from the date of preservation and it must be rinsed before use. How to preserve the basil in salt. Put the leaves of basil already cleaned in a jar alternating it with layers of salt: a layer of salt and a layer of basil. Finish the last level with the salt, press with a spoon and cover with a drizzle of oil. you can to preserve the basil in salt for 2 months Procedure for the preservation of basil in salt. Basil is a short-lived seasonal plant here is a simple conservation method that allows you to have it available for the whole winter .. Collect more basil twigs early in the morning. Remove the basil leaves from the stems and wash them in cold water. Drain well and then let them dry.

The step by step recipe for preserving fresh basil in glass. Prepare the basil leaves in oil and you can enjoy the flavor of summer all year round !. Preparation. 1) For 1 jar of basil leaves in oil weighing about 300 g, first wash and dry 300 g of fresh basil, then remove the larger leaves from the stems, making sure they are intact and of. How to preserve basil in salt. cooknonnavirgi. HOW TO STORE VACUUM-PACKED CHICKPEAS IN CARAFE - clever method. cookalaura. Linguine with scampi and orange cream with basil. lydiaincucina. Aubergine gnocchi with confit cherry tomatoes and basil. nonmangiocioccolata Know that with a few tricks you can have fresh basil all year round! Ok, the natural cycle of the plant says that the best time for outdoor sowing is towards the end of May and that the leaves of this excellent aromatic plant grow to their maximum until the end of October. However in the colder months you can move yours. Potted basil on a heated windowsill.

Freezing whole leaves - Basil, how to store it

Basil is used both fresh and dried. It is important to know when it is best to harvest basil so that it retains its aroma and beneficial properties for a long time. Our article will tell you how to cut the leaves of a plant correctly to get a tasty and fragrant harvest and at the same time so that the bush continues to grow and please you. Preserve the Basil in Salt. Unprocessed basil can be preserved in salt. The process is simple. It is necessary to remove any stems of the plant, wash the leaves and dry them, take some glass jars to preserve and place the leaves inside together with a tablespoon of coarse salt on top of each layer How to store basil for the winter? Summer, as we know, is full of aromas and flavors that we would like to keep for the whole winter. The basil that we very often keep in jars on our balconies we can keep it so that we can use it during the winter in our favorite dishes how to preserve basil Keeping basil for a long time: the secret of freshness. Today we are talking about basil, the most widely used aromatic plant in Mediterranean cuisine to flavor foods Celery together with parsley, bay leaf and basil, is part of the aromatic plants, its delicate flavor makes broths tastier. Celery is used in many recipes and in most cases it is also used as a condiment or as an appetizer combined with sauces, as well as mayonnaise, it is easy to clean and is very versatile, because it can.

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  1. Keep the basil in oil to always have it available. This recipe for preserving basil in oil is quick and easy to make, and allows you to better preserve these fragrant leaves! It is important to harvest fresh basil, preferably cut with scissors to avoid the risk of tearing the leaf
  2. estrones and typically winter preparations, to enjoy this panacea 365 days a year
  3. Aug 20, 2018 - Explore QuaNi's Keep Basil Board on Pinterest. View more ideas on canning, food preservation, recipes
  4. 453 recipes: how to preserve basil FILTERS. Starters Frittatine in bacon Omelettes in pancetta, a delicious single-portion appetizer: omelettes wrapped in slices of bacon and cooked in the oven, in the muffin mold! 251 4.2 Easy 30.
  5. How to make a good pesto? Many ask us how to prepare pesto without altering its bright green color. the solution would be to respect to the letter the canonical recipe of the GENOVESE PESTO CONSORTIUM which involves the use of a mortar to manually crush basil and pine nuts, slowly sprinkling with extra virgin olive oil and [
  6. Basil can be stored for a few days in the refrigerator, in which case it is advisable to wrap it in a kitchen cloth, otherwise it can also be frozen and stored for a few years. At home it is possible to grow both the classic aromatic basil but also the red one, which has a purple color and a very particular flavor
  7. It only takes a few steps to be able to always have fresh basil at home. Cut some basil and put in a glass with water

Basil in pots: all the secrets to keep it alive

  • If you are wondering how to preserve homemade basil, know that it is possible to freeze and dry it but Benedetta Rossi presents two more original and tasty methods. Don't believe it? In this simple guide you will find out how to best preserve the precious green leaves even during the winter! Photo: Shutterstock Music: «Summer» from
  • You can also combine basil with other elements, such as dried tomatoes, chillies or thyme. A variant with flavored oil is the preparation of single-serving condiments, to be frozen and used in case of need: find our guide here. Fresh basil in salt. Preserving basil in salt is a very common method
  • Here's what you need to preserve basil using the olive oil method: fresh basil, clean and dry, olive oil to taste. salt (coarse or fine) to taste one or more cans

