How can you fertilize the soil before planting winter garlic

How can you fertilize the soil before planting winter garlic

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In order for winter garlic to quickly take root and give a good harvest, you need to properly prepare the land before planting it. For this, different types of mineral and organic fertilizers are used.

Potassium salt

This top dressing promotes the rapid absorption and assimilation by plants of any nutrients coming from the ground. In addition, potassium salt strengthens the immunity of the planting material, and also increases its ability to resist infections, diseases and adverse environmental conditions.

All these properties will help plants to easily survive the winter cold.

For each square meter of beds, a mixture of potassium salt (20 g), superphosphate (30 g) and 5 liters of humus is prepared. If the area is muddy, you can add a bucket of peat to the nutrient mixture. Apply the fertilizer 1-2 weeks before planting the garlic, after which the soil must be dug up.

Wood ash

The composition of wood ash contains a large amount of calcium, which activates metabolic processes and regulates the water balance of plants. This top dressing helps the planting material to quickly absorb and assimilate any beneficial trace elements obtained from the earth.

Therefore, abandoning the introduction of wood ash, you will make the use of other dressings almost useless.

Ash is used dry, spreading it over the entire soil surface (100 g per 1 sq. M.). After that, the beds need to be dug up or simply loosened with a rake.


Phosphorus contributes to the rapid adaptation of plantings and the development of their root system. In addition, phosphorus is required to normalize photosynthesis and accelerate metabolic processes in plants.

Superphosphate can be used in its pure form, bringing it under digging or falling asleep in holes prepared for garlic shortly before planting.

For 1 sq. m. should have no more than 40-50 g of top dressing. Superphosphate can also be mixed with potassium salt and humus according to the instructions described above.

Compost or humus

These two types of top dressing will fill the soil with all the necessary nutrients, and also improve its structure. If you add compost or humus to sandy soil, it will become better at retaining moisture. Clay soil from such an additive will become looser.

Please note that only rotted manure can be used, otherwise the plantings will simply burn out from the heat released into the ground. A bucket of humus or ½ a bucket of compost is enough for a square meter of a garden bed.

When choosing a fertilizer for planting winter garlic, first of all, pay attention to the quality of the soil in your area. Also, do not forget to observe all proportions so as not to harm the plants.

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For the land to give a rich harvest, it must be nutritious and loose. After the summer season, a caring summer resident will definitely think about how to help the soil re-recruit the necessary trace elements. Today, green manures are increasingly used - plants that are grown before planting a crop. They not only loosen the top layer of the soil, but also saturate it with humus and nutrients. What to plant before winter to fertilize the earth? We invite you to consider the most popular plants that can be grown in the fall.

Plant before winter to fertilize the land

How to fertilize garlic when planting before winter

Planting garlic requires some knowledge. For example, a garden bed for this culture must be chosen very carefully - an option located in a sunny place with deep groundwater is ideal. In the spring, the garden bed should in no case be flooded, otherwise the entire crop will rot.

As for dressing, then there are subtleties here. For example, many gardeners believe that fresh manure is the best fertilizer for winter garlic. However, it is not. Before planting garlic, it is unacceptable to add such a top dressing to the soil, otherwise it will lead to the growth of the aboveground part of the plants, but the vegetables themselves will be small and loose. And this feeding will not affect the immunity of the culture in the best way - the seedlings are likely to undergo fungal diseases. It is impossible to introduce nitrogen before planting the garlic, since this element will reduce the winter hardiness of the plant.

If you are wondering how to feed garlic, then I advise you to pay attention to compost. The introduction of two buckets of this fertilizer per square meter when digging the beds will give an excellent harvest in the future. It should be noted that compost can also be replaced with humus. After a couple of weeks after planting, it is advisable to feed the garlic with phosphorus-potassium fertilizers, for example, potassium monophosphate, diluting 15 grams of dry matter in 10 liters of water. Gardeners who recognize only organic fertilizing can replace the above-mentioned preparation with ordinary ash (2-3 liters per square meter of the garden).

