Renting indoor plants

Renting indoor plants

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Ecogreen office plants is a Melbourne based indoor plant hire business providing stunning indoor plant displays to workplaces. We offer exceptional quality products and services at competitive prices. Our plants will add style, freshness and life to your workplace but more importantly they help filter out the harmful toxins in the air making your workplace a healthier and happier environment for staff. Read more about health benefits of indoor plants. Our professional team will install and maintain your display keeping the plants looking fresh and healthy.

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  • Indoor Plant Hire
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  • Leasing vs. Purchasing Interior Office Plants: What’s the Right Move?
  • Indoor Plant Rental
  • Indoor plant hire to boost your business space
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Indoor Plant / Pot Hire

Plants are our passion and with our first class customer service plants could become your passion too. Let us show you how our artistic flair and great plant knowledge can bring inspiration and harmony to your workspace.

Read More What makes us different? National coverage to all sizes of client Bespoke plant and container selection 30 years of relations with growers and suppliers worldwide. Right Plant, Right Place How does the plant leasing process work? We will visit you onsite and provide a free, no ties consultation ensuring that we understand your requirements and vision. The onsite visit is an important part of the process because it is information gleaned onsite that will give us a feel for the space, the ethos and the client.

We have a vast number of different trends, colours, shapes and sizes of planters to work with so we can ensure that our designer proposes a style of planting that encompasses your wishes. The designer will use their expert knowledge of different plant species in collaboration with the style of plant display proposed to come up with a design that fits the brief while being durable and Well suited to the proposed location guaranteeing healthy happy plants.

Rental contracts are tailored to your budget and preferred rental term. All rental and maintenance contracts include our full plant guarantee. After that the maintenance program will start immediately. Installation will take place at a time convenient to the client with a normal lead time of days. The delivery and installation of the chosen displays will be carried out by our trained professionals, safely and in a time efficient way to guarantee minimal disruption.

Our experienced technicians will visit regularly to provide complete plant care so the displays always generate a pleasing uplifting response when viewed.

Indoor Plant Hire

Two very good reasons indoor plants should be a part of your office is that they purify the air and eliminate harmful toxins. They are not only a decorative element but a contributor to better health as well. If you want plants in your office but are a bit apprehensive about purchasing your own, there is always short term plant rental Orlando to sort out your green needs. This is a good idea for several reasons:.

Office plant renting can turn your workplace into an indoor forest without the environmental cost. If you want to redesign your space or move.

Plant Rental

Skyline Indoor Plants brings your space to life with our living and breathing national plant hire service. We provide value for money plant hire services — and have done so for over 20 years — to all kinds of businesses, big and small. We work with all kinds of clients which include commercial offices, hotels, resorts, residential communities and shopping centres — bringing workspaces to life with some the best interior plantscaping the industry has to offer. Every living green space that Skyline creates is end result of a service-driven process that starts with:. An onsite consultation from a Skyline horticulturalist. We listen. And work with you to achieve your vision, be it a green wall for your office, a tropical jungle feel for your restaurant, or a breathtaking atrium for your luxury resort. During our visit, we measure up and take light readings. This is so we are able to provide you with a cost-effective plantscape that will flourish.

Melbourne Indoor Plant Hire Specialists

At Simply Plants we provide and supply office plants, plant displays and indoor plant rental across the UK. Because of our experience we set the standard in office plant design and interior landscaping hire. We will whip your office into shape in no time. We have rental contracts all over the UK and central England. We found Simply Plants a pleasure to work with.

Individual plant displays are a fantastic way to create a green feel throughout an office. Our free-standing planters can be finished in any RAL or Pantone colour that you want, for example we can match the planters to your brand colours.

Leasing vs. Purchasing Interior Office Plants: What’s the Right Move?

Request A Quote. Complete Indoor Plant Hire Solutions that take care of selection, placement, replacement and maintenance of all your indoor plants. With over 30 years of experience supplying stunning indoor plant hire solutions to Offices, Showrooms, Hotels, and Clubs, in the Sydney metropolitan area. Perfection Indoor Plant Hire can supply you with the latest style of designer planters, the highest quality of indoor plants, fully maintained by our service team. Look at some of the cost effect packages we have put together to help you get started.

Indoor Plant Rental

Interior plant rentals have been shown to create a more calming work environment while improving interior office air quality. Every interior office plant design is customized to fit the needs of our clients. The design team takes into consideration the aesthetics and requirements of the facility and plants are selected and placed based on the amount of light, traffic, and style of the building. Check out examples of low light plants , medium light plants and high light plants that we recommend. We provide consistent, interior plant rentals, quality plant design, installation and maintenance from our professional and experienced staff. Our uniformed interior plant maintenance technicians provide service on a regular basis and regularly provide written client updates. Based on our cumulative years of experience, we are able to offer our customers more than 85 years of horticultural experience and knowledge. We are a woman-owned business and our very talented staff provides expert consultation, design, installation and maintenance of both large and small-scale permanent plantscaping for clients throughout the Greater Chicago Southland region.

Frenchams are the Australian indoor plant hire professionals, helping you create greener, healthier and more beautiful spaces. Book a consultation today.

Indoor plant hire to boost your business space

Our leasing program is both economical and affordable. This deluxe package offers the perfect introduction to interior plant landscaping—ideal for small offices and reception areas. This is our signature package, offering the right blend of balance and variation for any medium-sized office or lobby looking to make a lasting impression.

Rent a plant service: An easy to way to add greenery to a space


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Our depth of experience and focus on people are our best strengths to provide you with flexible, innovative and sustainable plant hire solutions. Our plants always look great because we have our own sqm nursery, a wide product range, years of experience, and a dedicated, trained team to design, install and maintain your Plantscapes to the highest standard.

Passionate About Plants

Our innovative green walls are recommended as the perfect solution to breathe life into bare office walls and truly create that WOW factor. Best of all, our guaranteed maintenance program and regularly scheduled visits ensure that your plants will remain robust and flourishing for years to come. In our 75 years of business, we have created and furnished thousands of plantscapes within both the corporate and commercial sector, and our clients have become like family to us. Join the Frenchams family today! Creating green spaces for three generations Find Out More. Contact us today to book a free onsite inspection! Plants Desktop Plants.

Plant rental with maintenance for businesses

But should you lease interior plants or buy them? That depends on your situation. There are advantages with both options, and the right choice for your company depends on several factors. You also might want to consider leasing plants for other reasons.

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