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Storing basil and other aromatic herbs is really simple and allows you to always have their unique aroma at hand. With these little secrets, the aromatic herbs you have taken care of throughout the summer will be the undisputed protagonists of your kitchen even in winter! 1. Oil cubes Wash the basil and Continue reading How to store basil and herbs. Storing whole basil leaves is an easy method because it requires little or no preparation. You start the process by putting the water in a saucepan and boiling it over the fire. While waiting for the water to boil, wash and dry the basil leaves How to grow and store basil. Article by Dr. Giulia Giusto, Dietitian and specialist in food science. Basil is a herbaceous plant of the Labiate family, used in cooking as an aromatic herb whose leaves are consumed. It is an annual plant that can reach up to half a meter in height, the color of the leaves varies from green. How to store basil seeds. There are many ways to store seeds until the next season. I usually remove the pods with the seeds from the stem and store them in a paper bag. I do not detach the seeds from the pods. Sometimes I completely forget about the seeds on top of the kitchen cabinets and spend the whole winter there Basil: description, recipes, pesto, varieties, properties, calories, growing basil in pots at home, how to store basil

How to store aromatic herbs for the winter. 1. Dry. Dried aromatic herbs are perfect in cooking, as a flavor to supplement (and try to reduce) sea salt both in cooked and raw preparations, but also as infusions or packaged in small gifts. To dry and store aromatic herbs it is necessary once. The second trick on how to store fresh basil is to use salt. That's right, the very common fine salt used in the kitchen. Before proceeding, we must carefully wash and dry the basil leaves. Only then do we need to equip ourselves with a resealable glass jar

FRESH BASIL CUBES, how to store basil in

Learn how to store fresh or canned basil, be sure to keep the empty spaces in the refrigerator. Let's say if the product can be frozen for the winter, as it is done at home, so that vitamins and nutrients remain in oil Basil. The procedure is the same as for salted basil, but this ingredient should not be put. The jar must be completely covered with oil up to the edge, hermetically sealed and stored in the refrigerator. From opening, everything must be consumed within two weeks

How to store fresh basil: discover the trucchettos

If you choose to dry the basil, just spread it in the sun on a tray and wait for it to dry completely, then chop it and place it in a glass jar if, on the other hand, you decide to put the basil in oil, arrange the leaves inside a jar of those used for preserves, spreading them well and overlapping them, after which. Sage is an intensely aromatic plant that grows in grassy places and which, unlike its cousins, basil and parsley, its leaves are much more robust and have a resinous texture. But once collected, all of these properties can vanish if not properly stored. Fortunately, sage storage possibilities are numerous and.

Keep the basil for months without losing its flavor. The first method is to wrap the fresh basil twigs with absorbent paper. Then, using a spray bottle full of water, you need to moisten the paper. In this way, the basil will also be kept moist and hydrated, but indirectly HOW TO STORE BASIL IN SALT. As a general rule, all smells should be collected in their balsamic time, cleaned of weeds, rinsed and left to dry in the open air collected in bunches in the shade. Once dried, the odors can be mixed together and pulverized in a mortar. Procedure: sterilize the jars, wash and dry the basil. Fill the jar with whole or chopped basil leaves. Cover with extra virgin olive oil. Close and store in the pantry. Basil in oil can be kept for 6/9 months. Once the jar has been opened, keep it in the refrigerator. On Pianeta Donna the proposal to preserve basil by freezing the whole leaves after washing them. My mom uses two methods: the first coincides with the one I presented to you, the other one consists of preparing a sort of pre-pesto with basil leaves blanched in boiling water and blended with pine nuts and parmesan and freezing it How to collect basil seeds At the time of flowering, frequently check the state of the spikes so as to remove the seeds as soon as the flowers. To collect the basil seeds, simply cut the dried ears and rub them in your hands to release the. The seeds of basil.

Conservation of fresh basil: The photo shows the basil I sowed in July (second sowing of this year). In particular, taking care to keep a handful of seeds every year (produced by my basil plants at the end of inflorescence), I sow the basil at least three times (in June, July and August), in such a way as to guarantee myself (at no cost) , the production of basil. How to preserve basil methods and secrets to keep basil cool 06 December 2016 Last update: 06 December 2016 at 16.21. Like me Basilico, all the tricks to preserve it. If you also want to keep basil to always have some leaves available, know that there are many tricks that they will not do. How to store fresh basil In the refrigerator. Basil is a plant that does not like the cold. It tends to oxidize if wet and then put in the fridge. The best preservation method? Potted. Fresh basil can come back to life if placed in a jar with enough. In the freezer. In. Conservation Store fresh basil in the freezer for a maximum of a few months at a temperature between - 18 ° C and - 25 ° C. Use When using the frozen basil, take the quantity you need and add it to the preparation. The vegetable will defrost quickly even in the presence of cold dishes

Salted basil, if properly stored, lasts about 5-6 months. Once the jar is opened, keep it in the fridge. As for the rest of the preserves, even for the homemade salted basil, before consuming check that there are no molds or bad smells, in this case maximum caution and everything must be thrown away If we have purchased or collected some beautiful basil branches , the best way to preserve it is with the stem soaked in water, just like we would for flowers. But I recommend: keep cool and remove the leaves that remain immersed in water, otherwise they will rot. If you fail.

