We often hear about borage, especially in the phytotherapeutic field: it is a plant that gives its name to the same natural family to which it belongs.

We are talking about a herbaceous plant that develops annually and belongs to the category of "rustic": among its advantages there is certainly the fact that it is decorative, except in the case in which it is in full bloom.

The leaves of the borage plant are characterized by being extremely wrinkled, while its stem is also rather "inhospitable", as it is covered with particularly sharp and pungent hairs.

Despite this conformation, the borage plant is frequently cultivated due to its numerous therapeutic properties.

The stem of the borage plant can easily reach and exceed fifty centimeters in height and can also be grown in pots, always remembering to leave the plant in an open environment.

Previously mentioned of the remarkable pungent hair that accompanies the leaves, it is important to underline that it is the most important part as regards the phytotherapeutic properties of the borage plant, since they are frequently used for the realization of decoctions and other medicinal compounds.


The borage plant originated in places with a typically Mediterranean climate, such as Spain and Morocco: this explains why, within the Mediterranean basin, we can find a large number of crops and also why borage is widespread practically along the entire Italian peninsula, where it grows spontaneously up to an altitude of 1800 meters.

It is a plant that prefers all those particularly rich, well drained and loose soils, in such a way that they can guarantee to avoid any formation of water stagnation.

Borage has been cultivated for a very long time in vegetable gardens, while as far as the display is concerned it is a plant that prefers open and sunny spaces.


One of the main characteristics of the borage plant, from a strictly therapeutic point of view, is undoubtedly that of having a good quantity of phytoestrogens inside it, with which it is possible to usefully increase mother's milk in mothers and perform a regularizing function as regards the hormones.

Phytoestrogens have the particular characteristic (for all those people who think it can cause a risk of excessive production of these components) of performing a stimulating function on the hormonal function when the latter is particularly deficient, without causing other side effects: precisely in this feature we find the distinction with synthetic hormones.

However, borage also has an excellent richness in essential oils, since it can boast an excellent amount of essential minerals, such as calcium and potassium, but also contains Omega-6 essential fatty acids, which they are very important to ensure proper cardiovascular function and to preserve the skin and nails in the best possible way.


Obviously, the main product available on the market is borage oil, which is used essentially for the treatment of ailments such as rheumatoid arthritis, coronary heart problems, high blood pressure, difficulty in keeping cholesterol levels low, eczema and even psoriasis.

Borage: Therapeutic action

Among the most important beneficial actions carried out by this particular plant, we also find that stimulating the adrenal glands: in this case, borage is able to perform a restorative action that mainly affects the adrenal cortex, making sure to revitalize and renew the adrenal glands, which can often be worn down after taking cortisone or steroids.

In the same way, borage is also very useful when it comes to carrying out an expectorant action, since it acts directly on the immune system and, due to its well-known reactivity, favors the elimination of all those annoying and dangerous secretions of phlegm that can frequently affect the bronchopulmonary mucosa and cause colds and bronchitis.

Last, but certainly not in order of importance, borage has an interesting diaphoretic action, since it works directly on the liver and on all those detoxification systems.

To carry out this latter function, the merit is essentially of the ability of borage to increase sweating and to favor the removal of all toxins through the skin.

Often, borage can also be exploited to lend a hand to the immune system, given its important febrifugal property, which allows you to ward off high fever: this explains why many times we recommend borage-based products in the treatment of flu. and colds.

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