How and what to feed the land before planting garlic

Garlic beds are prepared in advance as soon as they are freed from summer harvests. Having thoroughly cleared the land from the remnants of predecessor plants and weeds, organic matter, a mixture of potash and phosphorus fertilizers, is introduced. The earth is dug up and left to rest until the winter landing.

For 1 sq.m. soil is necessary:

  1. Humus - 5-6 kg.
  2. Superphosphate - 30 g.
  3. Potassium salt - 20 g.

You can also use the following scheme for fertilizing mail for winter garlic:

  1. Humus or compost - 4-5 kg.
  2. Granular superphosphate - 35 g.
  3. Potassium salt - 25 g.

Soil fertilized in this way during the winter season will provide everything the crop needs for good development.

How to process garlic before planting before winter

You can process garlic before planting before winter in different ways. Each method of processing allows disinfection of the planting material, which will further protect it from the effects of pathogens and other pests.

Ash liquor

This is the simplest but most effective method to protect crops from roundworms. It requires thoroughly mixing wood ash in ordinary water. Over time, solid dust particles will begin to settle on the bottom of the container. The solution will be enriched with potassium and calcium hydroxides, which are distinguished by a pronounced alkaline reaction. Such a solution negatively affects the life of the nematodes hiding in the heads.

Potassium permanganate (potassium permanganate)

Potassium permanganate is the most common processing method. It destroys pathogenic microflora, suppresses the development of fungi, nourishes the seedlings with potassium, which has a beneficial effect on the further development of the culture. Potassium permanganate is not dangerous to humans, but it is better to work with it with rubber gloves. Too concentrated solutions can leave marks and damage the skin.

Copper sulfate

Among the many fungicides, copper sulfate is considered one of the most common. Its popularity is due to its pronounced disinfectant properties. Soaking the cloves in a solution of copper sulfate helps to destroy any harmful microorganisms that may infect the product. To prepare the solution you need:

  • mix thoroughly (until complete dissolution) in 1 liter of water 5 g of crystals
  • dip the heads into the solution for 10 minutes
  • after soaking, you need to dry the product naturally.

With the help of this solution, many gardeners process and then plant not only garlic, but also other crops.

Phytosporin solution

Fitosporin-M is often used to treat garlic before planting it in the fall. This solution has a broad spectrum of action, protecting plants from almost all diseases. For processing, you will need water (+ 25-30 degrees) with a volume of 1 liter. You need to dissolve the powder in it and place the garlic in the liquid for half an hour. If the solution is weakly concentrated, then the planting material can be soaked for an hour. After the solution must be diluted with water 1:10, use it to process the holes where the roots will be planted.

Fungicide "Maxim"

It is used for disinfection of any root crops. Helps fight the development of all kinds of diseases in plants. It differs in the simplest possible way of application, which is indicated in the instructions. Can be used to cultivate soil, garlic and other planting materials.

Cooking (food) salt

In the kitchen, any housewife must have table salt. It can be used not only in cooking, but also for disinfection, storage of various products. To process the garlic, you need a concentrated saline solution (1 liter of water, 2 tablespoons of salt). To enhance the effect, you can add 1 tsp. regular baking soda. The solution must be thoroughly mixed until the crystals dissolve. The mixture disinfects the surface, softens the cloves and the salt gets inside, destroying all bacteria and fungus. It will take 15 to 30 minutes to soak. After that, be sure to dry the root crop in a natural way and you can start planting.

Ground planting rules

This final procedure should be carried out when the days are still warm and the nights are cold. In this mode, the plants adapt easily, their roots will be strong. However, due to frost, the slices will not germinate, but when the real winter comes, the root system will be well formed.

Planting technology is very simple... There are several rules:

Thus, in order to get a good harvest, you should know and understand what fertilizer should be applied under the garlic in the fall. Winter garlic needs mineral and organic fertilizers.

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