How the sowing is carried out. To sow basil we recommend a depth of only 0.5 cm: the seed is very small and therefore does not have to stay very deep .. In the seedbed we can use any soil for sowing, taking care to choose it very fine, and as a container if we do not have the classic alveolate trays we can recycle yoghurt pots or the like, as long as you pierce them. Basil, so widely used in cooking (you have already tried my pesto alla genovese) is notoriously difficult to keep fresh.In fact, this excellent spice is very delicate, if it is not stored correctly it tends to wither and spoil quickly, it takes very little to make it darken and then wither How to preserve homemade pesto and the rules for keeping it green. Preparing pesto first of all means basil as if it were raining, strictly Ligurian, even better if from Prà. Grown in your own garden or on the balcony

How to preserve Genoese pesto. Pesto can be stored in three different ways, which vary depending on how long we want to preserve it. These methods are freezing, vacuum packing and refrigeration. How to freeze homemade pesto in the month of August, when the basil is at its maximum splendor, before it blooms and makes the seed, it is advisable to collect some leaves to preserve to perfume dishes and sauces in the winter oh my, it's not that yes they can use as a decoration, but as a smell yes, and how Let's find out together how to preserve fresh basil: the ways to preserve fresh basil can be different and among other things very simple, if therefore in the summer your basil plant produces many leaves, then you could keep them, in such a way as to have them throughout the winter. An excellent way of preservation is the special jar to store aromatic herbs. This particular container has an underlying part in which water is poured, then the bunch of aromatic herbs is placed, the cap is closed and kept in the fridge. So your basil will last up to a week. Remove the basil leaves from the plant and soak them, washing them carefully. Once rinsed let them dry on a cloth, even for one night, they must be completely dry .. Sterilize the jar, in the oven at 110 ° for 15 minutes or by boiling it in water for 30 minutes .. Insert the basil leaves in the jar, if they had to.

To preserve basil for a long time, you can dry it or put it in oil. Wash the leaves well and dry them carefully, then place them on a tray and expose them to the sun (for sure next month it will be easier to have nice days!) Until they dry out. If, on the other hand, you buy basil in bunches, remove the stems and use only the leaves. To preserve the leaves, do this: remove all the stems, wash the leaves a couple of times in plenty of water, then spread them out on a clean cloth and dab them with another cloth The flowering of basil is a prelude to the drying of the plant itself. However, if the flower is cut cleanly, the plant will continue to grow. What's the best way to store fresh basil? Obviously, the best form of storage is freezing although, basil is sold shredded into dry leaves.There are several ways to store basil, each with pros and cons and specific to certain needs. Let's start with the best known method: Freezing. 1. Detach all the leaves from the stems possibly with your hands, without using blades that tend to oxidize the aromatic herb, choose only healthy and green leaves. 2 Find out how to have fresh basil all year round! Posted On 2 February 2021 By Management. Home. food and beverage inspiration. Find out how to have fresh basil all year round! Spread the love.February 1, 2021 Denis Carito

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  • How to preserve basil in salt? First of all you need a well cleaned jar with an airtight seal and then some fine salt, in addition to the raw material. Wash the individual basil leaves e.
  • The basil cure. If you plant basil from seeds, the plant will only take a week to germinate and you will soon be able to admire its first fragrant leaves. Remember that it is important to water basil often, especially during the early stages of cultivation
  • Basil as freshly picked. Procedure: Naturally you need fresh basil, just picked. Rinse the basil under running water without soaking it so that the leaves do not macerate and let it drain well on a cloth without pressing so as not to damage the leaves

Basil oil: the recipe for flavored dressing Basil oil is a flavored dressing to enrich your dishes, especially in summer when we want fresh and delicate flavors. You can use basil oil as an alternative to classic cooking oil, or use it to enhance the Mediterranean flavors of your dishes How to defrost pesto. If you have frozen the pesto in the form of cubes, defrosting them will be very simple: just take them out of the freezer when needed, place them in a pan with a little water and wait a few minutes before using the pesto just as if it were freshly made. Be careful, the pesto must not cook so put it back in the pan just before.

Variety of onion

Onion can be white, red or gold. There are many varieties and also many characteristics according to which to classify them. The first distinction, also used in supermarkets, is the color. In general, the colors are also indicative of the periods of growth: usually the reds are early, the white semi-early and the golden late. Types of onion can be subdivided also according to the shape: there are long onions, elongated bulbs or round, more spherical onions.

Onion varieties are also divided by llength of the crop cycle (days that pass between sowing and harvesting) and for best sowing period. In this way we identify early and late onions, and then winter and spring onions.

Dormancy is also different which can vary between 60 and 120 days, obviously this is of interest due to conservation: the golden ones last longer (onions from Parma, Bologna, white onion from Milan, ...) while the red onions (onion from Tropea, Cannara, Bassano …) They last much shorter.

There aren't just bulb onion varieties. There are also varieties that do not form the enlarged bulb and are consumed only fresh: they are the ones we grow to obtain the spring onions.