How to store preserves and pickles in the country in winter

 How to store preserves and pickles in the country in winter

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Procurement of homemade pickles, vegetable snacks, compotes for the winter is one of the most important things at the time of harvest. The main challenge is also how to properly store stocks. It is often easier to do this in the country house than in the apartment, since there is more space, therefore, it is easier to comply with the correct conditions.

Lack of light sources

A very important condition for storing spins is keeping them in the dark. Direct sunlight or even just constant exposure to the light contributes to heating, and fermentation processes can begin in the cans, bacteria multiply, and mold appears.

The product can lose its taste or even become dangerous.

Therefore, all workpieces must be placed in a dark cellar, closet, a special room without windows, or in lockers with tightly closing doors in a cool room.


One of the main conditions for preserving the crop is the correct temperature regime. Everyone knows about the property of water to expand when freezing. The freezing point, for example, of pickle with cucumbers or tomatoes, is from -6 to -8 degrees. When freezing and subsequent heating, the jars will begin to crack and burst, and fermentation processes will begin in their contents. You cannot eat such products.When storing in a cellar, you must make sure that it is warm enough so that the temperature regime is stable, and even in severe frosts, the temperature does not fall below 0.

Otherwise, you should think about warming the room.

Too high a temperature also contributes to the fact that the workpieces begin to deteriorate and are not worth the due date. The optimal upper limit for long-term storage is considered to be a temperature of 18-20 degrees.

Shelf life

The shelf life of preservation depends directly on the correctness of the preservation technology and on the observance of light and temperature conditions. At a temperature of 0-10 degrees, cans with blanks are stored for 10-12 months. At an average room temperature (20-24 degrees) in a dark place - 3-5 months.

When preparing for preservation, you should carefully consider the recommendations in recipes for the amount of salt, the time for sterilizing dishes, the selection of spices, etc., otherwise the risk of getting a spoiled product increases.

It is imperative to check whether there is a cloudy sediment inside the cans, plaque on food, mold, and large quantities of gas bubbles. These are sure signs that the product is spoiled, and then it does not matter at all how long it has stood, it is better to throw it away.

33 secrets of harvesting "golden berry" - sea buckthorn for the winter

They say the truth: who does not believe that gold grows on trees, he simply did not see sea buckthorn in the fall. The radiant sun berry, strewn with long branches of fragile-looking trees and shrubs, leaves no doubt: she was born for joy and health! Nature has put so many vitamins and nutrients into each golden droplet-berry that sea buckthorn has long taken its "golden" place on the podium of world healing honor in terms of its health-improving effect.

If sea buckthorn is already winking at you with its orange eye - it's time, it's time to open personal branches of a natural pharmacy, replenishing stocks of vitamin compotes, juices and jam! And we have a secret couple of the best recipes for you ... just no more!

If you have a lot of sea buckthorn, you must definitely try to preserve at least part of it in its natural form and prepare as many of all kinds of blanks as possible - after all, a useful variety is always better than monotony - even useful) And if there are not many berries - in our selection you will probably find something what you like best.

We put the room in order

In every outbuilding, you can find many objects and little things, which you cannot do without in the country. However, in order to find the right tool or screw, sometimes you have to spend an enormous amount of time searching. To provide easy access to the things you need, you should start tidying up the room.

The ideal option is to start not just by putting things in order, but to choose the right ideas for organizing the space, take all the things out of the shed, arrange storage space and only then sort everything into places.

Freezing as a way to preserve sorrel during the cold season

In homemade preparations, the main thing is to preserve as much as possible vitamins and nutrients, which fresh greens are so rich in. That is why, when considering how to preserve sorrel for the winter, housewives prefer freezing. Indeed, in this case, the "spring king" does not lose its healing properties and original taste, giving them to the dishes in full.

For all its simplicity, the freezing process has some subtleties:

  1. First, the sorrel is placed in a basin filled with water and carefully sorted out, getting rid of accidental blades of grass, yellowed or spoiled specimens and other debris. During this time, the earth and sand remaining on the plant settle to the bottom and there is no need to keep the leaves under running water for a long time, destroying their delicate structure.
  2. Then the sorrel is rinsed under the tap to finally get rid of contamination. Allow the water to drain and lay the raw materials on paper towels to dry.

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I throw it away. or I immediately make a stew with onions and tomatoes. and never freeze. because, I have no memory of what lies in the freezer

Once upon a time I made caviar from carrots.
Recipe: 2kg Green Tomatoes
2kg carrots
1kg of onions
Scroll through the meat grinder.
800g hot tomato sauce
600g vegetable oil
sugar and salt to taste
Simmer, stirring occasionally, and hot in jars.
I did it without vinegar. Stored well.
They ate and crackled behind the ears, especially with boiled potatoes.

Directly up-to-date recipe! The same problem as the author of the topic, but must the tomatoes be green?

And we return home to the apartment for the winter, there is no cellar here

For borscht. Like the carrots I got ready. And where else to apply it from the head?

My friend makes a mixture of carrots and beets every year - rub and portions in the freezer.

On the contrary, I have a lot of giants this year. There are no trifles at all. Giants are also in an electric grater and in a freezer. And beets are from the head of a child, and not a newborn. Her, too, in a grater and in the freezer.

My carrots in working cloth gloves. Very convenient and fast.

I freeze carrots and dry them.

thanks, gloves are something new - what's the effect? and dry in a typewriter?

My carrots in working cloth gloves. Very convenient and fast.

I freeze carrots and dry them.

My carrots in working cloth gloves. Very convenient and fast.

I freeze carrots and dry them.

My carrots in working cloth gloves. Very convenient and fast.

I freeze carrots and dry them.

Girls, maybe also not in the subject, I want to tell you about small beets. I wash it, cook it until half cooked, clean it, put it in jars, usually liter, fill it with marinade like on cucumbers and set it to sterilize. Usually I do this in the oven, put the cans in a cold oven, bring it to 200 degrees, then turn it down and keep it for 20-30 minutes. Only in the oven you need to close the old lids. I take it out of the oven and add 1 tablespoon each. vinegar and roll up. I store it in the apartment in the closet. I just forgot to write the beets in the jar, they should be placed 2 cm below the edge of the neck. I put the small one as a whole, I cut the large one into pieces. In winter, the vinaigrette is ready-made, do not get dirty and very tasty. while on a vinaigrette I cut half a can I will Maybe someone will come in handy.

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