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"LPH Kolentsevo", in the Luga region, offers a wide range of cuttings and seedlings of fruit and ornamental trees and shrubs. All material is grown on the farm and is fully suitable for growing in the North-West. +7 (911) 171-60-37

You need to prune annually - irregular pruning leads to thickening of the crown and the accumulation of pests and diseases. If you need to cut a large number of branches, it is undesirable to carry out the entire pruning at one time - it is better to stretch the process for 2-3 years.

I will talk about the "wrong" and "illegitimate" clones and at the same time ... vegetative hybrids, not similar to their "moms and dads." It is impossible to solve their riddle at this stage. But the practical results, albeit unpredictable ones, are inspiring!

Apple and pear are close in biological properties, but they also have their own structural features, and, therefore, different requirements for growing conditions. In a pear, the root system lies in deeper horizons than in an apple tree. It is characterized by vertical roots.

The northern border of pear culture runs along the line: Petersburg - Yaroslavl - Nizhny Novgorod - Ufa - Orenburg. Pear yield depends largely on the quality of the soil. In principle, the pear tolerates any soil in which normal root growth is possible.

Pruning is one of the main aspects of caring for shrubs and trees. Inexperiencing it or performing it at the wrong time will greatly harm the plant. Today I will talk about the rules for pruning the most common crops.

There are more than 5,000 pear varieties known in the world, but there are still no good winter varieties. The basis of our assortment of pears is made by Central Russian varieties - Autumn Bergamot, Tonkovotka, Bessemyanka and Limonka. Now the assortment is expanding, new varieties are gradually being introduced

There are very few nut-bearing breeds that can withstand our climate. Their number can be increased by the introduction of two types of nuts growing on opposite ends of the Earth: the gray nut, which is widespread in the USA and Canada; and Siebold walnut growing in the Far East

Walnut is a southern breed. Its ancestral home is the mountainous regions of southern Kazakhstan, Central Asia, Iran, Afghanistan, the Himalayas, Tibet and southeastern Transcaucasia. However, precisely because of its mountainous origin, it is quite frost-hardy.

Common apricot does not grow in the Northwest. But recently, its hybrid with Manchurian apricot (A. mandshurica Skvortz.) Has successfully taken root here. The age limit for this hybrid has not yet been established, but it is already clear that it grows for at least 40-50 years.

Cydonia is a short, beautifully flowering shrub. A hedge made of it is decorative all season long. In September, the bushes delight with an abundance of fruits containing proteins, carbohydrates, sugars, fiber, tannins, organic acids and essential oils

Nursery Chudo Sad has been on the market for over 20 years and offers high quality planting material. Fruit plants, garden strawberries, a wide range of berry and ornamental crops, conifers and large trees. +7 (921) 764-76-39

In the North-West region there is probably no such area where plum, common cherry or felt cherry would not be grown. But the appearance in our regions of monilial burn of stone fruit crops became a serious obstacle in the cultivation of these plants.

The apple tree genus unites about 30 wild species, one of which is the forest apple tree, with the involvement of 8 other species and became the progenitor of the domestic apple tree. The apple tree is not very capricious, and the main factor influencing the choice of the variety, for almost all regions of Russia, is winter hardiness.

In recent years, the assortment of pears has changed beyond recognition. So, in the State. the register of breeding achievements in the North-West region includes such varieties as Lada and Chizhovskaya (summer), Otradnenskaya (autumn), Belorusskaya late (winter)

With the harvest, my favorite quince delighted us every autumn, whatever the summer. As the bushes grew, the number of fruits removed also increased. For more than twenty years of quince's presence on the site, its yield reached 4-5 buckets with a capacity of 10 liters.

A dwarf culture is the cultivation of common varieties on low-growing rootstocks, due to which small trees grow from the grafted plants. This simplifies care, harvesting, allows you to compact plantings, increase productivity per square meter.

In folk medicine, not only rowan fruits are used, but also its flowers and bark. Rowan preparations help with gastritis, hemorrhoids, kidney and liver diseases, atherosclerosis, bleeding, anemia, asthenia, gout, hemorrhoids, low acidity ...

Wanting to have a large number of apple varieties on my 6 acres, I tried many options, but even an apple tree on a dwarf rootstock requires a lot of space. And after a long search, I came to the conclusion that columnar apple trees are best for me.

Many gardeners in the Northwest would like to grow walnuts. Some even try to do it, but usually they do not succeed. Meanwhile, there is a way out. Those who really want to breed nuts should plant a nut, but not a walnut, but a Manchu one ...

Common laurel is widely used in hedges and group plantings. The plant tolerates haircuts very well and is used for curly shaping, and its fruits are used for food both fresh and dried.

Hazel (hazel) is a plant known in our country. There are over twenty types of it, but common hazel is the most common among us. And hazelnuts are a hybrid derived from several varieties of hazelnuts.

For a grafted plant to be healthy, the stock must be good. So let's define what a good stock is? The main stocks are either seedlings of the corresponding crops, or clonal, that is, propagated vegetatively

Most often, pear trees can be found in the gardens of the Luga, Lomonosov, Vsevolozhsky, Gatchinsky and Kingiseppsky districts. Before the harsh winter of 1939/40. here there were giant pears, up to 10-12 m in height with a trunk diameter of more than 50 cm.

First of all, look: do plums grow in your area? If they grow, then you can plant an apricot. The place for it must be protected from the winds. It should be sunny and warm. Low places where cold air flows are unacceptable.

Felt cherry, which has synonyms - Chinese, fluffy, belongs to the genus of small-fruited cherries. She is very decorative. This is a bush, less often a tree up to 3.5 m high. It is frost-resistant, can withstand temperatures down to -40 ° C, does not tolerate shading, and is drought-resistant.

Medicinal laurel is an evergreen bush, less often a tree up to 8 m high. Suitable for growing in cities. It tolerates cutting and shaping well, propagates by seeds, cuttings, root suckers, layering. Very decorative

Rosselkhoznitnik in the Lomonosov district of Leningrad region. Huge assortment of fruit and ornamental plants, trees and shrubs. Winter planting of large-sized trees, rental of special equipment, landscape design. +7 (812) 385-50-50

Gardeners should understand that even by creating the most favorable conditions for their fruit plants, they may not get a harvest. Because they did not provide them with pollinating neighbors. You need to know about this already at the time of buying seedlings.

A fruit plant is a complex organism that requires knowledge of its biological characteristics and the ability to help it in its growth, development, and fruiting. Only in this case can one count on its longevity, obtaining an annual harvest of high-quality fruits.

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