6 ideas for New Year's decor

6 ideas for New Year's decor

New Year is a great occasion to decorate your home and add additional warmth and comfort to the interior. The article presents 6 useful ideas that will help create an atmosphere of wonder and festive mood in your home.

Basket with berries

Baskets filled with berries. They can be either wicker or self-made from cardboard. You need to put rowan berries, viburnum berries in the basket, add spruce branches, pine trees and cones. These baskets can be placed around the house. They will exude a New Year's scent and become a wonderful decor element.

Candlesticks made of cinnamon sticks

Original candlesticks made of cinnamon sticks and an ordinary candle. For this, cinnamon sticks are placed around the candle and fixed with decorative tape. Such a candle will not only become a source of warm and cozy light on New Year's or Christmas night, but will also fill the room with the unique aroma of the holiday.

Original gift wrapping

When wrapping New Year's gifts, you can place a Christmas tree branch or a cinnamon stick under the dressing tape, which will become a memorable element.

Spruce candlesticks

To prepare them, you will need small metal cups tied with bright elegant ribbons. Festive candles, including scented ones, are placed inside the cups. Free empty spaces are filled with spruce branches. When the candle is heated, the unique aroma of the holiday will emanate from the fir candlesticks.

Dried Fruit Garlands

For additional decoration of the Christmas tree, you can use dried fruits and candied fruits, hung on decorative ribbons.

Christmas pots

For additional room decor, you can use special New Year's pots. They are made from a pot with any evergreen coniferous tree of a compact size and decorative elements (stars, bows, ribbons). This pots will look very festive.

The tips above will help create a festive mood for all family members, as well as guests.

Decorative balls will be a wonderful decoration of the festive table. It is very simple to make them - you need to dip the threads in PVA glue and carefully wrap the inflated balloon with them. When they are dry, you should gently blow off the ball.

Felt is an excellent material for making Christmas decorations. You can make any toys from it (a Christmas tree, animals, birds, a figure of Santa Claus, a snowman). Well, for those who are not at all friendly with a needle and thread, we advise you to take any soft fabric, cut out a pair of triangles of different sizes from it, sew and fill them with cotton wool. On such "Christmas trees" you can sew pieces of shiny fabric, beads, beads, braid, bows, glue sequins of different shapes.

Canadian style apartment

The Canadian-style decorations are characterized by a combination of classic colors - green, blue, red and white. These can be Christmas trees, decorations, tinsel, artificial snow and other festive accessories.

The main decoration of the room should be a large Christmas tree, decorated in accordance with Canadian traditions with twigs, cones and berries. All this will look good against the background of white walls. The walls in the room should be decorated with Christmas ribbons and wreaths, boxes with gifts and New Year's figures should be placed on the shelves.

Trend 2. The main thing in New Year's decor is an emphasis on nature and family values

The outgoing 2020 was not an easy year, both for many individuals and for humanity as a whole. The difficulties and trials experienced by everyone made us think about what is really valuable for us. Experts from the world of design and fashion have identified the main trend of 2021, which can be seen in all new decor collections - this is a focus on love for nature and family traditions.

One of the best ways to express love for nature is to celebrate its beauty. New Year's decor made of rough natural materials (wood, stone, branches, bark, clay, metal) is excellent for this purpose. From an aesthetic point of view, it is important that the material looks as natural as possible, rough hewn, worn out or only lightly finished.

A minimalist Scandinavian-style tree decoration is encouraged.

Another option is to choose jewelry made from sustainable and renewable materials. Wood products also fall into this category, and in addition - glass, cork, ceramics, cardboard

You can use tree bark, leaves, nuts, acorns, feathers and cones as motives, patterns, as well as to create crafts for the New Year with your own hands. Rough paper, clay and ceramics, made in the spirit of ancient techniques or handmade, will help to perfectly complement the natural theme.

New Year decoration rustic always help to emphasize the connection between family comfort and the charm of the natural environment. Therefore, this decor remains an unabated trend for the New Year holidays. Old family heirlooms, knitted blankets and pillows, rusted metal, floral patterns, watercolors, painting on clay and glass, and other rough tactile elements ... Choose what makes you feel nostalgic, because that's what makes the New Year Merry Christmas favorite family celebrations.

The neutral color palette, fashionable in 2021, is designed to combine New Year's decor into a single composition. The basis here can be the white, green and yellow mentioned in paragraph 1 (soft, warm shades of stone, wood, clay), as well as red-brown and gray tones, which perfectly emphasize the texture of natural materials.

Cones growing on branches of Christmas trees that stand in a jar of water look beautiful. In this case, the jar should also be well decorated so that the composition looks original. By the way, with this approach, you can not put a Christmas tree, but organize several mini-trees in different rooms.

Today, masters offer the creation of many garlands, and they look elegant if they have sparkles that shimmer beautifully under natural light during the day and artificial lighting at night.

  1. Decorate the bedspread with tassels.
  2. Fold decorative crystals out of paper.
  3. Collect a festive garland.
  4. Make artificial flowers.
  5. Grow a paper forest.
  6. Blind Christmas tree candlesticks.

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6 things to do before the New Year comes

Home / Tips & Ideas / Inspiration / 6 Things to Do Before the New Year

Ekaterina Boglevskaya Sun, 31 Dec 2017 14:05:00 +0300

In the pre-New Year's bustle, it is so easy to lose sight of the main thing. We've made sure your New Year is perfect, and we've put together six incredibly valuable reminder tips to help you get ready for 2018.

1. Don't forget to decorate your home

Surely you have already picked up a dress for New Year's Eve and decided on a hairstyle and manicure. But what about the interior? Your home should also look festive and festive, especially on New Years.

At the same time, the decor does not have to be intricate: on the contrary, simplicity is in fashion this season. Our selection of 25 simple pine cone ideas is sure to inspire you to decorate your home for the New Year.

2. Add hand-made warmth to the decor

In addition to simplicity, the trend is also the uniqueness of the decor. Hand-made things give the interior a special charm, and most importantly, no one else will have such a New Year's decor. Another undoubted plus of creating hand-made accessories is the opportunity to involve the younger generation in festive preparations.

Pay attention to our simple New Year's master class - and give free rein to creativity!

3. Pick up a gift for your beloved man

Perhaps the most difficult thing in preparing for the New Year is choosing gifts for men. We made this task easier for you by asking ten successful men what they would like to receive as a gift for their home for the New Year. Among our respondents are the program director of Russian Radio, actor and presenter Roman Emelyanov, artist Boris Lavrentiev and other famous people.

So now you have at least 10 ideas for a New Year's gift for a man (and absolutely everything from this list will be useful to you too).