Portulaca pilosa

Portulaca pilosa

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Portulaca pilosa (Kiss Me Quick)

Portulaca pilosa (Kiss Me Quick) is an annual or short-lived perennial with a sprawling habit. The fleshy leaves are linear or narrowly ovate-elliptic…

Choose an area in your garden that gets sun all day. The portulaca will thrive where it gets lots of heat and sunlight.

Prepare the soil by digging into the planting bed 4 to 6 inches, turning the soil and breaking up any large clods of dirt. Add a 1-inch layer of organic compost and a 2-inch layer of sand and mix with the existing topsoil.

  • The portulaca is a self-seeding annual plant, generally used in the garden as a ground cover.
  • The portulaca will thrive where it gets lots of heat and sunlight.

Rake the seed bed until it is level, and scatter a thin layer of seeds on top of the soil. Do not cover the seeds. Water the bed with a fine mist until it is moist, but not soggy.

Water the portulaca sparingly, but deeply. Once a week should be sufficient.These plants are susceptible to root rot, so don't over-water them.

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