Iron garden tables

Iron garden tables

The iron table

Outdoor furniture does not follow fixed rules, whatever the size of your garden and wherever it is located, any type of furniture can be chosen. Certainly, however, general indications are provided on where perhaps one material rather than another could find a better place. Dwelling on the iron garden tables, we must point out the importance that this material is having in recent times. When we talk about iron we are referring to very specific characteristics that make it particularly suitable for the external environment.

Characteristics of iron

First of all, wrought iron can be worked in any way. This means that the craftsman will be able to give free rein to his creativity without any limitation, because its malleability makes it particularly suitable for creating particular shapes or equally interesting decorations. Referring specifically to the garden table, we can substantially indicate two different types of models: the table completely made of iron, the table made of iron with the base covered. The one made entirely of iron can be made somewhat unusual by the shape of the support, or by the support base. The structure may have legs ending in curls, the base may be pitted. The same motif can be used to make the chairs.

Lightness and elegance

Today it seems that the iron garden table has conquered a new slice of the market, in its structure it appears to be rather light and elegant. Left in its natural shade it gives the garden a sobriety that other materials are unable to give it. Although it is considered such an interesting material, it does not show itself with a massive presence, but always very discreet. The table itself does not have too thick supports, on the contrary they appear to be rather thin. The combination of these elements gives the garden table an imprint capable of characterizing the space, but without making it too stuffy. In reference to the size there is no problem because, as happens for the other materials, also in this case they are products of all sizes precisely to meet the customer's needs.

Iron tables with majolica

The model that can attract the most attention is undoubtedly the one with the support base covered with majolica. It is ceramic used to facilitate both the cleaning of the support surface but also to make its appearance even more pleasant. Most of these tables feature hand-painted majolica, the reproduced subjects are inspired by summer, as well as the colors reproducing rather warm tones or the shades of the sea. With this we can underline how the iron garden table is suitable both for large country villas and for a small garden near the sea. Resistant, it is absolutely not afraid of being exposed to atmospheric agents. The only care that must be taken is in the use of detergents because, if they were to be too aggressive, they would damage what is the painting on the majolica. The iron table is used without any tablecloth to ensure that diners can enjoy the beauty of the table itself.

Cleaning and placement

When buying it is always preferable to ask the retailer what is the best way to wash it, when it will need to be reused the following year. Compared to other materials such as plastic, the weight of the iron table is certainly greater, so when you decide to place it in a certain space you leave it there, also because the garden must be divided into various areas in order to guarantee a rational use of all the green space. Occupying a considerable space, when it is purchased in the larger version it becomes almost impossible to be able to store it inside the home. The difference with the smaller models is that the latter can also find accommodation in a garage. Alternatively, the outdoor table can be covered, to give it protection and to ensure that it does not appear too dirty when used again.

Iron garden tables: Characteristic furnishing element

Outdoor furniture shops focus a lot on the choice of iron garden tables, which are a rather exclusive element, which will capture the attention, without the need to choose other elements 'too showy' to give character to your garden. In addition, having the guarantee of a piece of furniture that will last for a long time will pay off what you spent to buy it. The more elaborate the majolica designs and the size of the table, the higher its price. Some companies sometimes even allow you to choose the motif to reproduce on the table, in order to make it highly personalized. A choice that thus expands and diversifies on this product which, even in its simplest version, knows how to make the garden in which it is located special.

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